Today I Give Up Trying 774-776

 Chapter 774

Leng Bufan has been in the First People's Hospital, for two days.


      And today!


      He Jiaojiao was likewise brought in.


      After some exchanges between the two, they realised that Lin Fan was the Divine Doctor Lin!


      The one who had caused both of them to be wasted was actually the same murderer.


      This made them feel even more shocked and at the same time, their hatred for Lin Fan grew stronger and stronger.


      Looking at the miserable appearance of their grandson and granddaughter.


      The faces of both He Lan Shan and Leng Ao Tian were almost gloomy and dripping with water.


      "Good! Very good! I didn't expect that the tiny Jiang City had not only produced a Grand Master Lin, but also such a doggone bold Lin Fan!" He Lan Shan gnashed his teeth.


      Leng Ao Tian, on the other hand, was even more filled with a grimace: "Yes!


      "Yes! It seems that we two old guys, who haven't been out of the mountain for a long time, now a random cat or dog dares to bully us!"


      "Grandpa! What are you guys going to do?"


      At this moment, He Jiaojiao's pretty face was still dripping with a thick pallor and sickly look.


      Especially, whenever she felt the sharp pain of her broken leg, it made her hate Lin Fan to the core.


      Hearing these words!


      He Lan Shan couldn't help but touch, with a face full of pain, the cast on his granddaughter's broken leg, before saying indignantly.


      "Jiaojiao, don't worry! You are my granddaughter, He Lan Shan, and that Lin Fan breaking your leg is a slap to my face!"


      "If this revenge is not avenged, I, He Lan Shan, will be a Grand Master in vain!"


      Speaking of this!


      A touch of gravity surfaced on He Lan Shan's face:.


      "But before that, we still have more important things to do! That is, to exterminate Blood Floating Tu in tomorrow's battle!"


      "That's right!" Leng Aotian's old eyes were also full of wariness.


      "Blood Floating Tu, his fierce power has shaken the northwest, his fierce fame is enormous!"


      "This time, if he comes to Jiangnan's territory, this is the best opportunity for the two of us to kill him!"


      Blood Fudo!


      This was the target that almost all of the Great Masters of China wanted to kill.


      After all, the other party's fierce reputation was so great that whoever got rid of Blood Fausto would become the hero of the Chinese martial arts world.


      Hearing these words.


      Leng Bufan, who was next to him, could not help but ask in confusion.


      "Grandpa! Grandpa He! Could it be that in tomorrow's battle, you will only rely on yourselves?"


      "This time it was Grand Patriarch Lin who abolished the Blood Wolf and drew in the Blood Faust! Why don't the two of you join forces with Grand Master Lin?"


      Grand Patriarch Lin?


      Hearing this name.


      A thick look of disdain surfaced on both He Lan Shan's and Leng Ao Tian's faces as much as possible.


      "What bullshit Grand Master Lin! It's just a junior, what qualifications does he have, to join forces with the two of us!" Leng Ao Tian was full of arrogance.


      And He Lan Shan, nodded in deep thought.


      "In the television, Blood Floating Tu has issued a challenge to the one surnamed Lin! But the one surnamed Lin, never came out to respond, according to my estimation, he is afraid that he has been scared out of his wits!"

Chapter 775

That's right!


      From the beginning of Blood Faust's video challenge declaration, Grand Patriarch Lin had never responded as to whether or not he would meet the challenge.


      Not only the two Grand Masters, but even many of the strongest people in the Jiangnan martial arts world, had also questioned Grand Master Lin.


      Some suspected that this Grand Patriarch Lin did not live up to his name and did not dare to fight the Blood Faust.


      Some also suspected that the one surnamed Lin had not reached the realm of Grand Master at all.


      The reason why he had scrapped Blood Wolf was just by virtue of luck!


      All in all!


      Almost everyone, thought that in tomorrow's battle, the only two people who would truly respond to the battle were afraid to be Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan.


      Speaking of which!




      The crowd only saw the screen on the television turn and surprisingly, a video news was inserted once again.


      Above the video, an ugly and incomparable old man appeared.


      Upon seeing this person on the television.


      Both He Lan Shan and Leng Ao Tian, all of their faces changed.


      "Blood Faust!"


      That's right!


      The person on this television was none other than Blood Floating Tu.


      At this moment, he turned to the camera and smiled grimly.


      "Grand Master Lin, tomorrow is the day I will arrive in Jiang City, and it will also be the time of our duel! I hope you will be on time for your appointment!"


      "In addition to that, I heard that there are two other mole crawlers called Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan who want to challenge me?"


      "Sorry, I don't kill nameless people under my Blood Floating Tu!"


      "Iron Blood never dies, with me there is no enemy!"


      "Hehehe ...... See you tomorrow!"




      When this video message, was shown on the television, a chilling aura was set off in the conference room.




      Leng Ao Tian's heart was furious to the extreme, and at this moment, with a slap, he ruthlessly blasted on top of the coffee table.




      The entire coffee table was instantly covered with a layer of cold coolness.


      And then it clicked and shattered open.


      "This Blood Faust, to think that he doesn't put the two of us in his eyes, but instead sees the one surnamed Lin, as his rival! This is damnable!"


      Leng Ao Tian was somewhat unable to accept it.


      After all, in his eyes, Grand Master Lin was only a newly promoted Grand Master, and it was not even known if he really had the strength of a Grand Master.


      And this one statement from Blood Faust was clearly an insult to him, Leng Ao Tian!


      And next to him, He Lan Shan, in the same way, his eyes exploded with a dense murderous intent:.


      "Humph! Wait for it! Tomorrow, the two of us old guys will not only kill Blood Faust, but we will also teach that Lin a lesson!"


      "Let him understand that Jiangnan is his territory!"


      Finished speaking!


      Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan glanced at each other, their anticipation and exuberance for tomorrow's battle of the Grand Patriarchs growing ever more intense.

Chapter 776

And in the meantime!


      The White Family!


      All the core of the Bai family, all together.


      In the hands of the old master Bai, holding an invitation, his eyes were shining with a strong look of exuberance and anticipation:.


      "Alas, our Bai Family is now as strong as ever in Jiang City!"


      "If it were unusual, I wouldn't even have the qualifications to watch the battle! And now, I can actually watch the battle of the Grand Masters as well, this is an honour!"


      The corners of Old Master Bai's mouth were flooded with a joy that was hard to conceal.


      This time, the Grand Master's Battle.


      The qualifications for watching the battle were extremely stringent.


      In Jiang City, only first-class families and giants like Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose were qualified to enter.


      And the Bai Clan, in the past, was just a second-rate family.


      But now!


      With the development of the Bai Group, they had far surpassed first-class and were almost on their way to reaching the level of a giant plutocrat.


      And that was not all.


      Old Master Bai's gaze turned and looked straight at Bai Yifan, asking.


      "Yifan, are you sure that Miss He Jiaojiao's leg was also broken by that Lin Fan?"


      "That's right! Grandpa!"


      The corners of Bai Yifan's mouth, flushed with a thick, malevolent look, said exuberantly.


      "Although it's rumoured in the outside world that it was Divine Doctor Lin who broke He Jiaojiao's leg! But our people at the First People's Hospital have already inquired clearly!"


      "Not only was it Lin Fan who invalidated Leng Bufan, the person who broke He Jiaojiao's leg was also Lin Fan!"


      One word!


      It caused all the senior members within the Bai Family's main hall to be in an uproar.


      "Hahahaha ...... Dogs with guts! That Lin Fan really has the guts of a dog! This time, he's completely finished!"


      "Yes, it's fortunate that the old dowager had the foresight to drive this scourge out of the Bai family in advance, otherwise our Bai family would definitely have been dragged down by him!"


      "Humph! This time, that guy has provoked He Lan Shan and Leng Ao Tian, it's hard not to die! Once he dies, the New Bai Clan is also completely finished!"




      The faces of the many senior members of the Bai family were dense with exuberance.


      After all, Lin Fan and Bai Yi's New Bai Clan had long been a thorn in their side and a thorn in their flesh!


      And the fact that Lin Fan had been slaughtered was even more in line with their heart's desire.


      Not only them!


      At this moment, even Old Master Bai's face, the smile on his face, became a little thicker:.




      "This kid is really capable of being deadly! I reckon that the two Grand Masters, Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, will finish off Lin Fan after tomorrow's battle! The New Bai Clan, too, will no longer have any threat to our Bai Clan!"


      Speaking of this.


      Old Master Bai's heart grew more and more excited for tomorrow's battle of watching the Grand Patriarchs.