Today I Give Up Trying 791-793

Chapter 791



      Hearing these words, the many bigwigs around them instantly let out a shocking boo at 'Grand Master Lin'.


      A thick contempt surfaced on the face of each and every big shot.




      Especially at this time, it was unknown who shouted out 'coward', and instantly, it was as if a stone had been thrown down on a calm lake, instantly setting off a shocking wave.


      "Surnamed Lin, coward!"


      "Surnamed Lin, coward!"




      One after another, the bigwigs who worshipped Leng Ao Tian responded at this moment, and the roaring shouts echoed in the stadium.


      Almost everyone's heart had already labeled that mysterious and extremely mysterious 'Grand Master Lin' as a coward.


      And seeing this scene.


      Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan could not help but glance at each other, and smiles of satisfaction appeared on the corners of their mouths.


      This, this was the result they wanted.


      In Jiangnan, there could only be two exalted Grand Masters, and that was him, Leng Ao Tian, and He Lan Shan.


      As for Grand Master Lin?


      It would only become a joke, nothing more.


      At this moment, the sound of 'cowards' that shook the heavens grew louder and louder in the stadium.


      And with a wave of He Lan Shan's hand.


      That loud shout only slowly sank in.


      He Lanshan stepped out.


      On his body, the aura of a Grand Master rolled and surged, as if he was a demonic god of astonishing fury, exuding a terrifying pressure that made people's hearts and guts tremble.


      Looking at the crowd, he raised both fists and shouted with his arms.


      "Today, let's get rid of the devil and defend the Way! Kill the Blood Fudo!!!"




      With this deafening and violent shout from He Lan Shan.


      The shouts of the many bigwigs in the entire stadium once again rose majestically.


      All of the Jiangnan greats, with their faces flushed with excitement and exuberance as they were mobilized by the emotions of the two Grand Masters, similarly raised their arms and cheered.


      "Kill the Blood Faust!"


      "Kill the Blood Faust!"


      "Kill the Blood Faust!"


      At this moment, in the eyes of those Jiangnan bigwigs, it was as if Blood Faust had completely become prey.


      As long as he came, then he would surely die.


      The cries were deafening.


      However, just at this moment.


      Hoo ......


      A fierce wind blew up instantly in the entire stadium.


      The wind was so cold and ghastly that it blew over almost every inch of the place, causing the shouts of the Jiangnan bigwigs to come to an abrupt halt.


      The crowd could not help but shiver.


      "Execute my master?"


      "Just by you guys!"




      As that gust of wind swept past, it was only then that the crowd realised that there were two more figures on top of the central high platform of the stadium.


      An old man and a young man!


      It was none other than the killer Blood Wolf, and the ...... fierce man Blood Faust!

Chapter 792

Blood Wolf!


      Blood Faust!


      After seeing this figure of an old man and a young man, the entire crowd in the gymnasium only felt their eyelids, fiercely jumping.


      The hearts of the crowd, too, began to thump wildly.


      These two people, when did they appear?


      Such a question surfaced in everyone's mind.


      No one could see clearly!


      No one noticed either.


      In the eyes of the crowd, it was as if this old man and young woman, with that gust of wind, swept and flew in, making people incredulous to the extreme.


      Quiet ......


      After the appearance of the Blood Faust master and disciple duo, the atmosphere within the entire stadium instantly became oppressively heavy.


      Even Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan on the high platform could not help but have their pupils shrink.


      "What a bizarre stance?"


      The two Grand Masters looked at each other at this moment, all seeing each other's deep shock in each other's eyes.


      It was too fast.


      This master and disciple's stance was even so fast that they did not even notice it, which was clearly somewhat unbelievable.


      However, under the gaze of the many Jiangnan greats, Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan would naturally not lose their Grand Master's aura.


      The two did their best to step forward at this moment, their faces full of fierce fury.


      "Blood Floating Tu, you have finally appeared! Since that's the case, leave your life ...... behind!"


      Leng Ao Tian's pair of eyes, staring straight at Blood Floating Tu, his face was flooded with a strong crazy battle intent.


      And at the side, He Lan Shan.


      Similarly looking at Blood Floating Tu, he smiled playfully.


      "If the two of us kill you today, then from now on, there will be one less pest in China!"


      One less pest?


      Hearing Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan's righteous words, the corners of Blood Floating Tu's mouth could not help but emerge with a morose curve: "You did not kill me for the sake of killing me.


      "You killed me, not to get rid of the devil!"


      "Rather, it is just for the sake of ...... false fame!"




      Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan obviously did not expect that Blood Floating Tu would be so direct, directly revealing the ultimate purpose of the two of them in one word.


      "Hehehe ......"


      Blood Floating Tu's grim smile grew thicker and thicker:.


      "I have killed countless people, but the people I have killed are the ones who deserve to die!"


      "They bully men and women, they kill innocents indiscriminately, they don't deserve to die!"


      Said the man!


      Those eyes of Blood Floating Tu, as if they could see through hearts, stared straight at Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan with a look of contempt to the extreme:


      "And you guys! On the pretext of defeating demons and trying to kill me, isn't it so that you can step on my bones to forge your wisdom!"


      "Pity! You are just ...... looking for death!"








      After hearing Blood Faustus' words, the crowd of greats in the stadium once again boiled over.


      They could not have imagined that in the face of Jiangnan's two Grand Master experts, Blood Faustus was so calm, as if he did not have a single worry at all.

Chapter 793



      "No matter who you killed! Your hands have long been stained with blood, and today, we will take revenge for the dead and avenge them!"


      When Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan finished speaking, they took up a stance, one left and one right.


      "Come on! Let the two of us be taught the ways of your Blood Floating Tu!"


      Finished speaking!


      The duo had formed a handful of hands.


      Preparing to join forces and surround Blood Floating Tu.


      It must be said!


      Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan were quite cautious, they didn't think of fighting alone, instead, they came up to join forces to kill Blood Floating Tu.




      After seeing the duo's stance.


      Blood Floating Tu, on the other hand, shook his head indifferently and took a step back with his feet, but he took a step backwards.


      "Sorry, your opponent, it's not me!"


      "Rather, it's ...... him!"


      Said Blood Faustus, pointing at the ...... Blood Wolf beside him!




      Hearing this, both the two of them, Leng Ao Tian, and the rest of the Jiangnan bigwigs in the gymnasium, were all dumbfounded one by one.


      What do you mean?


      Blood Fudo was saying that he would not fight against the Leng Ao Tian duo, and instead, he was letting his disciple Blood Wolf fight?




      After reacting, the entire stadium exploded once again.


      "Insane! Is this Blood Fausto going to let his own disciple go forward to die? That Blood Wolf has long been wasted!"


      "Yes, look at his unkempt appearance, as if he's a beggar! Is this kind of person afraid that he won't be able to defeat Grand Master Leng's slap and be killed?"


      "Hmph! Arrogant! What the hell is Blood Faust doing? Even if Blood Wolf was at his peak, he was still only a Grandmaster! How could it possibly be a match for Grand Master Leng and Grand Master He!"




      The entire gymnasium was filled with a cacophony of chatter.


      Almost everyone looked at Blood Floating Tu as if they were looking at a madman.


      And on top of the high platform.


      Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan's faces were equally gloomy to the extreme.




      In their eyes, the fact that Blood Fudo had allowed his own disciple to fight was a clear indication that the two of them were not worthy of each other's fight.


      This kind of ignorance and general humiliation made the Leng Ao Tian duo almost frenzied.


      "Blood Floating Tu, are you going to let your disciples send them to their deaths?"


      Leng Ao Tian stared deadly at Blood Floating Tu, and his words were filled with killing intent.


      Sending them to their death?


      "Hahahaha ......"


      Blood Floating Tu laughed at once.


      Laughing with that disdain, as if he had heard the world's funniest joke:.


      "Little wolf, they don't believe you, so show your aura and reveal yourself!"




      Blood Floating Tu's words caused the eyelids of the Leng Ao Tian duo to jump.


      And just before they could react.




      The duo only felt a terrifying fierce aura, which penetrated out from Blood Wolf's body, as if it was rolling and surging waves, sweeping across the entire high platform.


      And after sensing this aura, the eyes of both Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan almost fell out.


      "Great ...... Grand Master!!!"