Today I Give Up Trying 834-836

 Chapter 834

The battle ended quickly!


      And when Master Sword and the rest of the crowd had left, there were figures lying on the ground who were howling in agony.


      Among them, they included Gao Shengyuan and the vicious youth and others.




      Gao Shengyuan's hands and legs were all broken alive.


      That majestic huge pain. The pain caused his body to tremble, and the hatred on his face, in particular, was simply thick to the extreme: "Lin Fan!


      "Lin Fan! I will definitely take revenge! Just you wait, I'll kill you!!! "


      For Gao Shengyuan, he had grown up with the golden key in his mouth, especially after entering the business world, and with the support of his father and the group, he had a smooth ride.


      However, he could never have imagined that he would fall into the hands of such a small son-in-law as Lin Fan.


      Hearing these words!


      The vicious young man named 'Fengzi' said to Gao Shengyuan.


      "Young master Gao, I remember now! There had been rumours in Jiang City before that the new Bai's was going to be finished before it even opened!"


      "Because this Lin, surnamed Lin, not only scrapped Grand Master Leng Ao Tian's grandson, but also broke Grand Master He Lan Shan's granddaughter's leg!"




      Hearing these words, Gao Shengyuan's miserable screams gave a slight pause.


      He hadn't paid much attention to these rumours.


      And now, upon hearing it, he was instantly overwhelmed with wild joy:.


      "You ...... are telling the truth?"


      "A thousand times true! "Fengzi was full of malice at this moment.


      His face, his skin, had been torn off by Lin Fan, and his hands and feet, too, had been scrapped because of Lin Fan.


      It could be said that Lin Fan had completely become his nightmare.


      Now, the vicious young man could not wait for Lin Fan to die immediately.


      Only then would he be able to relieve his heart of hatred.


      "Good! Good!"


      On Gao Shengyuan's miserable white face, a thick viciousness emerged.


      "Since the New Bai's is finished, then I will immediately have our group stop all cooperation with the New Bai's!"


      "Not just us, I want there to be no more group in the entire Jiang City that supplies raw materials to the New White's! I will make them die faster! Worse!!!"


      In Gao Shengyuan's eyes.


      There were two great enemies, Leng Ao Tian's grandson and He Lan Shan's granddaughter.


      Then Lin Fan would definitely end up miserable even if he had Master Sword.


      Naturally, he would not let go of this opportunity to beat up a dog that had fallen into the water.






      News of Jiang City's northern district swept through the entire city as if it had grown wings.


      The young master of the Heavenly Saint Group, Gao Shengyuan, as well as 30 to 40 people under him, all had their hands and feet broken.


      Once this news came out, the entire Jiang City was once again in an uproar.


      After all!


      Although the Heavenly Sage Group, was only a second-rate plutocrat in Jiang City.


      But its business, on the other hand, spanned over a dozen industries such as real estate and beauty, and was full of influence.


      And enough to include Gao Shengyuan, the young master, dozens of people were scrapped, this was definitely the most serious injury incident in the history of Jiang City.

Chapter 835

It was just that what made everyone exceptional was this.


      Whether it was Gao Shengyuan or those underlings, surprisingly none of them said who the murderer was.


      Since then!


      Who broke Gao Shengyuan and the others' hands and feet had almost become one of the most lively topics in the streets of Jiang City!


      Not only the crowd!


      Even Bai Yi and Bai Shan, the father and daughter of the New Bai Clan, had gotten the news.


      When Lin Fan returned to the New Bai Clan, he saw the father and daughter duo and a group of senior members of the New Bai Clan, just finishing their deliberations.


      "Huh? Honey, what are you guys doing there?"


      Lin Fan saw that Bai Yi and Bai Shan and the others were carrying a gift in their hands.


      This scene caused Lin Fan to stare.


      "The young master of the Heavenly Saint Group, Gao Shengyuan, had both his legs and feet ruined, and since their group is our most important partner in the New Bai Clan, we naturally had to go visit!"


      Bai Yi said with a bitter smile at that moment.


      Just hearing those words!


      The corners of Lin Fan's mouth twitched and he couldn't help but fill his head with black lines:.


      "Their legs, they were broken by me!"




      Hearing those words!


      Both Bai Yi and the many senior members of the Bai family were all stunned.


      Especially, after they saw that Lin Fan was carrying a vegetable basket, clearly looking like a family cook in clothes who had just finished shopping at the vegetable market.




      The crowd burst into laughter.


      "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan, you're really good at jokes! You've obviously just gone grocery shopping, how could it be you?"


      "Yeah! Gao Shengyuan himself didn't even say who actually broke his arm and leg! Obviously, the murderer is by no means an ordinary person. Lin Fan, don't be ridiculous!"




      Numerous senior members of the New Bai Clan burst into laughter.


      They were aware of it.


      This president's husband was a notorious loser.


      All he knew how to do was laundry and cook every day, so if he said that he had broken the hands and feet of Gao Shengyuan and 30 or 40 other people, they would definitely not believe him even if he beat them to death.




      What surprised many of the top brass was this.


      After hearing Lin Fan's words, Bai Yi and Bai Shan's father and daughter's faces, on the other hand, suddenly changed.


      One by one, they stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare as they said in trembling voices.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan, did you really do this?"


      Bai Yi's face was as white as paper, as if the sky had collapsed, and his entire body was almost dizzy.


      And Bai Shan's scalp also tingled for a while.


      He had seen with his own eyes how this son-in-law of his had destroyed more than twenty people in a ferocious scene. At this moment, he was naturally equally convinced that.


      "Little Fan, this kind of thing is no joke? Tell me, was it you or not?"




      Looking at Bai Yi and Bai Shan's appearance.


      The rest of the top brass of the New Bai Group were all dumbfounded.


      The president and chairman actually believed Lin Fan's words?


      How was this ...... possible!


      Did they really think that Lin Fan had the ability to break Gao Shengyuan and the others' legs and feet?

Chapter 836

At that moment, all the top brass wanted to speak up and persuade.


      Only their words had not yet left their mouths.


      Lin Fan, however, stiffened his head and nodded his head.


      "That's right! Although I didn't interrupt it myself, it does have something to do with me!"




      With a single word, the faces of Bai Yi and Bai Shan, both father and daughter, turned as white as paper.


      It was over!


      It was completely finished!


      Tian Sheng Group was their biggest supplier, once they lost this partner, then the new Bai's would be walking on ice just after opening.


      Seeing Bai Yi's face.


      The senior next to him, hurriedly said.


      "President, are you ...... alright? Perhaps, Lin Fan was just joking? You don't need to take it to heart!"


      Hearing these words!


      Bai Yi waved his hand and looked at Lin Fan with a disappointed face and said.


      "Lin Fan, you ...... are too disappointing to me! Do you know what situation our New Bai is in now? Do you know how difficult it was for us to find such a partner as the Heavenly Saint Group because you broke Leng Bufan's leg?"


      "And now ......"


      Speaking of which!


      Bai Yi had already choked a little, her beautiful eyes were red, her heart's grievances, completely exploded:.


      "Why! Why can't you help, but repeatedly give me a leg up!!!"


      She said!


      Bai Yi cried as she ran into the office.


      Almost everyone could hear a heartbroken cry, coming from within the office, coming out.




      At this moment, after seeing this scene, the surrounding senior management finally became somewhat convinced.


      Especially, after they thought that it was Lin Fan who had broken Gao Shengyuan's leg, the faces of the people, one by one, looked ugly.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan! How could you do this! Do you know that General Manager Bai has been preparing materials for three days and nights without closing his eyes in order to negotiate a cooperation with the Heavenly Saint Group! You're simply a spoilsport!"


      "Yes, it's over! We're going to open in a few days! Without the Tian Sheng Group as a material supplier, then our new Bai's will stop dead in its tracks and open a shitty business!"




      One by one, the senior executives kept pointing accusing fingers at Lin Fan.


      In the blink of an eye, the crowd gave Lin Fan a fierce glare of disappointment and disgust before they all left in resentment.




      Only Bai Shan and Lin Fan were left in this place.


      Looking at Lin Fan, the corner of Bai Shan's mouth could not help but float a bitter smile.


      Only then did he find it in his heart that his son-in-law, had really changed.


      The old Lin Fan was a coward and a kind person, but now!


      He was simply a devil.


      He would break people's legs at the slightest move.


      Up until now, Bai Shan had even lost count of how many people's legs and feet Lin Fan had broken.


      "Little Fan!" Bai Shan looked at Lin Fan and said with a face full of seriousness.


      Hearing those words.


      The corners of Lin Fan's mouth twitched before he said with some disappointment.


      "Dad! Are you going to accuse me too? Also think I did something wrong?"