Today I Give Up Trying 757-758

 Chapter 757

The two of them added fuel to the fire, while their hearts were happy to the extreme.


      It was as if they could already see Lin Fan's miserable and pathetic end.


      Hearing the persuasion, the grimace on Leng Bufan's face grew thicker and thicker: "Hmph!


      "Humph! My father will be coming to Jiang City in a few days, let this bastard bounce around for a few days first, and then we will settle the old and new grudges together!"


      "I will make his life worse than death!"


      Leng Bufan's eyes were bursting with a thick, ferocious colour.


      And hearing these words, Lin Guangyao and the others beside him were all exuberant and ecstatic to the extreme.




      And at the same time!


      On the way back to the Liyuan Mansion.


      Bai Yi's pretty face was still flooded with a strong sense of confusion and shock, as if she still hadn't sobered up from the shock of this banquet until now.


      Lin Fan was a Grandmaster?


      And himself, he could command giants like Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose?


      This ......


      Bai Yi couldn't accept it, she turned her head and couldn't help but look at Lin Fan who was driving next to her with complicated eyes:.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan! This is all because of you, isn't it?"


      Bai Yi was not a fool, much less being swept away by the deference of Xu Tianlong and the others.


      In her eyes, she was just an ex-president who had been removed from the Bai family, and that was all.


      In terms of status, in terms of position, she could not even compare to a single hair of those bigwigs.


      And the only explanation could only be her own husband ...... Lin Fan.


      "Wife! Why are you suddenly saying that!" Lin Fan gave a dry laugh, but he didn't know how to reply.


      And seeing this scene.


      The shock in Bai Yi's heart grew stronger and stronger, and she also recognized that this was all because of Lin Fan:.


      "Lin Fan, I don't know just how much you're hiding! But I want to tell you, don't be so reckless in the future!"


      Speaking of which!


      Bai Yi's pretty face was flooded with concern:.


      "Today, the one you scrapped is the young master of the Shengshi Group! The grandson of Grand Master Leng Ao Tian!"


      "They will definitely retaliate, and when that happens, you ......"




      When she said this, Bai Yi's beautiful eyes turned red as a teardrop fell down.


      She was afraid!


      She was afraid that Lin Fan would really die!


      Seeing this scene, Lin Fan's heart pumped fiercely, and at that moment, he couldn't help but stop his Mercedes at the side of the road, before he turned his head and said to Bai Yi.


      "Wife, I promise you that I will keep a low profile in the future!"


      "But this time you can rest assured, Shengshi Group can't hurt me, and Leng Ao Tian ...... can't hurt me likewise!"


      The words were domineering and arrogant.


      Especially that tone of looking down on everything made Bai Yi even more incredible.


      She shook her head and did not dwell too much with Lin Fan on this issue.


      Instead, she had already silently begun to calculate in her mind how to get Lin Fan to leave Jiang City, to leave this place of right and wrong that could kill him.

Chapter 758

The night passed slowly!


      A piece of news, on the other hand, rocked Jiang City.


      The son of the president of the Shengshi Group, Leng Kang, was attacked by Lin Fan of the New Bai Group in Jiang City and was severely injured.


      Senior Leng issued an order that any power that wanted to cooperate with the New Bai Group would become an enemy of the Shengshi Group.




      When this news came out, the entire Jiang City was in an uproar.


      It was madness!


      Countless upper-class people, at this moment, all suspected that the New Bai Group and Lin Fan were crazy, to dare to provoke Leng Bufan, this was simply seeking death.


      For a while, many forces that had originally planned to establish cooperation with the New Bai Group backed off.


      The voices of the New Bai Group swept through almost the entire Jiangcheng business community.


      Everyone thought that the New Bai Group was completely finished.


      Just when this news had not yet subsided.


      Another sensational piece of explosive news blew up the city.


      Three days later!


      The fiercely famous Grand Master - Blood Faustus - would descend on Jiang City to challenge Grand Master Lin to avenge the death of his disciple, Blood Wolf!




      Blood Faustus!


      After this name spread, countless martial forces in Jiang City were horrified to death.


      A fierce man!


      The name Blood Faustus could be said to have frightened countless Chinese forces, and with such a fierce man coming to Jiang City, almost everyone was terrified.


      This is not all.


      After the news of Blood Faust's imminent arrival in Jiangcheng broke, news swept in one after another.


      Grand Master Leng Ao Tian had come out of his mountain with the intention of coming to Jiang City to kill Blood Faust!


      Grand Master He Lan Shan declared that he vowed to keep Blood Fausto in Jiangcheng and bury him here!


      The two oldest great masters of Jiangnan were all alarmed.


      All of a sudden, the city of Jiang was in an uproar.


      Grand Master Lin, Blood Faust, Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan!


      Almost everyone was looking forward to the appearance of the Four Great Patriarchs three days later.


      This also made Jiang City, the stormy point of the entire Jiangnan Province, with countless Jiangnan powers, large and small, all daring to come towards Jiang City in anticipation of witnessing this battle of the century.


      But despite the storm outside, for Lin Fan, he did not care at all.


      He continued to do his daily grocery shopping and cooking, laundry and mopping, as if everything had nothing to do with him.


      And yet!


      Just two more days passed quietly.


      Lin Fan and Bai Yi were busy at the Blue Sea Mansion when a phone call, completely startled the two of them.


      The phone call was opened by his father-in-law, Bai Shan.


      Just the sound of cars honking and the cacophony of passers-by could be clearly heard from the phone, as well as Bai Shan's voice that was almost crying.


      And the content of the phone call was only one!


      Mother-in-law Shen Yumei ...... has been in a car accident!