Today I Give Up Trying 779-780

 Chapter 779

At this moment, looking at his disciple who was kneeling on the ground, a dense and complicated look emerged in Blood Floating Tu's eyes.


      "Little Wolf, how are your injuries now?"


      Hearing his master ask, a strong bitterness and despondency could not help but appear on Blood Wolf's face.


      "Back to Master, my disciple ...... is ruined! Although I still have the power of flesh and blood, my strength has long since fallen below that of a clan master because my dantian has been ruined!"


      "And without the dantian, my apprentice's martial career has come to a halt!"


      As the most shining supernova in the once East Asian assassin world, falling below the clan master, this blow was almost fatal to Blood Wolf.


      It was just hearing these words.


      For his part, Bloodfaust smiled faintly.


      "Little fellow, I must say, you're lucky!"




      Blood Wolf was stunned, and a strong doubt surfaced on his face.


      How could he call it good luck when he had fallen down to the clan master?


      "Do you know why my master has been living in seclusion at Lo Bu Lake?"




      Blood Wolf was stunned and looked at his master, unable to help but shake his head.


      "Master, my disciple doesn't know!"


      He truly did not know why Blood Fudo, who was obviously so powerful, had been living in seclusion at Lo Bu Lake.


      Once, he had persuaded Blood Faustus countless times, but the other party remained unmoved.


      If it wasn't for that Grand Master Lin, Bloodwolf even suspected that his master would live in seclusion forever and never come out of the world again.


      "Because, I'm looking for a herb that can repair my dantian~!"


      Saying that, Blood Fausto pulled out a dry herb from his arms, and smiled faintly at Blood Wolf.


      "It, will help you to be reborn!!!"




      Blood Wolf froze, and then looked at the herb handed over by Blood Floating Tu, and his eyes burst into a thick flash of disbelief:.


      "Master, this ...... herb can really help my apprentice, repair my dantian?"




      A dense excitement flickered within Blood Wolf's eyes.


      Originally, he thought that this was the end of his life, but who would have thought that ......


      "That's right!"


      At the corner of Blood Faust's mouth, a slight smile emerged:.


      "This grass is called Devil Grass! It is unique to Lake Lobu! I have lived in seclusion in that desolate place for five years, but I only found two plants!"


      "One, I took! This is the last one!"


      Five years, two strains found!


      Hearing these words, Blood Wolf finally understood the reason why his master was living in seclusion at Lo Bu Lake.


      A thick mist of water flooded his eyes as he asked Blood Fausto.


      "Master, could it be that back then, your dantian, too, was broken?"


      If the dantian hadn't been broken, Blood Wolf really couldn't understand the significance of searching for the Devil Grass with his own master's might.


      Only, after hearing Blood Wolf's question.


      Bloodwolf's gaze, on the other hand, could not help but look towards the southwest, as if he could see through the endless night sky, the inscribed sea and the piece of brothers that seemed like devils.

Chapter 780

"That's right!"


      "Five years ago, when I returned to China, my dantian had long since shattered and my strength had fallen again and again!"


      "But for the sake of one person, I didn't want to give up!"


      Said the man.


      A slim figure involuntarily surfaced in Blood Faust's mind.


      That person, wearing a ghost-faced mask, even if he, day and night, was guarding that person's side, he could not recall the other person's face at all.


      But it was such a man, a man whose face he hadn't even seen in the Blood Faust, that he was unwilling to give up, nor did he want to.


      "When I left that sea, I had sworn to myself!"


      "One day, I will mend my dantian, raise my strength, and return to that man's side once again to watch over him!"




      At these words, Blood Wolf's heart was even more horrified.


      He simply could not imagine, given his master's might, what kind of man could make him loyal to such an extent.


      Lake Lobu!


      The kind of place where birds don't shit, where one has to endure unimaginable loneliness and isolation all day long.


      There was no food!


      No drink!


      No friends!


      No everything!


      If it was an ordinary person, living in that kind of place for a year, they would definitely go crazy, but such a supreme fierce man as Bloodfaust had suffered there in silence for five years for the sake of one person, finally finding the Devil Grass and repairing his dantian.


      That man's charm was simply unimaginable to Blood Wolf.


      "Master, who exactly is that man?"


      "I have seen you before, always looking in the direction of the southwest, where is he now?" Blood Wolf's heart grew more and more curious.


      Back then!


      When he followed Blood Faust, every night, he would see Blood Faust sitting alone under the night sky, as if he was a lone wolf, pining for his pack and shedding tears in silence.


      That kind of nostalgia and sorrow is still unforgettable to the Blood Wolf even now.




      A gentle smile could not help but appear at the corners of Bloodwolf's mouth as he thought of that man:.


      "He was a man who seemed like a god! At the age of thirteen, he came to China alone, killed ten gold medal killers and slaughtered a giant international murderer!"


      "I'll never forget that skinny figure who was so battered and bruised that he almost crawled back to our base camp!"


      "From that moment on, he became the king of darkness in all of our hearts!"




      At these words, Blood Wolf only felt his scalp tingling.


      International Gold Medal Killer.


      That was comparable to his strength before he was injured, definitely the cultivation level of a Patriarch.


      And a thirteen year old kid, killing ten Zongshi, as well as an even stronger International Giant Killer?


      This was like a nightmare from heaven.


      "Does it feel very incredible?"


      Blood Fudo looked at the shock in Blood Wolf's eyes and could not help but smile slightly:.


      "Not just you! Until now, every time I think back on it, I feel equally incredible!"