Today I Give Up Trying 807-808

 Chapter 807

At this moment, as if he was completely enraged by Lin Fan's words, Blood Faust was surging with killing Qi above his body.


      His body flashed.




      A flash of red light burst out, and his entire body suddenly disappeared from the spot.


      Body Technique - Blood Shadow Tracking!


      It was also one of the Blood Prison secret techniques.


      However, just as Blood Faust had disappeared, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled up and a red aura similarly burst out of his body, disappearing in an unbelievable manner as well.


      Next, a scene that made Blood Faust appear even more unbelievable appeared.


      Boom! Boom! Boom!


      At this moment, on top of the high platform, two figures that seemed like lightning were frantically battling against each other.


      Disappearing, appearing!


      Punch after punch.


      It was as if they were two raging ferocious beasts, each dueling with an identical secret technique.


      Blood Slaying Fist!


      Blood Shadow Tracking!


      Soul Chasing Hand!


      Blood God Legs!






      After seeing every single move and stance of Blood Fudo and Lin Fan, they were actually the same.


      Whether it was Leng Ao Tian, He Lan Shan, or Blood Wolf, as well as the many Jiangnan greats on the stage, all of them could not believe their eyes.


      "My goodness, what exactly is this Grand Master Lin's origin? How come he knows all of the secret arts that Blood Fudo knows? Moreover, it's even stronger than even Blood Faust!"


      "Yes, could it be that the two of them have some kind of connection? Otherwise, this is simply too incomprehensible!"


      "So strong! Blood Fudo was actually suppressed by Grand Master Lin, completely! Whether it's fists, palms, legs or kicks! No single secret art can defeat Grand Master Lin!"




      The many Jiangnan greats below, their faces flushed with excitement, were frantically discussing and speculating.


      And the Blood Wolf on the stage was already struggling to get out of the large pit and climb out.


      And after seeing that Lin Fan had actually comprehensively suppressed his master, his heart could not help but float with a fear that came from his soul.


      "It's too strong! If he wants to kill me, even if I've already advanced to Grand Master, I'm afraid I'll be destroyed in one move!"


      Only then did Blood Wolf understand.


      If Lin Fan really wanted to strike at himself, he would not be defeated in one move, but would surely die in one move.




      Just as the surrounding crowd was talking about it.


      Lin Fan's whip kick, and Bloodwolf's whip kick, viciously collided with each other.


      Stomp stomp stomp!


      Blood Floating Tu's entire body was once again shaken and sent flying five meters away, and his feet stomped viciously against the ground before he came to a halt.


      "You ...... are a brother of Blood Prison?"


      Bloodfaust could clearly sense at this moment that Lin Fan was holding back his hand.


      He hadn't exerted his true strength at all, and engaging himself time and time again was entirely a test.


      Seemingly, testing his true battle strength in general.


      Blood Prison!


      That's right!


      The only thing Blood Fudo could think of was that Lin Fan was also a member of the Blood Prison.


      Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for him to control so many of the Blood Prison's secret techniques.

Chapter 808



      There was not a trace of defeated sorrow on Blood Faust's face, instead, his eyes stared deadly at Lin Fan, and his entire body trembled with excitement.


      That look was like that of a wandering son who had seen his family.


      Swish! Swish! Swish!


      At this moment, almost everyone's eyes were all focused on Lin Fan's back.


      The many bigwigs below were not able to see Lin Fan's face at all, but just Lin Fan's back, they all felt infinitely taller.


      "That's right!"


      Lin Fan nodded before smiling faintly at Blood Faust.


      His throat moved slightly as his voice began to become morose and exuded an eerie coldness.


      "Blood Servant, long time no see!"




      When this voice, which carried a grim and morose tone, fell on Blood Faust's ears, it immediately caused his eyes, which were all glazed over, to go round.


      As if!


      It seemed to be the voice that had haunted his soul.


      Was ...... that him?


      A hint of watery mist, filled Blood Faust's eyes as he stared straight at Lin Fan, his voice trembling.


      "You ...... are ...... you."


      Looking at Blood Floating Tu's agitated appearance, Lin Fan smiled, and then put his palm, covering the lower half of his face, leaving out only that pair of eyes.


      And seeing this scene.


      Blood Floating Tu's entire being was struck by lightning.






      A bean-sized teardrop dripped down from Blood Faust's eyes.


      For countless days and nights, he would dream of the Caribbean, of that group of wolf-like brothers, of that man who seemed like a god.


      That was his life in the heat of the moment.


      From the very beginning, when he witnessed a young man wearing a ghostly mask, ascending to the Dark Throne, the course of his life changed completely.


      He followed that youngster, conquering the East and the West and killing countless people.


      He witnessed that young master conquer one iron-blooded hero after another, building an army of Blood Hell that would scare countless forces around the world.


      The day he left Blood Prison, he was like a lone wolf who had left his pack.


      Sad and bleak!


      Until now, he had never dreamed that he would see his idol, this emperor, again.




      At this moment, right under everyone's shocked eyes, Blood Faust shed tears and his entire body suddenly knelt down on one knee, covering his heart with his hand.


      "Blood Servant, pay your respects to the ...... King!!!"




      As Blood Faust's voice came out, the voices of everyone in the entire gymnasium, once again, dissolved into nothingness.


      Every single person looked at the figure kneeling on one knee, at his snotty, tearful face full of devotion.


      Everyone could not believe their eyes.


      "King? Is he ...... he the man that Master has mentioned time and time again?"


      Blood Wolf's body trembled and he just felt his scalp explode.


      What had he done?


      He had dared to strike out at the King of Blood Hell, and even tried to kill the King of Blood Hell over and over again?