Today I Give Up Trying 801-803

 Chapter 801

And it was this recollected figure that caused his body to tremble more and more, surprisingly.


      "His figure, it looks like that man! But that man is the King of Blood Hell, the supreme emperor of our Blood Hell warriors, how could he appear here, much less in a small place like Jiang City!"


      A bitter smile surfaced at the corner of Blood Fudo's mouth.


      He only thought at the moment that Lin Fan's slim figure was somewhat similar to that man, and that was all.




      It was only at this point that Lin Fan's paws stepped forward and had already walked onto the high platform.


      After seeing Lin Fan on the high platform, the ferocious and exuberant look on the Blood Wolf's face grew thicker and thicker:.


      "Hahahaha...... surnamed Lin, you didn't expect that, did you?"


      "Only such a short period of time has passed since then, not only have I repaired my dantian, I've even broken through to become a Grand Master!"


      The corners of Blood Wolf's mouth were filled with a thick, morose look.


      He would never be able to forget that one night for the rest of his life.


      Three moves!


      Lin Fan had used just three moves to nail him, a top ten assassin in East Asia, to the ground as if he was an ant.


      That was his day of shame.


      And today, it would be his day of shame!


      Thinking of this.


      Blood Wolf took a step forward, and the aura of a Grand Master surged out from his body.


      "Come on! Grand Master Lin, see how I will defeat you in one move!"


      One move!


      Wow ......


      Hearing these words, the many Jiangnan greats on the stage were in an uproar.


      They had not expected that Blood Wolf would be so confident.


      However, after seeing Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan on the ground of the high platform, all the bigwigs fell silent.


      He Lanshan, was defeated in a single move.


      Leng Ao Tian, on the other hand, had only supported a few punches.


      As for Lin Fan.


      A newly promoted Grand Master, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to take even a single move.


      Thinking of this, the gazes of the many Jiangnan greats below once again looked at Lin Fan with a strong sense of pity.




      A surprising scene appeared.


      It was as if Lin Fan hadn't heard the Blood Wolf's scornful words at all, as his eyes were focused on the Blood Faust at this moment.


      To the Blood Wolf, however, he simply ignored it.




      This scene fell in Blood Wolf's eyes, causing his breath to stutter slightly.


      "Kid, you ...... how dare you ignore me?"


      Blood Wolf was somewhat incredulous.


      After all, he had already advanced to Grand Master and had unparalleled battle power, and this bastard had not even given himself a second glance since the beginning, as if even if he had become a Grand Master, he was still as weak as an ant in this guy's eyes.


      "You ...... deserve to die!"




      Blood Wolf was completely furious.


      His eyes were flooded with an endless murderous energy, before his body flashed and he stormed towards Lin Fan.


      "Blood Killing Fist!!!"


      Hoo ......


      The furious fist wind blasted down wildly at Lin Fan in a swift and lightning-fast manner.

Chapter 802

Five metres!


      Three metres!


      One metre!


      The Blood Wolf's terrifying Blood Slaying Fist was getting closer and closer to Lin Fan's head.


      It was just that what was unbelievable to everyone was this.


      It was as if Lin Fan was stupid, he still didn't give the Blood Wolf more than a glance, instead he kept staring at the Blood Float.


      This ......


      Everyone was dumbfounded.


      Many of the great men of Jiangnan, each with a pale face, as if they had seen Lin Fan being killed by the Blood Wolf in a single move, screamed out loud.


      "Grand Patriarch Lin, what are you frothing at the mouth for! Danger!"


      "Dodge! Quickly dodge!"


      "It's over! This is going to be a KO?"


      The faces of the many Jiangnan bigwigs were all white with fear.


      Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, on the other hand, were pounding their chests in indignation.


      It was as if they had already seen the miserable scene of Lin Fan, being blown to the ground with a single punch.


      "This idiot! What on earth is he dumbfounded about? Did he purely come up to the stage to die?"


      Leng Ao Tian was filled with a look of hatred and disdain.


      He Lanshan, on the other hand, had an old face that was deadly grey: "Our three great masters of Jiangnan are the best.


      "Our three Grand Masters of Jiangnan are all going to be wiped out this time, a disgrace!"


      The two old men, at this moment, seemed to have aged several years in an instant, their faces flushed with a strong sense of loss and bitterness.


      And just at this moment.




      The Blood Wolf's move, the Blood Killing Fist, was already only half a meter away from Lin Fan's head.


      "Give me death!!!"


      Blood Wolf had completely seen his hope for revenge at this moment.


      On his face, a fierce smile grew thicker and thicker.


      At that moment, the true qi in his body surged wildly towards his fist, causing the force to surge a point once more as he ruthlessly smashed into Lin Fan's head.




      It was even closer!


      In almost the space of a breath, the Blood Wolf's iron fist was already only a foot away from Lin Fan's head.


      However, just when everyone thought that Lin Fan was going to be completely KO'd.




      A large hand, seemingly poking out of thin air, clutched the incoming Blood Slaying Fist, surprisingly, in a ...... hand!




      The furious Blood Slaying Fist blasted against this one palm, but that terrifying power was like a mud bull entering the sea, surprisingly, it did not knock back this palm in the slightest.


      On the contrary, the Blood Slaying Fist came to an abrupt halt.


      Quiet ......


      At this moment, the air in the entire stadium seemed to be frozen.


      The pained and angry expressions on the faces of the surrounding Jiangnan bigwigs who were watching the battle froze on their faces one by one.


      Their eyes were glazed over as they stared deadly at the scene on the high platform, hardly believing their eyes.


      It was not just them!


      Blood Wolf, at this moment, had a fierce smile on his face that was instantly fixed.


      "No ...... it can't be!"


      He was dumbfounded.


      He found that his Blood Slaying Fist, when it blasted at the palm of the hand that Lin Fan was resisting, could not exert the slightest bit of power.


      It was as if the other party had simply made a move with his palm and turned his full strength strike into nothing.


      How was this ...... possible.

Chapter 803

"F*cking ba sta rd!"


      A hint of heart-stopping ominous foreboding instantly surfaced in Blood Wolf's heart.


      He barely hesitated in the slightest, and after realising that the blow had missed, his entire body wanted to scurry backwards in a violent retreat to escape.


      Only, something that made him even more horrified appeared.


      Lin Fan's palm was as if it was forged from ten thousand years of Xuan Iron.


      No matter how hard he tried, it was difficult for him to break his fist free in the slightest.




      This scene caused the Blood Wolf to completely panic.


      But just as he wanted to continue to break free.


      Yet, he saw that Lin Fan's eyes, finally, turned away from Blood Faust's body.






      In Blood Wolf's eyes, Lin Fan's pair of eyes were filled with an endless indifference from on high, as if he was like a provocative mole crawler in his eyes.


      "One move?"


      Lin Fan's faint words exited, before nodding to himself.


      "Good! I will fulfill you!"




      Blood Wolf was stunned, not yet understanding what Lin Fan meant by this sentence.


      But at that moment.


      Hoo ......


      He only felt a huge force that seemed to overwhelm the sea, which unexpectedly swept over from above Lin Fan's palm.


      The Blood Wolf only felt as if he was a wooden stick, with a swing of Lin Fan's arm.


      It swung him up.


      And then against the ground, he smashed fiercely!




      The Blood Wolf's body, like a broken sack, was viciously slammed onto the high platform.


      Click, click, click.


      The tiled floor of that high platform instantly dented and debris flew.


      A large crater was smashed out by the flesh of the Blood Wolf.


      Wow ......


      The Blood Wolf's entire body was smashed into the large crater, and scarlet blood then spurted out wildly from his mouth.


      He only felt as if all the bones in his body were about to shatter, and his body trembled with pain.


      Only compared to the pain in his flesh.


      The bludgeoning his mind suffered was much more intense.


      "A ...... move?"


      "How could this happen! How could he ...... be so strong!"


      Blood Wolf's entire body was lying in the middle of a large pit, a trace of scarlet blood continuously spilling out along the corners of his mouth.


      Only his eyes were lax, and a strong sense of disbelief and doubt about life filled within them.


      It was not just him!




      At this moment, all the sounds in the entire stadium disappeared.


      All eyes looked towards the pit on the high platform and the figure that had been smashed into the pit.


      The sounds of everyone sucking in cold air rose and fell.


      "I ...... am I hallucinating? The Blood Wolf ...... has been defeated?"


      "Impossible, I'm definitely f*cking hallucinating, how did Grand Master Lin resist the Blood Slaying Fist? And how could he have smashed a living human being, like a toy, into the ground? How the f*ck is this possible!"


      "Insane! Is this ...... world crazy? Why am I seeing this scene!"