Today I Give Up Trying 817-818

 Chapter 817

Without an answer, he was like a super mysterious being, leaving many curious people, digging deep and guessing hard, but still unable to obtain information about the true identity of Grand Master Lin.


      It was just that while everyone was boiling with enthusiasm for Grand Master Lin.


      A piece of news, likewise, was circulating in Jiang City.


      The new Bai Group, in a week's time, would hold its opening ceremony.


      Only at this moment, this piece of news did not make a single ripple in Jiang City.


      Almost everyone knew that Lin Fan of the New Bai Group had already offended Leng Bufan, the grandson of Leng Ao Tian, and He Jiaojiao, the granddaughter of He Lanshan.


      And the destruction of the New Bai Group had become a nail in the coffin in the eyes of almost everyone.


      The crowd naturally did not care about the opening ceremony of a soon-to-be-overthrown group.


      And just as speculation was raging outside about Grand Master Lin.


      Lin Fan's life, however, had not been affected in the slightest.


      There was still a week to go before the opening of the new Bai's, and during these few days, it was also the busiest time for Bai Yi and Bai Shan, father and daughter.


      Bai Yi was negotiating with one supplier after another.


      As far as Lin Fan knew, the biggest supplier of the new Bai Group was a material company called Tian Sheng.


      And right now, most of the tasks Bai Yi was doing was to finalise the specific details of the cooperation with the Tian Sheng Group, and reach a consensus.


      But all this!


      He continued to buy food and cook every morning, living the life of a family cook as he always did.




      On this very day, Lin Fan had just finished buying groceries from the vegetable market and wanted to go home.


      Instead, he slammed the brakes on his electric car and the whole thing stopped at the edge of the vegetable market.


      "That little girl ......"


      Lin Fan's eyes, looked ahead.


      There, where the vegetable market disposed of its vegetable waste, there were pieces of vegetables that had been thrown away and were almost going bad.


      And a little girl, dressed in rags, was stepping on a pair of cloth shoes with holes in them, walking among the many pieces of vegetable rubbish, constantly picking out a slightly better piece of vegetable leaves.


      The little girl, who looked only five or six years old.


      Her hair was withered and her whole body was as dry and thin as material.


      Her clothes, in particular, were sewn with patch after patch, and her thin body was carrying a huge vegetable basket filled with dense, soon-to-be-rotten vegetables.


      It looked heartbreaking to the extreme.


      "Surprisingly, it's her!"


      Lin Fan knew this little girl, back in the Northern District, this little girl was almost hit by a car and it was Shen Yumei who saved her.


      After that, this little girl accompanied Lin Fan and defeated the bully of the Northern District, the Iron Faced Cang Wolves.


      Then later, after defeating Vajra, Lin Fan finished buying vegetables and similarly encountered this little girl and her blind granny.


      "It seems her name is Kaoru'er!"


      Lin Fan frowned and instantly hurriedly stopped his electric car before heading towards that area of the rubbish dump.

Chapter 818

As soon as you walk into the dump, there is a pungent stench of decay coming from it.


      It was the unpleasant smell that came out from the many vegetables, after they had rotted.




      Lin Fan had just walked up to the little girl's body when he couldn't help but shout out.




      Lin Fan instantly saw that after hearing this shout, Kaoru'er's thin, delicate body, however, trembled fiercely.


      And then she, as if she had heard out the owner of this voice, that one little head, instantly lowered down.


      "First ...... sir, you have the wrong person! I ...... am not called Kaoru'er ......"


      Said the end!


      As if she was a frightened little rabbit, Kaoru'er did not even dare to look at Lin Fan, and then she wanted to run towards the side of the rubbish dump, carrying her noisy vegetable basket.


      And this scene made Lin Fan's brow furrow.


      He naturally heard the panic in Kaoru's voice, and at that moment, Lin Fan hurriedly went forward and took Kaoru's small hand before saying.


      "Kaoru'er, you clearly recognised me, why are you avoiding big brother?"


      Lin Fan could remember very clearly.


      Every time Kaoru'er called herself big brother, that intimacy, that sweetness, was like a little angel.


      But now.


      At this moment, after hearing these words from Lin Fan, Kaoru'er's tiny body once again trembled fiercely.


      Her back was turned to Lin Fan, and she never dared to turn around.




      Tick tock!


      Lin Fan, however, saw that a crystal teardrop continued to slide down from Kaoru'er's eye sockets, falling to the ground and turning into smithereens.


      This scene caused a hint of a bad premonition to surface in Lin Fan's heart:.


      "Kaoru'er! What exactly has happened to you? Turn around, let big brother take a look!"


      As Lin Fan finished speaking, he instantly took Kaoru'er's tiny shoulders with both hands and gently turned them.


      At once!


      After Kaoru'er's pretty face, faced Lin Fan squarely.




      Lin Fan only felt his head spin and could barely believe his eyes.


      A scar!


      That's right!


      Kaoru'er's originally handsome little angel-like face was densely covered with a strip of scars this time.


      These scars, glistening with blood, seemed to have just scabbed over.


      They were so dense that they cut Kaoru's angelic face into pieces.


      It looked ugly and disgusting.


      Lin Fan could tell with a single glance that these scars were all knife wounds.


      He simply couldn't imagine what kind of person was so ruthless as to disfigure a five or six year old little girl, alive.


      "Big ...... brother! Please, don't look at Kaoru'er! Kaoru'er is ugly, Kaoru'er ...... no, doesn't want to scare you!"


      Kaoru'er at this moment after facing Lin Fan.


      Her pair of small hands hurriedly covered her knife marks ugly little face, the whole person squatted on the ground, a bean-sized teardrop, from her fingers, constantly slipped out.


      "Big ...... brother! You go away! Kaoru'er is fine, Kaoru'er is really fine, after the scars on Kaoru'er's face have healed, Kaoru'er will go see you again, okay?"