Today I Give Up Trying 821-823

 Chapter 821

"That's right! This courtyard is ours too, and Prince Gao has paid a huge price for it! If you don't leave, you're cutting off our money!"


      "Humph! Brother Feng! Don't bother with them! Slash that little girl's face again, then throw this old man and young woman into a mass grave and let them die!"




      It has to be said!


      The words of these few people were vicious to the extreme.


      It was as if in their eyes, the lives of the blind granny and Kaoru'er in front of them were lower than grass.




      The vicious young man at the head of the group instantly pulled out a dagger from his pocket, before walking towards Kaoru'er with a fierce smile on his face.




      The sound of his footsteps, as if it was the sound of a demon approaching, caused the blind granny's face to pale.


      "No! Kaoru'er, run! Run! This beast will ruin you! You run!"


      As if she was protecting a chick, the blind granny shielded Kaoru behind her and kept telling her to leave quickly.




      Although Kaoru'er's face was full of fear, she was still unwilling to leave in the slightest: "Granny, Kaoru'er can't.


      "Granny, Kaoru'er can't leave! If I leave, these beasts will kill you! They will do anything heartless for the sake of this courtyard!"


      Kaoru was afraid!


      She wasn't just afraid that she would be hurt, she was more afraid that her mother-in-law would be killed by the lives of the few people in front of her.


      If it wasn't for the fact that she had, in the past few days, preferred to suffer the pain of having her cheek slashed, rather than dying to leave, she was afraid that her blind mother-in-law would have spilled her hands and died at the hands of these few unworthy children.


      "Hey! Damned girl, you have come to this point, and you still dare to scold me!"


      "Good! Since that's the case, then I'll add a few more scars to your face today! Let you mind your own business!"


      With that said!


      The vicious young man, had already walked to the side of this old man and young woman.


      With his palm outstretched, he grabbed Kaoru's thin arm with one hand, and then with the dagger in his hand, he slashed fiercely towards Kaoru's scarred face.


      "No ......"


      Kaoru'er's terrified scream rang out.


      Her eyes, as clear as water, were filled with dense fear and despair.


      She could only watch, as the sharp dagger, slashed at her cheek.


      Another scar to be added?


      The corners of Kaoru's mouth were thick with bitterness.


      With new scars every day, she was afraid that she would never have the face to meet her big brother, who worshipped her like a god, again in this lifetime.




      In an instant, the dagger had already slashed in front of Kaoru'er's face.


      Kaoru could even feel the sharp chill of the dagger, as if it was about to cut the skin on her face once again.


      Yet just then!




      Kaoru's eyes, which were closed, were frowning.


      Because she only felt the chill of the dagger, but not the slightest pain of cutting through her skin.


      What was going on with this ......?

Chapter 822

Think of it!


      Kaoru'er hurriedly opened her eyes.


      Only, when she looked clearly at the scene in front of her, her entire body was completely stunned.


      The dagger, which had already reached before her cheek, was only an inch close.


      However, this inch seemed like a heavenly rift, and it was surprisingly difficult to advance the slightest bit.


      It was because the sharp dagger was held by a large hand, in a deadly grip.




      It was not only Kaoru who was frozen.


      Even that one vicious young man was slightly stunned as he realised that at some point, a youth had appeared in front of him.




      The dagger that he had stabbed down himself was actually grabbed by this youth, with one hand, which ......


      "Kid, who are you?"


      The vicious young man's pupils shrank slightly, but he could clearly see that this youth's palm, grabbed the dagger's blade.


      However, such a sharp blade had not even cut through this youth's palm.


      It was as if, this youth's palm, steel and iron bones, which simply made the vicious young man could not believe his eyes.


      "Big ...... brother!"


      Kaoru'er was equally stunned after seeing Lin Fan.


      How could she not have imagined that this big brother would appear here, especially once again when she was in the most danger, as if he was a god of the heavens.


      Looking at Kaoru'er's little face pouch, a strip of scars, Lin Fan's face was almost gloomy and dripping with water.


      He finally understood where these scars came from.


      It was the vicious young man in front of him.


      "Kaoru'er! You should have told big brother!"


      Lin Fan's gaze towards Kaoru'er was dripping with a bit of reproach.


      And hearing those words.


      Kaoru'er's eyes, instantly reddened, she couldn't help but lower her own little head in shame as tears crackled and slid down from her eyes:.


      "Yes ...... I'm sorry, big brother! Kaoru'er doesn't want to cause you any trouble!"


      The little girl's heart was filled with an endless amount of guilt.


      She already owed Lin Fan too much.


      She didn't want to cause trouble and danger for Lin Fan, again.


      And at this moment!


      After hearing that Lin Fan and Kaoru'er actually knew each other, a thick scowl flashed on the face of that vicious young man:.


      "Great! I really didn't think that this dead girl would bring helpers with her!"


      After saying that!


      The vicious young man stared deadly at Lin Fan, his fierce aura flashing.


      "Kid, I advise you not to meddle! This is our family matter, it has nothing to do with you! If you don't behave yourself, don't blame us for being ungracious!!!"


      With these words from the vicious young man.


      Hulla, hulla!


      The few young men and women behind them also pulled out a brightly shining dagger from their own pockets and stared at Lin Fan with unkind faces.




      Peace and quiet!


      The vicious young man and the others saw that Lin Fan's small, clear face was unruffled, as if it was an abyss, making it impossible to see the slightest emotion in him.

Chapter 823

"You are the family of your mother-in-law?" Lin Fan asked indifferently.


      "That's right!"


      The vicious young man didn't hide anything and said straight away with a big grin.


      "She is my own grandmother! And this dead girl is just a stray dog that my grandmother adopted!"


      "What? You and this dead girl are not qualified to meddle in my grandmother's affairs!"


      The vicious young man spoke with arrogance to the extreme.


      In his eyes, it was as if even if he had killed the blind granny, it didn't have the slightest connection with anyone else.


      And hearing these words.


      Lin Fan did not retort, but looked at the scar on Kaoru's face before he continued to ask icily.


      "What about the scar on her face?"




      The vicious young man froze for a moment, before the corners of his mouth grinned and he said with a fierce expression.


      "So what if I did it! So what if I did it! This damn girl, she eats and drinks my grandmother's food! I cut a few scars on her face, none of your business!"


      "Kid, I advise you to get lost!"


      He finished!


      The vicious young man made a move with his palm!


      At once, several young men and women with fierce faces beside him also took their daggers and surrounded them.




      Lin Fan seemed to be oblivious to these people.


      He looked at the [Tik-Tok Novel] longitudinal and dense slash marks on Kaoru's face, and his words were morose as he said.


      "A total of sixteen scars!"


      "You have cut sixteen scars on a little girl's face! In that case, don't want your face, either!"




      Lin Fan's words caused the villainous youth to faintly stare.


      Yet before he could react to what it meant.




      He only felt that his palm, fiercely, was empty.


      Only then did he realise that the dagger he was holding had been snatched away by Lin Fan.


      This was not all!




      Lin Fan's foot rose and landed, before he viciously kicked the vicious young man to the ground.


      Just at the moment when the vicious young man, was about to struggle to get up.


      Lin Fan swung out with a fist.


      It hit the villainous young man's face hard, instantly causing his head to spin and his entire body to fall to the ground viciously.


      This scene caused the faces of the few young men and women around them to pale.


      However, just as they were about to step forward to stop them, a scene that made their souls rise up appeared.


      "Kaoru'er, close your eyes!"


      Lin Fan's indifferent voice came out.


      Hearing this, Kaoru'er faintly froze, and although she didn't know what this big brother of hers was up to, she still obediently hurriedly closed her eyes.




      Just as Kaoru'er's eyes were closed, a dull sound, suddenly came out.


      The few fierce men and women around them were all dumbfounded.


      They clearly saw that the dagger in Lin Fan's hand had viciously stabbed into the vicious young man's cheek.


      "Ahhhhh! My face!!!"


      The villainous young man's body jolted in pain, and he immediately screamed out in misery.


      He could clearly sense that Lin Fan had pierced the sharp edge of that dagger completely into the skin of his face.