Today I Give Up Trying 777-778

 Chapter 777

Evans Central and Western Hospital, in the middle of the senior care ward.


      Lin Fan and Bai Yi's family, were accompanying Shen Yumei to chat.


      But at that moment.


      On the television, the video of Blood Faust's challenge suddenly played.


      Blood Faust's ugly face appeared on the television supreme, and his morose and chilling words rang out.


      "Grand Master Lin, tomorrow is the day I will arrive in Jiang City, and it is also the day of our duel! I hope you'll be there on time!"




      Upon hearing these words.


      The Bai Yi family within the ward all drew in a breath of cold air.


      "Is this the master of that East Asian top assassin Blood Wolf? How frightening! Just listening to his voice, I actually had a feeling of hair on my body!"


      Bai Shan's face was white as he looked at the ugly face of Blood Faust on the television, only to feel a single hair of sweat, standing backwards.


      It wasn't just him!


      Bai Yi and Shen Yumei, who were next to him, were also as white as paper, and their gazes were filled with fear as they looked at Blood Faust.


      It was just that they had not noticed.


      After hearing this Blood Floating Tu's voice.




      Lin Fan's body, shook viciously as a hint of shock and disbelief flickered in his eyes as he said.


      "This voice ......"


      Lin Fan discovered that the face of the Blood Floater, although extremely unfamiliar.


      But that voice, however, oozed a familiarity to the bone.


      This was not all.


      The television supreme, Blood Floating Tu, continued.


      "In addition to that, I heard that there are two other mole crawlers called Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan who want to challenge me?"


      "Sorry, I, under Blood Faustus, do not kill nameless people!"


      "Iron Blood never dies, with me there is no enemy!"


      "Hehehe ...... See you tomorrow!"




      After hearing that phrase 'Iron Blood does not die, there is no enemy in me', Lin Fan only felt his head, buzzing, completely dumbfounded.


      "Is ...... that him?"


      Intense excitement surfaced on Lin Fan's face.


      In his mind's eye, a majestic figure that seemed like an iron pagoda could not help but emerge.


      It was a large pagoda man in his thirties.






      After Lin Fan was in his teens and had put an international giant to death, he managed to ascend to the Dark Throne.


      And that big man was his servant, and his guardian, named - Blood Servant!


      He followed Lin Fan, destroyed the Hades Palace and slaughtered the Eight Gods Abyss!


      From the Americas, he swept all the way to Asia, and from Asia, he conquered Western Europe.


      From the Americas, he swept through Asia, and from Asia, he conquered Western Europe.


      And in the midst of these battles, Lin Fan's strength soared, but the enemies he encountered became more and more powerful.


      Countless times, Lin Fan came close to losing his life under the butchering knives of those terrifying opponents.


      It was the Blood Servant!


      That hard man with the iron tower, who time and again used his back and chest to help Lin Fan fend off one killing move after another.


      In Lin Fan's memory.


      Almost all of the hundred wounds on the Blood Servant's body were because of him.

Chapter 778

Until five years ago.


      Lin Fan single-handedly created the most terrifying force on Earth - Blood Hell!


      He even swept away the global giant lords and established the Universal Group.


      The Blood Servant's entire being had almost run out of gas, and his strength had slowly begun to decline amidst the perennial pain and suffering.


      So he decided.




      He didn't want to become a burden on the side of Lin Fan, the King of Blood Prison, and he preferred to leave Blood Prison with all his wounds and heroic despondency, never to be heard from again.


      And now ......


      "Blood Servant, is that ...... you?"


      Lin Fan finally understood at this moment, why the name Blood Servant, was so familiar.


      Back then, he had remembered that one of the Blood Servant's favourite words was - Fudo!


      The servant - Fudo!


      It was just that Lin Fan had not expected that the Blood Servant had returned to China several years ago, after disappearing, and had even changed his name to 'Blood Fudo', becoming a giant fierce person.


      Especially that phrase 'Iron Blood never dies, with me there is no enemy'!


      This is even the slogan of the Blood Prison!


      Back then, it was the dead soldiers of the Blood Prison who resounded this slogan on every inch of the globe.


      "Lin Fan, you ...... What's wrong with you?"


      Bai Yi noticed at this moment that something was wrong with Lin Fan, and she was stunned to see that a hint of watery mist had surfaced in Lin Fan's eyes.


      That look, as if he was reminiscing about something, penetrated a kind of vicissitude and remembrance.




      This was definitely the first time in the three years Bai Yi and Lin Fan had been together that he had seen this kind of look on Lin Fan's face.


      "No ...... it's fine!"


      When Lin Fan realized his loss of composure, a stiff smile couldn't help but appear on his face at that moment.


      After saying that!


      Lin Fan once again turned his head and took a deep look at the black screened television.


      Originally, he had not planned to go to the Grand Master Battle, but only wanted to find an opportunity to teach Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan a lesson tomorrow, so that they would extinguish their thoughts of revenge for their grandchildren.


      But now, the appearance of the Blood Float had completely changed Lin Fan's plans.


      "Perhaps tomorrow, we should meet!"


      After muttering softly, a smile of anticipation surfaced at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.




      And at the same time!


      On a small road leading from Yunhai to Jiang City.


      A figure that was scruffy to the extreme was prostrate on his knees.


      In front of this person, stood an old man.


      "Master, my disciple is incompetent and has disgraced you!"


      This kneeling, unkempt figure was a youth, and above his clothes, which had long since been soaked in blood and solidified into a blood-red colour, was cloaked in hair, looking as if he was a beggar.


      But if anyone knew him, they would be horrified to death.

      Because this youth is ...... Blood Wolf!

      one of the ten youngest killers in East Asia.

      And the old man standing in front of him was none other than Blood Faust.