Today I Give Up Trying 759-760

 Chapter 759

On the road in Jiang City, a Mercedes-Benz car rushed along.


      "Lin Fan, hurry up! Faster!"


      Bai Yi's beautiful eyes were red and a teardrop had long since wetted that gorgeous pretty face.


      And hearing these words.


      Lin Fan didn't say anything back, he just pushed the accelerator to the bottom.




      With a humming and whistling sound, the Mercedes-Benz seemed like an arrow that had left its strings, speeding through the traffic on the roads of Jiangcheng.


      It wasn't until five minutes later that Lin Fan saw, from afar, the roadside in front of him for a circle of passersby.


      "Wife. Here we are!"


      Lin Fan parked the Mercedes at the curb, and then he and Bai Yi quickly stepped out of the car.


      When the two of them parted the crowd and arrived inside, they immediately saw a woman lying on the ground.


      Her left leg had completely changed shape, and scarlet blood had completely wet her trouser leg.


      In particular, her originally graceful cheek was now as white as paper, and beads of bean-sized sweat continued to drip down from her forehead.


      It was none other than Shen Yumei.




      Seeing Shen Yumei's miserable state, Bai Yi immediately let out a harsh wail and pounced forward.


      "Mum! How did you get hit by a car, who did it? Who actually did it?"


      Bai Yi was in tears at this moment, it was the first time she had seen her mother, this miserable.


      And Shen Yumei's whole body was already in a daze of pain, unable to answer at all.


      Next to her, Bai Shan, also with red eyes, said.


      "Bai Yi, your mother and I went for a walk in the park, but how could we not expect that when we crossed the pavement, a Bentley ran the red light and ruthlessly rushed over."


      "Your mother couldn't react in time and was hit by that Bentley and broke her leg!"




      Running a red light!


      Hearing this, Lin Fan's face sank as he asked in a cold voice.


      "Where's that car?"


      Not only Lin Fan, Bai Yi was also puzzled, as they had not seen any sign of the Bentley on the roadside when they came over.


      "That car ran away, a hit-and-run! And I saw that it was the license plate of Jiangnan City!" Bai Shan said as a hot tear rolled down his face.




      A single word, but it caused Lin Fan's face, to become more and more ugly.


      Although Shen Yumei was usually sarcastic and mean, she truly saw Lin Fan as a family member and treated him as her own child.


      Lin Fan also acknowledged Shen Yumei as his mother from the bottom of his heart.


      But now!


      At that moment, Lin Fan wanted to go forward and check on Shen Yumei's injuries, but at that moment.


      Duu-woo! Toot!


      A siren sounded out, but an ambulance was seen driving over.


      "Little Fan, the ambulance is here! After your mother was hit, I called Ivan's Central and Western Hospital!" Bai Shan hurriedly said.


      Hearing these words, Lin Fan put his heart down slightly.


      The Evan Central and Western Hospital, which was his hospital, had every doctor in it, all of whom had extraordinary medical skills, but were trustworthy.

Chapter 760



      From the ambulance, two nurses and an emergency doctor came down.


      After this emergency doctor went up and looked at that leg of Shen Yumei, he said to the two nurses next to him.


      "The patient only has a broken leg, you guys hurry up and carry it to the car!"


      Hearing the order, the two nurses immediately wanted to turn Shen Yumei's body and put her on the stretcher.


      However, at that moment, Lin Fan took a closer look at Shen Yumei's leg wound and his face slightly [龙腾小说网] changed: "Wait!


      "Wait a minute!"


      After saying that, he immediately stepped forward and stopped the two caregivers in their tracks.




      This scene not only caused that doctor and the caretaker to faintly stare, but even Bai Yi and Bai Shan, father and daughter, also turned their heads in confusion.


      "Who are you? Why are you stopping us from treating the patient!" The doctor's face was filled with a strong sense of dissatisfaction as he bellowed angrily.


      Lin Fan didn't say anything.


      Instead, he went straight forward and carefully examined Shen Yumei's broken leg before saying.


      "I am the injured person's son-in-law! You cannot carry my mother-in-law onto a stretcher now, you must first connect the bones! Otherwise, this leg of hers will be completely ruined!"




      As soon as Lin Fan's words came out, the doctors, nurses and even Bai Shan's father and daughter were all confused.


      Bones had to be broken first?


      Otherwise the leg would be ruined?


      The crowd was looking at Lin Fan at this moment as if they were looking at a fool.


      "What a load of nonsense! I've just seen it, the patient only has a broken leg bone, there's nothing else wrong with it, it's too late to go back to the hospital and get a bone setting!" The doctor's gaze towards Lin Fan was filled with anger:.


      "Also, as a family member of the injured person, this is delaying time, if the injured person bleeds too much and becomes dangerous because of you, can you afford to take responsibility?"


      The doctor spoke, righteously.


      And hearing this, Bai Yi was also discontented and scolded at Lin Fan, saying.


      "Lin Fan, what are you messing up! You're not a doctor, hurry up and tell them to send our mother to the hospital!"


      Not only Bai Yi, but Bai Shan also thought Lin Fan was talking nonsense and said discontentedly.


      "Lin Fan, now is not the time for you to make a scene, your mother's injury is the most important!"


      In Bai Shan's opinion, his son-in-law was obviously just trying to make a splash by saying such things at this time.


      This made Bai Shan's heart disappointed to the core.




      Lin Fan didn't even care about the duo's accusations as he took that broken leg of Shen Yumei's and slightly turned it outwards, pointing at a sharp bone spur, and said to the doctor.


      "As an emergency doctor, won't you even examine it carefully?"


      "My mother-in-law's broken bone spur has already pierced the aorta, if you move it around indiscriminately, it will only pierce the aorta and will not be able to stop the bleeding!"




      With a single word, the doctor's face changed slightly.


      He instantly rushed forward and looked closely.


      After he saw, the sharp bone spike, the position it was resting against, his face instantly swished, as white as paper.