Today I Give Up Trying 829-830

 Chapter 829

End of story!


      Gao Shengyuan waved his hand, his smile growing more and more fierce as he said.


      "Go on! Go and break this brat's hands and feet, as many as you can!"




      With these words of Gao Shengyuan's fell.


      The thirty to forty strong men around them instantly surged up madly.


      As if they were vicious tigers, they all wanted to brandish the baseball bats in their hands and charged towards Lin Fan.


      The baseball bats were so densely packed that they covered the sky.


      Not to mention a person, even a fierce beast with thick skin would be smashed into mush in an instant.


      Seeing this scene!


      Kaoru's face changed greatly, and she instantly wanted to lunge towards Lin Fan.


      Even if she were to die herself, she wanted to protect her big brother behind her.


      On the other hand, the vicious young man and the others had a scowl on their faces that grew thicker and thicker:.


      "Hahahaha ...... idiot, die! Beat him to death!"


      "Hehehe, this brat really has no way out of heaven, but comes to hell without a door! Really looking for death!"


      These few people were full of ferocity.


      It was as if they had already seen the miserable scene of Lin Fan being beaten into a bloody man with a messy stick.


      But just at that moment.


      Lin Fan's slow words once again came out.


      "Alright! Since there are more people than people, then ...... there are more people than people!"




      This statement from Lin Fan caused Gao Shengyuan and the others to faintly stare.


      However, before they could even wait to understand what Lin Fan meant.


      Buzz buzz buzz!


      The same roar of an engine that sounded like a roaring beast suddenly exploded.


      And then, under everyone's incredulous eyes, another black car swept in with the speed of the wind.


      These cars seemed to have been lurking in the surrounding alleyways for a long time.


      It seemed that they had been waiting for Lin Fan's command for a long time.


      Until now!


      Three cars!






      Twenty cars!


      Wow! ......


      Looking at the black cars that were frantically pouring out from the surrounding roads and alleyways, those big men who rushed forward, all of them with pale faces, stopped their movements.


      And Gao Shengyuan and the villainous young man and the others were all as if they had seen a ghost, almost unable to believe their eyes.


      "He ...... they are Master Dog's men?"


      Gao Shengyuan was not a fool.


      He knew that this was the northern district of Jiang City, and that the only people who could mobilize such a large number of convoys in one breath were Master Blade's men, the Dogs of Mourning!




      This person, Mourning Dog, was someone Gao Shengyuan knew.


      Just a moment ago, he was at Deathstroke Dog's house and even gave a generous gift to the other party.


      Gao Shengyuan couldn't believe it, what were they doing here, Master Dog.


      "Could it be that they are here because of me? Is it just a coincidence that this guy said there were more people than people?"


      At this moment, Gao Shengyuan could only think of such a possibility.

Chapter 830



      And just as he was in disbelief.


      At once, he saw that the doors of one of the black sedans opened.


      A lean and sturdy man, leading nearly a hundred big men in white clothes, walked down from the sedan as if it was a tidal wave.


      The sturdy man at the head of the group was none other than Mourning Dog!


      Yet that was not all!




      After Funeral Dog and the others stepped down, the door of a black car at the front also opened.


      And then, a bald middle-aged man stepped out of the car.


      Seeing this man.


      Gao Shengyuan and the vicious young man next to him and the others, one by one, could not believe their eyes.


      "Knife ...... Master Knife!!!"


      That's right!


      This bald middle-aged man in front of him was the boss of Mourning Dog, and the bully of the Northern District - Master Knife!


      Gao Shengyuan and the others were completely stunned.


      They knew that Master Knife had not come out for a long time, he had almost handed over most of his business to Mourning Dog.


      He had left most of his business to Mourning Dog, and he himself had been living in seclusion.


      Even Gao Shengyuan had brought a generous gift to visit him several times, but he had been rejected.


      Gao Shengyuan could not believe that Master Dagger could be here.


      And yet!


      That was not all!




      At this moment, under the shocked eyes of Gao Shengyuan and the others.


      Master Sword led Mourning Dog, as well as a full hundred elites from the Northern District, as he stepped forward.


      Until they walked in front of Lin Fan.


      Hulla, hulla!


      Led by Master Knife, they all bowed deeply to Lin Fan in unison.


      "Mr. Lin!!!"


      "Mr. Lin!!!"






      As the neat, deafening sounds of respect rang out, the area fell into a boundless dead silence.


      Gao Shengyuan, the vicious young man, and the few men and women beside him, could not believe their eyes at all.




      Paying tribute?


      Especially Master Blade, the northern district bully, with elite men like Mourning Dog, how the hell ...... could this be possible.


      "Mr. Lin? No ...... not true! He's just a door-to-door son-in-law of the new Bai Group! How could he be qualified to have Master Sword come to pay respects and even bow to him?"


      Gao Shengyuan looked as if he had seen a ghost at this moment, his face filled with a thick sense of horror and despair.


      To him, the scene in front of him was simply beyond his comprehension.


      It was not just him!


      The villainous young man and the others beside him had completely pissed themselves in fear.


      "Oh my ...... God, this madman actually knows ...... Master Blade?"


      "Impossible! Isn't Master Blade the Northern District Buster? What identity does this guy have that makes Master Dagger pay tribute?"






      To them, the scene in front of them was like a dream.


      However, that was not all.


      Immediately afterwards, words that made them even more horrified came to their ears.


      "Mr. Lin, we have been silently waiting for you from the moment you started to enter the Northern District!"


      Master Knife said respectfully to Lin Fan.




      The words made Gao Shengyuan and the others even more startled.