Today I Give Up Trying 789-790

 Chapter 789



      When they heard the words of the black-clad bodyguard at the head, the two of them, Bai Shan, father and son, were all dumbfounded.


      "What did you ...... you just say?" Bai Shan could hardly believe his ears.


      Just the next scene made him even more dumbfounded.


      The black-clothed bodyguard at the head of the group looked at Bai Shan's father and son as if he was looking at a pair of idiots, and said with a cold smile.


      "I said, that gentleman's car just now can be parked wherever he wants!"


      "He can enter the stadium if he wants to!"


      "None of your ...... business!"


      I ...... me nigga!


      After hearing the words of this black clothed bodyguard, the hearts of Bai Shan's father and son, a million head of grass mud horses ran wildly past.


      What the hell is wrong with this?


      Has this world gone mad?


      A little waste of a son-in-law had caused these bodyguards to defend him so much?


      This was not all.


      The black-clad bodyguard in the lead had a cold gaze and waved his palm.


      "Someone! These two fellows, how dare they insult Mr. Lin, throw them out!"




      With a burst of answering shouts.




      A group of black-clad bodyguards surrounded them, grabbed Bai Shan and his son with seven hands and feet, and threw them out viciously as if they were dead dogs.


      At the same time!


      Inside the gymnasium, after Lin Fan walked in, he straight away found a quiet seat and sat down.


      He paid no attention to the farce outside the gymnasium, and was even more lazy to care.


      In his eyes.


      The Bai family was just a bunch of ants, nothing more, and didn't even interest him in giving them more than a glance.


      "A blood servant?"


      Lin Fan's gaze looked straight towards the gymnasium's high platform, and a strong excitement and exuberance surfaced in his eyes.


      The Blood Servant had never seen his true face, especially, even Lin Fan's voice now was worlds apart from back then in the Blood Prison.


      As the King of the Blood Prison, his voice was cold and eerie, as if he was the devil of hell.


      And now!


      With the three years he had lived in the White Family, his voice was bland and gentle.


      Not to mention the Blood Servants, even any of the Blood Hell powerhouses would not be able to tell him apart at all.


      "Today, it should be the first time you see my original face!"


      Lin Fan smiled, and instantly began to close his eyes and recuperate.


      And at the same time.


      One by one, the bigwigs in the seats in front of them were exchanging pleasantries and talking.


      "Hey, now that Grand Master Leng and Grand Master He are here! Why isn't that mysterious Grand Master Lin visible yet?"


      "Che! According to me, that Lin probably won't even come! Otherwise, Blood Floating Tu has provoked him twice on TV, why hasn't he responded once!"


      "Yes, after all, Blood Faust is a long-established super villain! That Grand Master Lin is probably just a newcomer, so it's normal that he wouldn't dare to come!"

Chapter 790

Almost all of the people around were bigwigs from the thirteen cities in Jiangnan.


      And at this moment, the topic they were discussing was almost all about Grand Master Lin.


      In particular, the conclusion was extremely uniform.


      That was that Grand Patriarch Lin, simply did not dare to come, much less take on Blood Floating Tu.




      And just as the crowd was noisy.


      A heavy footstep sounded from the high platform in the centre of the stadium.


      The crowd saw two figures slowly stepping up from the left and right of the high platform.


      It was none other than Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan.


      "Look, the two Grand Masters are on the stage! It's almost time before Blood Faust says it's time!"


      "What an anticipation! I wonder if the two Grand Masters will be able to put that fierce man, Blood Faust, to death here!"




      The many great masters were filled with excitement.




      That's right!


      In China, there is an unwritten rule.


      Anyone in the martial arts, seeking revenge or challenging someone, as long as both parties did not agree to 'end it on point', then even if there was a fatal case, the officials would not pursue it.


      In other words.


      Today, whether Blood Float slaughtered Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, or the two of them put Blood Float to death, they would not be arrested.


      This belonged to the personal grudges of people in the martial arts, and that was all.


      At this moment!


      Right under the reverent attention of the crowd, the two Grand Masters had walked onto the high platform.




      Leng Ao Tian's voice contained true qi, as if it was rolling waves that spread to every corner of the stadium.


      His pair of sharp eyes swept over a figure in the stands.


      And as he passed by, a piece of the bigwigs in the stands instantly fell silent.


      The crowd only felt that Leng Ao Tian's gaze was like a cold knife scraping through their bodies, causing the crowd to only feel a chill all over their bodies.


      "Is this ...... the gaze of a Grand Master? My God, with just one look, I have a feeling of trembling from my soul?"


      The many bigwigs were silenced at this moment.


      Almost instantly, all the noises in the entire stadium came to a screeching halt and a pin drop could be heard.


      It was only at this point.


      Only then did Leng Ao Tian nod in satisfaction, before continuing to say.


      "Today, I and Brother He have come here to rid China of a pest!"


      "I'm sure you all know that that Blood Floating Tu, has a fierce reputation, and the corpses of martial powerhouses who have died by his hands are numerous, such people, I will get rid of them!!!"


      Leng Ao Tian's words were righteous.


      The many great men who spoke at once, their blood boiled and they cheered.


      That was not all.


      Leng Ao Tian continued.


      "Also, a new Grand Master has emerged from Jiang City, but the two of them have never seen this person before, and they do not know if this person is really as his name suggests!"


      "But the only thing that is certain is that that Grand Master Lin, we can't count on him!"