Today I Give Up Trying 827-828

 Chapter 827



      The New White Clan!


      Hearing these words, the young vicious man next to him and the others had a slight gaze in their eyes.


      After all, although the New White Clan had not yet officially opened, it was extremely well known, and they had naturally heard of it.


      And Lin Fan's name was equally as loud as thunder.


      "Hahahaha ...... It really is you!"


      After seeing Lin Fan's acquiescence, Gao Shengyuan could not help but smile brightly and said.


      "Lin Fan, we are family! Your New Bai's biggest material supplier is our Heavenly Saint Group!"


      "So, let's leave this matter at that! You go, and then ...... they die!!!"


      This sentence of Gao Shengyuan's was dripping with a thick and morose intent.


      He turned his eyes to look at the blind granny and Kaoru'er, and a cold intent surged in his eyes.


      "Lin Fan, I am not afraid to tell you that because your New White Clan is an important partner of our group, so this time, your recklessness can be forgiven by me as the young master of the Heavenly Sage Group!"


      "But this old man and young man, it's a no-no! The two of them have already delayed my work schedule by a full half month! Therefore, it will take lives to compensate for my loss!"


      Wow ......


      Gao Shengyuan's words caused everyone around him to change their faces.


      Especially that vicious young man and the others.


      There was a strong sense of disappointment and anger in each of their eyes.


      After all, Lin Fan's methods were too ruthless, so they naturally wanted to take revenge, but since Gao Shengyuan had said that, it was obvious that he did not want to offend the New Bai Group, an important partner.


      And now, the vicious young man and the others, all their hatred and anger could only be vented on the blind granny and Kaoru'er.


      "Kid, did you fucking hear that? Count yourself lucky today!"


      "Get lost! I'll settle the debt of you tearing my face on this old immortal and dead girl!"


      Although the vicious young man's heart was filled with resentment, he could only say with indignation.


      It wasn't just them!


      At this moment, the faces of the blind granny and Kaoru'er were miserably white.


      They knew that with Gao Shengyuan coming in person, then the two of them would end up extremely miserable, so they did not want to drag Lin Fan into it anymore.


      "Big brother, you should go now! This matter has nothing to do with you, Kaoru'er begged you, leave it alone!" Kaoru'er's eyes were, well, red.


      She was done for.


      But because of this, her heart was even more filled with boundless guilt towards Lin Fan.


      "Big brother, your kindness in saving my life, Kaoru'er will definitely repay it in her next life by knotting the grass and linking the rings!"


      After saying that!


      Kaoru'er had long since burst into tears.


      And on the side.


      The blind old woman was also full of misery and said bitterly to Lin Fan.


      "Young man, I, the old woman, thank you! But now, please leave! If there is an afterlife, Kaoru'er and I will definitely repay you!"


      After saying this, the blind old woman wrapped Kaoru'er in her arms.


      The old man and the young woman were already in tears.


      And seeing this scene!


      Both Gao Shengyuan and the villainous young man and the others had already predicted that Lin Fan would definitely leave without a doubt.

Chapter 828

After all!


      Anyone who is not a fool would never continue to dip into this mess unless ...... was looking for death!


      "I'm not leaving!"




      Right at this moment, when these words from Lin Fan came out, both Gao Shengyuan and the others, the villainous young man, the blind granny, and Kaoru'er, froze in their tracks.


      Then, Kaoru'er's small face changed greatly.


      "Big brother, what are you talking about! Get out of here! This matter has nothing to do with you, I don't want you to care anymore!"


      As soon as Kaoru'er finished speaking, her tiny palms fought to push Lin Fan, telling him to leave.


      However, Lin Fan's figure was as steady as a mountain, and even though Kaoru'er used all her strength, she was unable to push Lin Fan the slightest bit.




      At this moment, the atmosphere here was dull and oppressive to the extreme.


      Everyone could clearly feel the smile on Gao Shengyuan's face fading away, and a hint of a cold, icy aura pervaded from his body: "Lin Fan, don't give face.


      "Lin Fan, don't give shame!"


      "The only reason I let you off is because of the partnership between the New Bai Group and our group! If you don't know any better, then don't blame me for being ruthless!"


      Gao Shengyuan's gaze was incomparably gloomy, staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare as if he was looking at an idiot.


      And on the side.


      The vicious young man and the others were wildly happy to the core of their hearts.




      In their eyes, Lin Fan was definitely an idiot without a doubt.


      Could it be that this fellow, didn't he see the thirty to forty big men Young Master Gao had brought with him?


      He clearly had a chance to leave, and now he was purely seeking his own death.




      Lin Fan didn't care about Gao Shengyuan's threat at all, instead he said with a gloomy gaze.


      "Could it be that, in your eyes, two lives are so simple?"


      Lin Fan's voice was dripping with a kind of moroseness.


      Although he had killed countless people and had a lot of corpses, he had never killed innocent people.


      And this Gao Shengyuan in front of him had broken through Lin Fan's bottom line.


      "Cut! Lin Fan, you need not pretend to be a saint here!"


      Gao Shengyuan laughed grimly as he swept his gaze at the blind granny and Kaoru'er, that look as if he was looking at two ants.


      "In this world, people are dying every day! And if you get in my way, then you will die!"


      "That's how they are, and you, too!"


      Having said that!


      Gao Shengyuan waved his hand.




      At once, the thirty to forty strong men behind him stepped forward in unison.


      Every one of them had a baseball bat in their hands, and they were all standing at the ready, as if they only needed Gao Shengyuan's word, they would wave the bat in their hands and smash this insensitive kid into mush.


      "More people than people?"


      Lin Fan asked indifferently as he gave Gao Shengyuan a playful glance.




      Apparently, Lin Fan's indifference caused Gao Shengyuan to faintly stare.


      However, after he was certain that Lin Fan had no helpers, the fierceness and ferocity on Gao Shengyuan's face instantly revealed itself as follows.


      "So what if there are more people than there are!"


      "Kid, I just have more people than you, today, since you don't know any better, then I'll teach you a profound lesson!"