Today I Give Up Trying 769-770

 Chapter 769

I'm just going to ...... scrap you!


      Upon hearing this statement from Lin Fan, both He Jiaojiao in the room and Gao Lao next to him were all confused.


      What was going on?


      Divine Doctor Lin came in and scolded He Jiaojiao, and even threatened to scrap this woman, what the ...... hell was going on here.


      The ominous feeling in Gao Zhiyuan's heart grew stronger and stronger, and at that moment he wanted to ask.


      But at that moment, a scene that made him incredulous appeared.




      After Lin Fan had said these words, he pointed his toe at the ground and then delivered a whip kick to He Jiaojiao's right leg in front of him.




      In almost an instant, Lin Fan's palm of his foot fiercely kicked down on He Jiaojiao's thigh.


      He Jiaojiao's thigh seemed like a rotten log, snapping in an instant.




      The entire person fell to the ground fiercely.




      A harsh and seeping scream came out from He Jiaojiao's mouth, and up until then, she only felt a sharp pain that seemed like a mountain overturning the sea, coming from her leg.


      That was not all.


      He Jiaojiao saw, to her horror, that one of her thighs had actually been broken by Lin Fan's kick.


      The white bone spikes had pierced the skin of her thigh and her trousers, revealing them.


      Scarlet blood was gurgling and flowing.


      It was miserable!


      It was seeping!


      This scene did not look like a human kick at all, but rather more like He Jiaojiao had been hit raw by a car.


      "Ah ...... bastard! You, you actually kicked my leg off!"


      "Why! Why did you do that!"


      He Jiaojiao's pretty face, which was heavily made up, was filled with a strong sense of shock and panic.


      Especially the pain above the broken leg.


      The pain made her body tremble, and cold sweat flowed in torrents.


      More than [Pencil Fiction] her!


      After seeing her miserable injuries, Gao Lao and that little white face next to her, were all stunned.


      So ...... ruthless!


      They had never seen someone so ruthless, kicking someone's leg off with barely the slightest sign.


      This kind of ferocity, this kind of ruthlessness, made Gao Lao and the little white face, their scalps tingling.




      After hearing He Jiaojiao's scream, Lin Fan, on the other hand, curled the corners of his mouth.




      "Because I said that there's no way you can walk out of the hospital!"


      After saying that, Lin Fan took his mask off, slowly!




      After seeing Lin Fan's face, He Jiaojiao and that little white face were completely stunned.


      "It's ...... you?"


      He Jiaojiao could hardly believe her eyes.


      Wasn't the person he had seen, Divine Doctor Lin?


      How could it be this earthly old man?


      A fake?


      Could it be that he was impersonating!


      "Elder Gao, quick! Quickly find someone to arrest this bastard impersonating Divine Doctor Lin!"


      "He kicked my leg off and still dares to impersonate Divine Doctor Lin, he deserves to die!"


      He Jiaojiao turned to Elder Gao and screamed piteously.

Chapter 770

In her eyes, Divine Doctor Lin, as a master of Chinese medicine, was naturally a highly respected old man.


      And right now, what was this guy if not an impostor.




      After hearing He Jiaojiao's scream, Gao Zhiyuan could only say with a stiff upper lip.


      "Miss He, you're wrong! This, is the real Divine Doctor Lin!"




      As soon as the words fell, the grimace on He Jiaojiao and that little white face instantly froze.


      He ...... was the Divine Doctor Lin?


      How could this be possible!


      He Jiaojiao only felt that her three outlooks were about to be turned upside down, she had never heard of any Chinese medicine master that was so young?


      This was like a nightmare from heaven.




      He Jiaojiao finally remembered Lin Fan's phrase.


      He had said that he wouldn't let himself walk out of the hospital, and now ......


      That pretty face of He Jiaojiao's was instantly as white as paper.


      Only, the gaze she looked at Lin Fan was more and more filled with indignation and malice:.


      "Kid, good! You are so ruthless! But you know that I am He Lan Shan's granddaughter!"


      "Could it be that you're not afraid of my grandfather's revenge?"


      He Jiaojiao's heart was both shocked and angry.


      In her eyes, she was the daughter of heaven, and today she had only bumped into an old lady, which was no big deal at all.


      But she could never have imagined that the old woman was the mother-in-law of the divine Doctor Lin.


      This was a big feud!


      "Your grandfather?"


      Lin Fan smiled morosely and said playfully.


      "Don't worry! There's no need for him to find me, I'll find him myself at the Grand Master Battle a day later!"




      Hearing Lin Fan's words, He Jiaojiao could hardly believe her ears.


      This guy, he was going to look for his grandfather at the Grand Patriarch Battle?


      What a madman!


      This guy was fucking insane!


      "Good! Kid, I'm not He Jiaojiao if I don't take revenge for this! You wait! Wait for me!"


      He Jiaojiao could only give a fierce statement in anger.


      Her leg was broken, and looking at this guy's ferocious appearance, if she continued to stay here, her life would even be in danger.


      Thinking of this.


      She turned her head to the little white guy and cursed angrily, saying.


      "You punk, what are you still standing there! Can't you see that my mother's leg is broken! Quickly ...... carry me to the hospital!"




      The corners of the white boy's mouth twitched.


      This was a hospital, and the murderer was the most famous doctor in Jiangcheng, right?


      The little white face did not dare to continue to talk nonsense, he immediately rushed forward, carried He Jiaojiao from the ground, and then, like a panicked rabbit, quickly left.