Today I Give Up Trying 781-783

 Chapter 781

"But it's as if that little one was born to work miracles! From the time he was thirteen years old and ascended to the Dark Throne, he led us on a quest! The House of the Underworld, the Eight Divine Abysses, all of them have fallen under our swords!"


      "The Death Battalion in America, the Valley of Shura in Asia! Thirteen places in Europe! All slaughtered by that man!"




      As he listened to Blood Faust's account, Blood Wolf only felt his scalp explode.


      Death Fighting Camp, Shura Valley, the thirteen locations!


      These three names, ten years ago, could be said to be like the sky, and each of them was an unimaginable super ruthless person.


      Instead, five years ago, it was one by one that was destroyed.


      What was even more terrifying was the Underworld Palace and the Eight Gods Abyss!


      These were once the dominant forces in the global dark world, no one dared to mess with them and they would surely die!


      But what Blood Wolf could not imagine was that all of this was related to his own master and that mysterious man.


      "Master, what is that man's name? What exactly is his ...... strength?"


      Blood Wolf was confused.


      Previously, he had originally thought that he, a top-level sect master, was already extremely bullish.


      But only at this moment did he truly understand that that mysterious man was thirteen years old and could have killed more than ten sect masters like him.


      Not to mention now!


      Fearfully, the current him was not even qualified to die in the other party's hands.


      "I don't know his face, and I don't know his name!"




      When Blood Wolf heard this, his head was even more confused.


      His own master had followed that man for several years and killed countless people, but he didn't even know what the other party looked like or what his name was?


      This, how was it possible.


      "This is an iron law!"


      Blood Fudo looked at Blood Wolf and said in a gruff voice.


      "In that land of death, you can't ask unless he wants you to know, who he is, otherwise you can't ask!"


      "Every time he appeared before us, he wore a ghost-faced mask! After that, the ghost face and the skull, became our symbol and our glory!"


      "He, too, was called - the King of Blood Hell!"


      So it was him!


      Hearing the name of the King of Blood Hell, Blood Wolf felt an even colder chill run from the soles of his feet straight to his head.


      In the past three years since he had left Blood Faust, he had been able to run amok in the assassin world, but the word he had heard the most was the legend about the King of Blood Hell.


      Countless international bigwigs feared this name like a god.


      Countless lordly assassins regarded this name as the highest faith.




      Blood Wolf did not understand why these international bigwigs were like this, after all, in his eyes, the legends of the King of Blood Hell were too mysterious and too bizarre.


      And at this moment, after listening to his own master's account, he understood.


      The King of Blood Hell!


      This was the supreme emperor of the global dark world, the supreme deity!

Chapter 782

"Alright! Hurry up and take this Devil Grass, take it!" Blood Faust smiled faintly and stopped his narration.


      Hearing these words!


      Blood Wolf instantly nodded and took the herb, before placing it in his mouth and chewing it vigorously.


      As the herb was chewed, a little bit of the medicinal liquid flowed down the Blood Wolf's throat and into his stomach.


      At once, the Blood Wolf only felt a trace of coolness, which surprisingly started to surge madly along his stomach, towards the place of his dantian.




      It hurt!


      At this moment, Blood Wolf only felt as if he was being twisted by a knife at his Dantian, and he couldn't help but scream out in pain.


      Clattering sweat continued to drip down from Blood Wolf's forehead.


      His back was completely drenched.


      Seeing this scene!


      Blood Faust did not seem to be the least bit surprised:.


      "Hold it in! This is the medicinal effect of the Devil Grass, slowly repairing your dantian!"


      As soon as the words fell, Blood Wolf's sanity, which was almost dizzy from the pain, snapped awake for a moment.


      He hurriedly sat on the ground with his knees crossed, silently manipulating his internal energy, towards his dantian, converging again.


      Time, slowly passed.


      A quarter of an hour!


      Half an hour!


      An hour!




      After a full three hours, Blood Wolf's entire body was completely wet, as if he had been salvaged from the water.


      But what was appalling was that the aura on his body was more and more raging and surging.


      That terrifying pressure was more than several times stronger than even the Top Patriarch before he was injured.


      "About to break through?"


      A dense smile of relief surfaced at the corner of Blood Faust's mouth.


      And as the words fell from his lips!




      A sound of shattering unexpectedly resounded from the place of Blood Wolf's dantian.


      Hoo ......


      Within a few meters in a circle, it was as if a gale had blown, and the surrounding flowers and plants were blown to the east and west.


      And the blood wolf's eyes, fiercely opened.


      "I ......"


      A trace of confusion surfaced under the Blood Wolf's eyes as he touched his abdomen, and his face burst into a thick flash of ecstasy and shock:.


      "My dantian is repaired! And my strength has even increased?"


      "I'm now a ...... Grand Master?"


      Wow ......


      If ordinary people were to hear this, they would surely lose their eyeballs in shock.


      It had taken Leng Ao Tian ten years to go from Zong Shi, to reach the realm of Grand Master, and it had taken He Lan Shan eight years.


      But now!


      With the help of a Devil's Grass, Blood Wolf had not only repaired his ruined Dantian, but had even managed to break through from his former top-level Zong Shi to become a Grand Zong Shi, which would have been a sensation in Jiangnan if word had gotten out.


      "That's right! The Devil's Grass not only has the effect of repairing your dantian, but it also contains the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, which will help your cultivation greatly! Plus, you already have a deep foundation, so it is only right that you break through!"


      Blood Fudo nodded in satisfaction.


      After receiving his master's confirmation, Blood Wolf was even more ecstatic.


      This feeling of losing and regaining, or even going to the next level, was simply too wonderful.


      "Hahahaha ...... I've done it, I've actually become a Grand Master!"


      "Surnamed Lin, did you see that? Tomorrow will be the day of my Blood Wolf's revenge!"

Chapter 783

The Blood Wolf was trembling with excitement at the moment.




      He had been defeated in front of Lin Fan, and had even suffered the greatest blow of his life.


      But now, with the help of his own master, he would return as king.


      Then tomorrow's battle of the four great masters would become ...... five!


      Looking at his disciple's excited look.


      At the corners of Blood Faust's mouth, a glimpse of moroseness also appeared:.


      "Let's go! We, master and disciple, will go and meet that Grand Master Lin!"


      "After tomorrow, I will take you back to the Caribbean to pay homage to the King of Blood Prison!"




      The moment these words were spoken, they even made Blood Wolf's body boil with fervour.


      An idol!


      Was he going to meet his idol soon?




      Time passed by in a flash.


      When the next day's morning descended, the entire Jiang City was once again abuzz with excitement.


      The streets were crowded with people, and a limousine began to speed towards the Jiangcheng Stadium.


      Today's battle of the Grand Masters would take place in the stadium.


      There was no live broadcast, only live viewing of the battle.


      Even in Jiang City, only a giant power like the Tian Long Group and first-class families could send people to watch the battle.


      Not only that!


      Many of the other twelve surrounding cities, as well as the provincial capital Jiangnan City's wealthy and powerful families, had also sent their top brass to see the Grand Master in action.


      You know!


      There were a total of thirteen cities in Jiangnan.


      Although there were very few giant powers and first-class families in each city, the number of people in the thirteen prefecture-level cities combined was already incomparably large.


      Even though it was early in the morning, at the entrance of the stadium, there was already a luxury car parked.










      It was as if there was a huge exhibition of luxury cars, a luxury car with all different license plates, some belonging to Jiangnan City, some local to Jiangcheng City, and the neighbouring Yunhai City and so on.


      It was as if all the famous and wealthy families of Jiangnan Province had gathered here, and the occasion was unprecedented.




      A BMW car came to a stop in the car park of the stadium.


      If it were normal, a BMW would be a very nice car in any car park.


      However, at the moment, it was one of the most inconspicuous ones.


      Old Master Bai and father and son Bai Shan slowly walked down from the car.


      After they saw one of the luxury cars around them, the Bai family only felt their faces burning with shame and humiliation.


      "Grandpa! This car of ours is simply ...... a bit humiliating!" Bai Yifan said to the old dowager with a face full of embarrassment.


      And hearing these words, the old dowager also felt his old face flush with heat:.


      "Wait a minute! As long as we get on good terms with Grand Master Lin and then take out the new Bai, then we'll exchange it for a luxury car!"


      Hearing this, Bai Shan's father and son could only nod helplessly.


      This time they had come, apart from the Old Master watching the battle, they also hoped to make a good relationship with Grand Patriarch Lin.