Today I Give Up Trying 751-753

 Chapter 751

Bai Yi said this from the bottom of her heart.

      Because she knew.

      Lin Fan had offended Leng Bufan because of herself.

      Lin Fan scrapped Leng Bufan, or because of herself.

      To live and die with this man, Bai Yi had no complaints ...... and no regrets!

      Hearing these words, and then looking at Bai Yi's determined pretty face, Lin Fan's heart could not help but flow through a slight warmth as he cupped Bai Yi's pretty face and placed a deep kiss on her forehead, saying.

      "Wife, I told you! With me [新笔趣阁] around, no one in this world can hurt you!"


      At this moment, the crowd around them, seeing Lin Fan and Bai Yi at this time, even looking like they were in love, the noise became thicker and thicker.

      "Idiot! He may be strong in force, but does he really think he's invincible?"

      "Yes, this guy is not only a madman, but also a fool! The Shengshi Group belongs to the Universal Group, which is the most fearsome existence in this world, does he think that he, alone, can fight against Shengshi?"

      "Wait for it! There will be trouble for people who are crazy, he ...... is finished!"


      The surrounding Bai Yifan, Shen Jian and Lin Guangyao were at this moment as if they had seen Lin Fan's miserable end.

      The three of them had both pleasure and complexity in their hearts.


      And at that moment, the door to the compartment was ruthlessly pushed open from the outside, and a black-clad figure barged in with a whimper.

      Hulla, hulla!

      At this moment, amidst the shocked sight of everyone inside the box, a group of large men in suits, rushed in.

      Ten of them!

      Twenty men!

      Fifty men!

      In the blink of an eye, the densely packed big men in suits filled the oversized box, which was several hundred square feet, with life.

      What was even more terrifying was this.

      The bodies of these big men were all emitting an astonishing aura of fury, and it was obvious that every one of them was a ruthless character who licked blood from the mouth of a sword.

      "This is the people from the ...... Shengshi Club!"

      Seeing this scene, the guests within the box each sucked in a breath of cold air, they did not expect that the Sheng Shi Club had come with so many henchmen.

      At that moment!

      Lin Guangyao, Bai Yifan, and Shen Jian looked at Lin Fan with a gaze that was even more filled with complexity and pleasure.

      It was over!

      In their eyes, Lin Fan was definitely planted this time.


      And at this moment, as the nearly hundred black-clothed men barged in, they parted a pedestrian passage in unison.

      One figure after another, from outside the box, came stepping forward.

      The person at the head of the group was a woman.

      A blood-red dress wrapped her enchanting figure tightly, looking hot and flirtatious.

      Her long wavy hair was scattered around her shoulders, and her fiery red lips had a thrilling beauty.

      She, then, is the Blood Rose.

      And that's not all.

      Behind Blood Rose, there was also a figure, stepping forward.

      Xu Tianlong!

      Master Tiger!

      Master Knife!

      Zhou Wanshan!

Chapter 752

The hearts of the people in the box were beating faster and faster as they watched one big shot after another.


      Any one of these bigwigs was an existence that could shake the city of Jiang.


      And now, surprisingly, everything was coming together.


      "Oh my god! So many bigwigs! It seems that Young Master Leng Bufan's face is too big too!"


      "Yes, these bigwigs have obviously arrived at the hotel long ago in order to pay their respects to Young Master Leng! That Lin Fan and Bai Yi are in trouble this time!"




      The guests around, chattered, and the gazes that looked at Lin Fan and Bai Yi from time to time, even flickered with a strong sense of playfulness and pity.


      Especially, after the last figure walked into the box.




      The entire box, completely exploded.


      "That's No. 1 Zhang Guohao! Oh my god, he ...... how come he's here too!"


      "Holy shit! Young Leng's connections look even more terrifying than we imagined, to think that even Number One has shown up!"




      At this moment, with the appearance of No. 1 Zhang Guohao, the entire box completely boiled over.


      All the top bigwigs of Jiang City were all present.


      This terrifying line-up made the scalps of the people inside the box tingle even when they took a look at it.


      And on the contrary.


      After Leng Bufan and Zhou Nan saw so many bigwigs arrive, the two of them were ecstatic to the extreme.


      "Mr. Zhang! You have come at the right time! There's a murderer here who not only broke the arms and legs of six of my men, but also nullified me! Please do me justice, Mr. Zhang!


      Leng Bufan took the lead at this moment and said to Zhang Guohao.


      After all, among these bigwigs, Zhang Guohao's status was definitely the highest.


      Only, a scene that stunned Leng Bufan appeared.


      After hearing Leng Bufan's words at this moment, Zhang Guohao actually did not say a single word.




      Especially the look he gave to Leng Bufan, instead of enthusiasm, instead of pity, it was dense with contempt and mockery.


      This ......


      Seeing that Zhang Guohao did not say a word, Leng Bufan, after being slightly stunned, hurriedly turned to Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong and said.


      "Blood Rose! Xu Tianlong! You two are both from the Shengshi Group!"


      "Now, I've been injured, you guys have to take revenge for me! Take revenge!"


      Leng Bufan's voice was filled with resentment and fierceness.


      But something that made him even more dumbfounded happened.


      There was no sound!


      There were hundreds of people who had entered, and not a single one of them, surprisingly, returned a single word to him.


      Quiet ......


      The atmosphere within the box at this moment was bizarre to the extreme.


      It was densely packed, full of people.


      But not a single word!


      Not a single indication.


      Everyone's eyes were only indifferently looking at Leng Bufan, as if they were looking at a stranger.


      This ......


      After noticing that something was wrong, a sense of foreboding surfaced in the hearts of Bai Yifan and the others around, as well as all the guests.


      They originally thought that these bigwigs had come for Leng Bufan.


      And right now, it seemed that this was not the case!

Chapter 753

"What's going on? Blood Rose! Xu Tianlong! Are you guys dumb? I am the only son of Leng Kang, the president of the Shengshi Group! Now that I've been injured, you guys don't even let out a single fart?"


      Leng Bufan's face was full of disbelief as he hissed frantically at Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong.


      Just after his words rang out.


      A playful voice, followed by the sound of.


      "They won't listen to you!"




      Hearing these words, Leng Bufan and all the guests in the box were all stunned.


      One gaze looked towards the place where the voice came from, but was stunned to find that the person who spoke was ...... Lin Fan.


      "Surnamed Lin, what ...... are you talking about?"


      Leng Bufan's eyes went wide, and the bad premonition in his heart grew stronger and stronger.




      And just as he was in disbelief, Lin Fan took a step forward and stared at his terrified and panicked face with a deadly stare, smiling playfully.


      "Because they aren't here for you at all!"


      Wow ......


      Lin Fan's words were like a stone thrown into a calm lake, causing the surrounding people, such as Bai Yifan, to completely clam up.


      Not here for Leng Yifan?


      This, how could it be!


      Leng Yifan's identity, Leng Yifan's background, who else could these bigwigs have come for if not for him.


      "Bullshit! You ...... are talking nonsense! Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose are both subordinates of my father, and Mr. Zhang Guohao is also an old acquaintance of my grandfather!"


      "Aren't they here for me, or are they here for you, the son-in-law of the family?"


      Leng Bufan screamed in disbelief.


      And hearing these words.


      Lin Fan similarly shook his head.


      "No! They didn't come for me either!"


      "Rather, they're here for ...... my wife!"




      Bai Yi?


      No way!


      None of the surrounding people dared to believe it at all after hearing this.


      After all, although Bai Yi was known as the number one beautiful president of Jiang City, in terms of status and background, she was simply not on the same level as giants like Xu Tianlong.


      How could these bigwigs come for her.


      The surroundings shook their heads more than once, and looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at an idiot.


      Only just as Lin Fan's words fell!


      Something happened that made everyone's eyes explode in shock.




      After Lin Fan's words, Zhang Guohao, Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose and hundreds of others turned towards Bai Yi as if they had received some kind of instruction.


      And then, all of them bowed deeply.


      "We, we, follow Miss Bai Yi's orders!"


      "We, at the command of Miss Bai Yi!"




      The neat and unified voices echoed incessantly within the box.


      And upon seeing the spectacular scene and hearing the appalling words.




      Leng Bufan, Zhou Nan, Bai Yifan and everyone else, one by one, could hardly believe their ears, as if they had been struck by an explosive thunderstorm, their bodies stiffened.