Today I Give Up Trying 767-768

 Chapter 767



      Lin Fan's words caused the two of them, Shen Jiaojiao, who were just about to leave, to pause in their steps.


      Unable to walk out of the hospital?


      The duo turned their heads to look at Lin Fan, and after a brief moment of silence, they burst into joy.


      "Hahahaha ...... useless thing, can only put harsh words?"


      "And exactly like your mother? You mean I'll get my legs broken? Hahahaha ...... joke, I'm here to find divine Doctor Lin, with him around, even if this lady breaks her leg, it will heal immediately!"


      He Jiaojiao turned to Lin Fan and the others, scoffed a bit, and then no longer bothered to pay attention.


      At that moment, she took the little white boy next to her and walked into the hospital.


      It wasn't just He Jiaojiao.


      At this moment, even Bai Shan, Bai Yi, Shen Yumei, and even that emergency doctor, likewise thought that Lin Fan was just saying a harsh word that didn't have the slightest effect, and that was all.


      "Little Fan, forget it! He Lanshan's granddaughter, we can't afford to mess with her!" A thick bitterness surfaced on Shen Yumei's face at this moment as she said to Lin Fan.


      "Besides, my leg will be fine after I recuperate for a while!"


      It wasn't only Shen Yumei.


      Bai Yi also turned to Lin Fan and said.


      "Lin Fan, don't be impulsive! This matter ...... is forgotten!"




      Both Bai Yi and Bai Shan and the others shook their heads as bitterly as they could.


      He Jiaojiao!


      They couldn't afford to mess with it, they could only hide!


      Only they didn't know that in Lin Fan's heart, He Jiaojiao had already become a ruined person.


      At that moment, he didn't say anything more.


      After sending Shen Yumei, to the ward.


      Lin Fan instantly found an excuse to go to the washroom, and then headed towards the top floor of the hospital.


      When he had just arrived at the top floor, he immediately saw Gao Zhiyuan, in the corridor, pacing back and forth, holding a mobile phone in his hand, seemingly hesitating to call someone.


      And when he saw Lin Fan, he was instantly wildly happy:.


      "Divine Doctor Lin, you've come just in time!"


      "There's something going on over here, I originally wanted to call Miss Bai Yi and ask you to come over!"


      Obviously, Gao Zhiyuan had no idea about what had happened before.


      And hearing those words.


      The corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled as he said in a morose tone.


      "Are you calling me because there's a woman called He Jiaojiao who wants to see me!"




      With a single word, Gao Zhiyuan was confused.


      He hadn't expected that before he could say anything about it, he would be told by Lin Fan in one word.


      "That's right! Divine Doctor Lin, that He Jiaojiao is the granddaughter of Grand Master He Lanshan!"


      "This time, admiring your great name, this is why I have come from a thousand miles to seek a beauty and skin care remedy!"


      Gao Zhiyuan said joyfully.


      After all!


      The other party was the granddaughter of the Grand Master of Mount Helan, so if Lin Fan, by virtue of this time, made a good relationship with the other party, it would do Lin Fan a hundred benefits rather than a single harm.


      Only, what made Gao Zhiyuan a little dumbfounded was this.


      After hearing this, Lin Fan did not seem to be the least bit surprised or happy, instead, his expression gave off a creepy chill.

Chapter 768

"I got it! Get changed and be right there!"


      "You tell her to wait for me in the parlour!"


      Lin Fan finished speaking and ignored Gao Zhiyuan as he walked straight towards the changing room.


      Looking at Lin Fan's back, a hint of an ominous premonition surprisingly surfaced in Gao Zhiyuan's heart.


      It was as if, something was going to happen!


      "No...... should be that I'm thinking too much!"


      "After all, He Jiaojiao is He Lanshan's granddaughter and has no involvement with Divine Doctor Lin, what can happen?"


      Gao Zhiyuan muttered, then stopped thinking about it and went forward to arrange for He Jiaojiao.




      Inside the meeting room.


      He Jiaojiao was listening to Gao Zhiyuan's story, some amazing stories about God Doctor Lin.


      Her arrogant face was shining with a strong joy:.


      "Giggle ...... Elder Gao, it seems that this time, I have made a trip worthwhile!"


      "I really didn't expect that Divine Doctor Lin would be such a miracle worker! Don't worry, as long as she can help me with my beauty and skin care, I will definitely introduce him to my grandfather!"


      He Jiaojiao was filled with joy.


      After all, for a woman who loved beauty, there was nothing more important than a beautiful face bag.


      Hearing He Jiaojiao's promise, Elder Gao couldn't help but nod in satisfaction as well.


      And just at that moment!




      The door to the meeting room was pushed open from the outside.


      But it was a man wearing a surgical gown and a mask that walked in.


      "Huh? Divine Doctor Lin, this is ...... you."


      Gao Zhiyuan was slightly stunned, he hadn't thought that when Lin Fan had said he was going to change his clothes earlier, he was changing into his surgical gown and wearing a mask?


      Could it be that there was an operation today?


      God doctor Lin!


      Hearing Gao Zhiyuan's address, He Jiaojiao and Little White Face, who were next to him, also had their spirits lifted.


      "Hello Mr. Lin, my name is He Jiaojiao, I am the granddaughter of Grand Master He Lanshan!"


      "It's a pleasure to meet you!"


      He Jiaojiao spoke with an enthusiastic face.


      And seeing this scene, Lin Fan nodded indifferently before asking indifferently.


      "Where are you sick?"




      He Jiaojiao was stunned, she hadn't expected that this divine doctor Lin would be so direct, coming up and asking himself where he was sick.


      And ......


      Why did this voice sound familiar?


      He Jiaojiao's eyebrows, frowned slightly, but did not think much about it, instead, she smiled and said.


      "Mr. Lin, actually I don't have any other illnesses, I just want my face, to be more beautiful, more gorgeous!"


      "Can you do that?"




      He Jiaojiao looked at Lin Fan with a face full of expectation.


      Only, after hearing He Jiaojiao's words, Lin Fan's eyes exploded with a morose flash of.


      "No! Your face, it's not sick!"


      "Your brain, it's sick!"




      Lin Fan's words were cold and piercing, while falling on the ears of Elder Gao, He Jiaojiao and the others, causing each of them to almost not believe what they had heard.


      Sick in the head?


      This guy was scolding himself?


      After He Jiaojiao reacted, the enthusiasm above her pretty face instantly faded away and was replaced by a thick gloom:.


      "You ...... how dare you scold me?"




      Lin Fan shook his head indifferently.


      "No! You've misunderstood, I'm not trying to scold you!"


      "I'm just ...... going to waste you!"