Today I Give Up Trying 749-750

 Chapter 749

Don't worry, I won't kill you!


      When Leng Bufan heard these words from Lin Fan, his entire being was completely relieved.


      He was originally afraid that Lin Fan, this madman, would really kill him and finish him off.


      And now.


      Apparently his threat had worked, and this fellow was scorning his background.


      However, just as Leng Bufan wanted to say something.


      Lin Fan's next words, on the other hand, left him completely dumbfounded.


      "I just want to ...... scrap you!"




      With a single sentence, the heart that Leng Bufan had just put down was raised once more.




      Did this guy want to ......


      A terrifying thought surfaced in Leng Bufan's mind, immediately almost scaring the piss out of him.


      However, just as Leng Bufan wanted to turn around and flee, he saw Lin Fan, who had come close, fiercely kicked out at his crotch.






      It was so fast that it was the ultimate.


      Leng Bufan only felt a cold chill in his crotch, causing him to be terrified and horrified to death: "No!




      A miserable scream resounded through the box.


      The surrounding crowd, however, was horrified to see that Lin Fan's foot had viciously kicked Leng Bufan between his legs.




      A sound of shattering came from Leng Bufan's crotch, and his entire body was viciously kicked two metres away.


      With a poof, he fell to his knees on the ground.






      Dense liquid and blood flowed out from Leng Bufan's crotch, and the pounding pain that seemed like a tidal wave completely swept through his nerves.


      "Ahhhhh! "


      The miserable scream was mournful and overwhelming.


      The crowd saw that Leng Bufan's entire body was like a boiled prawn, bowing and kneeling on the ground as he clenched his legs.


      But the blood and liquid continued to seep through his clothes and trickle onto the ground.


      It's broken!


      Also ...... wasted!


      The sound of a cold breath being sucked backwards resounded continuously within the box.


      It's crazy!


      All around them, whether it was Bai Yifan and the others, or those Jiang City juniors, were all scared to death by this move of Lin Fan.


      "Oh my ...... God! He scrapped Young Leng? It's over, this has stirred up the sky!"


      "Lin Fan, are you crazy! Do you know that Young Leng is a member of the Shengshi Group! The Tian Long Group and the Sheng Shi Club in Jiang City are all the properties of the Sheng Shi Group! You're finished! You're dead!"


      "Crazy man! You're a madman!"


      Those people around them were completely panicked.


      After all, Leng Bufan's identity and background was too terrifying, and now that Lin Fan had scrapped Leng Bufan in front of everyone, it was likely that the Sheng Shi Group and Grand Master Leng Ao Tian would spread their anger to everyone here.


      A hint of trepidation pervaded everyone's hearts.


      Especially Zhou Nan.


      Her pretty face was as white as paper as she hurriedly stepped forward and tried to assist Leng Bufan: "Bai Yi, what did your husband do?


      "Bai Yi, your husband has done this! He deserves to die, and so do you! Wait for it! The Shengshi Group will not spare you! You're all finished!"

Chapter 750

Zhou Nan's face flashed with a dense look of resentment.


      Immediately afterwards.


      She seemed to think of something and her eyes lit up as she hurriedly said to Leng Bufan.


      "Young Leng, hurry up and call Xu Tianlong, the chairman of the Tianlong Group, as well as Blood Rose, the eldest sister of the Shengshi Club! Tell them to deal with this brat! Take revenge, you must be avenged!"


      Xu Tianlong!


      Blood Rose!


      These were giants who dominated both the black and white sectors of Jiang City, especially since they were all directly under the Shengshi Group's command.


      Once he knew that Lin Fan had scrapped Young Leng, then Lin Fan would definitely meet the monstrous wrath of the two giants.


      And hearing these words.


      Leng Bufan nodded in pain, the cold sweat on his forehead flowed as if he had turned on a faucet, and at that moment, he threw his mobile phone to Zhou Nan and said with resentment.


      "Call! Call Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose to come! Help me get rid of this bastard!"


      "After you make the call, hurry up and take me to the hospital! I can't be wasted, I'm not married and have children yet, I ......"


      Said here.


      Leng Bufan winced in pain and could no longer speak.


      Zhou Nan, on the other hand, hurriedly flipped open his mobile phone, searching for the number while turning to Bai Yi with resentment, saying.


      "Bai Yi! You wait! You and your wife have done this to Young Leng, just wait for death!"


      After saying these words!


      Zhou Nan immediately found Xu Tianlong's phone number in Leng Bufan's mobile phone phonebook and hurriedly dialed it.


      And when she crackled, after finishing the situation, she hung up the phone, a strong look of ecstasy surfaced on her face.


      "Young Leng! Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose are at Caesar Hotel right now!"


      "They'll be coming over soon!"




      Hearing this sentence from Zhou Nan, the crowd within the box was once again taken aback.


      Xu Tianlong and the Blood Rose, they were at Caesar Hotel right now?


      Had they come to pay their respects to Leng Bufan?


      Just in time?


      Wow ......


      Thinking of this, the guests around them, once again, boiled up.


      "Kid, just admit your own bad luck! You hurt Young Leng, the two big brothers, Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose, will definitely not let you off easily!"


      "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan, you madman! You've stirred up the sky this time! Just wait until you're finished!"




      At this moment, the surrounding guests were once again looking at Lin Fan and Bai Yi with pleasure, pity and pity!


      Almost everyone had decided that with the arrival of Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose, that meant Lin Fan was done for!


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan!" Bai Yi's pretty face didn't have a single trace of blood on it.


      She walked to Lin Fan's side, her jade hand reaching out and clutching Lin Fan's palm tightly.


      "Wife, are you afraid?" Lin Fan asked curiously with a faint smile.


      Hearing these words.


      Bai Yi was slightly stunned, but after she saw Lin Fan's clean face, the trepidation in her heart was instantly dissipated without a trace:.


      "With you, I ...... am not afraid!"


      "If you live, I will live! If you die, I will die with you!"