Today I Give Up Trying 839-840

 Chapter 839

"President, what now? It looks like our opening this time is completely screwed up!" A senior officer with a face full of dissatisfaction stepped forward and questioned Bai Yi.


      As he spoke, his gaze, while sweeping towards Lin Fan, said angrily.


      "All of this, it must be because of him! He broke Gao Shengyuan's leg, and I heard that he was also the one who scrapped Leng Bufan! We haven't even opened our new Bai's yet, and we've offended such a terrible enemy, isn't this seeking death?"


      At this moment, it was not only this one senior officer.


      The rest of the senior executives, all of them with faces as gloomy as water, also said.


      "I feel that Mr. Zhang is right! President, your husband has indeed gone too far! With him making such a scene, he has put all of our efforts this month to waste!"


      "Yes, now that our new Bai Group has just opened and has suffered a Waterloo, what will happen in the future? I'm afraid that in Jiang City, there's not a single company that dares to work with us!"




      Numerous senior executives, voices of dissatisfaction, rose and fell.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai Yi's pretty face, slightly ugly.


      She swept over everyone present, before saying in a deep voice.


      "Alright! Everyone doesn't need to say anything, for what Lin Fan did before, after I confirmed the reason, I ...... approve!"




      Bai Yi's statement caused the disgruntled senior members around them to be completely dumbfounded.


      One by one, they looked at each other in disbelief.


      They could remember that just a few days ago, the president had been furious with Lin Fan over this matter.


      Especially that intense emotion, he wanted to draw a line in the sand with Lin Fan and just divorce him.


      And now ......


      This attitude was simply a sea change.


      Looking at Bai Yi's resolute appearance, the many senior executives around, even if they had more dissatisfaction in their hearts, they could only swallow it into their stomachs raw.


      And seeing this scene!


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, smiled faintly.


      "Everyone, don't worry! I can assure you that today will not only be a very lively day, but our new Bai Group will also see the opening of the door, and this red will definitely dominate Jiang City! "




      Lin Fan's words were arrogant and cocky!


      It just fell on the ears of all the senior executives, causing the crowd to instantly erupt in an uproar.


      One after another, the eyes that looked at Lin Fan were simply as if they were looking at a madman.


      "Oh my god, does this guy know what he's talking about? It's almost ten o'clock and there's not a single person there! How dare he say we're going to have an opening?"


      "Yes, he's talking out of his arse! He's saying that we're going to dominate the city! Isn't that a joke?"


      "Crazy! This guy is bragging about the wrong time and the wrong place!"




      There were many senior executives, discussing.


      And almost every one of them looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman.

Chapter 840

It was not only the crowd.


      Even Bai Shan and Bai Yi, father and daughter, were speechless for a moment.


      "Lin Fan, stop saying that!"


      Bai Yi only felt his face burning hot.


      Now, they were already embarrassed to the extreme, and this bragging by Lin Fan was even more like slapping himself in the face, making Bai Yi angry and furious.




      Lin Fan seemed to be oblivious as he smiled and said to Bai Yi


      "Wife, don't worry, I'll give you a big gift today!"


      A big gift?


      At the corner of Bai Yi's mouth, a thick bitterness surfaced.


      She was curious to know when exactly her husband would change this habit of bragging.


      Wait ......


      The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.


      When the word 'husband' came to Bai Yi's mind, she herself was startled.


      She completely, did not expect that she had unknowingly and completely taken Lin Fan as her husband.


      "Is it from after that time in the office?"


      Bai Yi thought for a moment and realised that after that day at the office, she seemed to have accepted Lin Fan wholeheartedly, completely and utterly.


      Already, she had completely taken him as her husband for life.




      Upon remembering the words office, Bai Yi's pretty face, once again, flushed slightly.


      She could hardly forget the way she had bitten Lin Fan to the point of wincing.




      Thinking of this, Bai Yi was thoroughly amused by herself.


      And at this moment!


      The crowd around them were dumbfounded.


      They saw that this cold and beautiful president of theirs actually seemed to be indulging in her fantasy.


      One moment her pretty face was all red, and the next she was amusing herself.


      This ......


      "Ugh! It's over, our CEO has been filled with ecstasy by that kid!"


      "Yes! This is totally the performance of a little woman in hot love! I didn't expect that it would appear on our CEO!"


      "Ugh! I really can't understand what kind of charm that guy has to charm our CEO like this!"




      The many senior executives around them were all looking at Lin Fan with gazes filled with jealousy and eccentricity at this moment.


      That kind of look was as if they were looking at a cow dung that was being stuck with a flower.




      However, just then!


      A sound of footsteps could be heard, coming from outside the building.


      And then a welcoming voice could be heard, resounding.


      "Chairman of the Heavenly Sage Group - Gao Zhilong, with Gao Shengyuan, has arrived!"




      Upon hearing the words Heavenly Sage Group.


      The atmosphere within the hall instantly froze for a minute.


      They knew that within the last few days, the relationship between the New Bai Clan and the Heavenly Sage Group had reached a deep and fiery level, especially when Lin Fan had abolished Gao Shengyuan, which had completely broken the relationship between the two sides.


      Now, the other party had come to the door personally, and they were definitely not good.