Today I Give Up Trying 811-813

 Chapter 811



      Old Master Bai knew that if he looked, but Grand Master Lin was not Lin Fan, then he, for fear, would not be able to walk out of the gymnasium at all.


      This belonged to disrespect to Grand Patriarch Lin!


      Even if Grand Patriarch Lin did not punish him, the rest of the Blood Faust and the others would definitely not be able to spare him.




      Hearing Lin Fan's footsteps that were getting closer and closer, Old Master Bai's body then bowed lower and lower.


      Dense sweat flowed continuously from his forehead.


      This feeling was as if an incomparably terrifying beast was about to pass him by, making his heart tremble with fear and horror.


      That was until Lin Fan walked past Old Master Bai.




      Only then did he let out a long sigh of relief.


      When he raised his head at that moment, what he still saw was just Lin Fan's back.


      "Can you ...... be Lin Fan?"


      A hint of complexity and shock surfaced under Old Master Bai's eyes.




      And at the same time!


      Everyone inside the gymnasium did not know that while Lin Fan was leaving through the exit, there was an equally dark shadow, hurrying from above the first floor of the gymnasium, leaving through the exit on the other side.


      This was also an old man.


      If Zhang Yichen was here, he would have recognised that this man was his cousin Zhang Lei's butler - Uncle Li!


      "Damn it! The King of Blood Hell! How could he be the King of Blood Hell!"


      Uncle Li's face was currently flooded with a thick sense of trepidation and disbelief.


      For this trip to the Blood Faust, he naturally had to follow quietly.


      It was just that before he was sure if Lin Fan could be killed, he had left an eye open and did not go to the grandstand to watch the battle in a big way, but chose to watch the battle in this secretive manner.


      Originally, when he saw Blood Wolf sweeping away Leng Ao Tian and the others, he was full of confidence and thought that Lin Fan would definitely die as soon as he appeared.


      However, things that made him incredulous happened one after another.


      First, Blood Wolf was defeated by Lin Fan in a single move.


      Immediately after that, Blood Faust was pinned down by Lin Fan to death.


      And what scared Uncle Li even more was Lin Fan's true identity.


      "Blood Servant! King of Blood Hell!"


      A bean-sized amount of sweat raged and dripped down from Uncle Li's forehead:.


      "No, I have to report to the young master now, we must not mess with that Lin surname anymore! Otherwise, our Zhang family will be in great trouble!"


      Uncle Li's heart trembled with fear.


      While continuing to walk towards the exit, his palms trembled as he took out a piece of his mobile phone from his pocket.


      Soon, when Uncle Li walked out of the gymnasium, the video call had been connected.


      Through the video, one could clearly see that Zhang Lei, the youngest member of the Zhang family on the other end of the phone, was currently in a hotel, wearing a bathrobe, with two hot foreign girls in his arms, drinking and having fun.


      He looked at the video and said with a smirk.


      "Uncle Li, what took you so long to call me!"


      "Well? That kid's head, did you get it?"

Chapter 812

When it came to Lin Fan, Zhang Lei gnashed his teeth in hatred.


      If it wasn't for this bastard, Zhang Yichen would have died long ago, and the huge Zhang family estate would have fallen into his hands long ago.


      And now, what he wanted to see most was Lin Fan's head.


      "Young master, something big has happened! The Blood Faust master and disciple, have failed!"


      "And that one surnamed Lin, his true identity is ......"


      Uncle Li immediately wanted to remind his young master not to provoke Lin Fan.


      However, before he could finish his words!


      They instantly came to an abrupt halt.


      His pair of eyes were staring deadly in the direction in front of him.


      Because there, at some point, there was an additional ...... person!


      "You ...... how could you possibly appear here!"


      At this moment, looking at the figure that had suddenly appeared, Uncle Li could only feel a wave of cold air that ran straight from the bottom of his feet to his head, causing his scalp to tingle.


      That's right!


      The person who appeared in front of him was actually ...... Lin Fan!


      "Didn't you leave through the other exit? This ......"


      Uncle Li was completely confused.


      He knew how powerful and terrifying Lin Fan was, and in order to avoid the other party noticing him, he had waited until Lin Fan had left through the other exit before he left through the opposite exit from Lin Fan.


      However, what he could not have dreamed of was that Lin Fan had not only discovered him, but had even blocked himself at the exit in such a short period of time?


      How was this possible.




      Lin Fan smiled faintly.


      "If I hadn't left, how would you have shown yourself so quickly!"


      Lin Fan had discovered this Uncle Li's presence long ago within the gymnasium, and obviously, had guessed his identity and purpose long ago.


      The reason why he waited until now to make his move was naturally because he was only now freeing his hands.




      Hearing these words, Uncle Li even felt his scalp tingle.


      It was deliberate!


      Only then did he understand that Lin Fan had actually left through that exit on purpose, in order to make himself appear in a short amount of time.


      Between the two of them asking and answering, Zhang Lei in the video was already completely confused.


      "No ...... it's impossible! Blood Faust is a Grand Master and so ferocious! That Lin surnamed, how could he be his opponent!"


      Zhang Lei's face looked as if he had seen a ghost as he stared at the video screen with a deadly stare.


      That was Blood Faust!


      An extremely fierce man who had shocked the northwest.


      How could such a figure not be able to kill Lin Fan.


      Moreover, Zhang Lei could tell that the matter did not seem to be as simple as Blood Faust not being able to kill Lin Fan, but Uncle Li seemed to be trying to remind himself about some kind of identity of Lin Fan?


      And just as Zhang Lei was speculating.


      An icy cold voice, however, suddenly resounded from the middle of the video, saying.


      "Use your head and give the Zhang family a warning!"




      Zhang Lei faintly froze, and right at that moment.


      He abruptly saw, in the video, a swoosh, as if a red mane, from the place of Uncle Li's neck, swung past.

Chapter 813

"Lee ...... Uncle Lee! Are you alright now? You hurry up and leave, you're from our Zhang family, that kid wouldn't dare ......"


      Zhang Lei's anxious voice, had not yet finished speaking.


      He then steeply saw that the butler in the video, Uncle Li, his eyes suddenly glazed over, and then his blue mouth opened and said in a broken voice.


      "Young ...... young master, he, he is ......"


      Uncle Li wanted to tell something more and more.


      But he had not yet finished his words.




      A scarlet blood, unexpectedly from above his neck, violently spurted out, will video footage, all sprayed with blood dripping a piece.


      Zhang Lei's body was cold all over, and he saw a line of blood emerge from above Uncle Li's neck.


      And then!


      Uncle Li's head, surprisingly, slowly slid down from the smooth neck.




      The video screen, with a splash, a dull sound of a corpse being planted, reached Zhang Lei's ears.


      "Dead ...... dead?"


      Zhang Lei's eyes almost fell out.


      That was not all.


      He saw that the video camera rotated once again for a while, and then it was as if Uncle Li's mobile phone, was picked up, and in the middle of the picture, there was an additional clear face.


      It was none other than ...... Lin Fan!


      "The surname ...... Lin! You killed Uncle Li, how dare you kill someone from our Zhang family! You're looking for death!"


      Zhang Lei's voice was dense with coldness and killing intent.


      Just hearing these words.


      The corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled up.


      "This is the second time! If it wasn't for Zhang Yichen, from the first time, you would have deserved to die, and your Zhang family would have deserved to be destroyed!"


      "If there is another time, the gods ...... will not be able to save you!"




      When Zhang Lei heard this threatening voice, one of his faces was instantly turned red with anger.


      A threat?


      He had actually heard a threat to himself once again from this bastard's mouth.


      "Surnamed Lin, you're awesome! You're bully! But I don't believe it, can you, alone, still compete with our entire Zhang family?"


      Zhang Lei's words were dense with resentment.


      And Lin Fan was obviously too lazy to talk more nonsense to him.


      He just looked at Zhang Lei indifferently, as if he was looking at a dead man.


      "Remember, there is no next time!"


      The words finished!




      Lin Fan's palm clenched, and the piece of mobile phone, as if it was a piece of tofu, actually clicked and shattered apart.




      The exit of the gymnasium.


      Bai Hai and Bai Yifan, father and son, were currently waiting at the exit with gloomy faces.


      Especially, when they thought of the humiliating way they were thrown out, the anger in their hearts tumbled.


      "Damn it! What the hell did this bastard use to blend into the stadium!" Bai Yifan's face was full of gloom.


      Until now, he still couldn't believe that Lin Fan had managed to enter the stadium to watch the battle.


      "Hmph! Who cares about him! We'll find out when your grandfather comes out later and we ask him!"


      "Also, Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan are both inside, once these two Grand Masters know that Lin Fan is the one who hurt their grandson and granddaughter, it's questionable if this kid will come out alive!"