Today I Give Up Trying 739-740

 Chapter 739

Ding ......


      The object that had fallen out of Baiy's pocket had by now landed completely on top of the ground.




      The size of a thumb cap!


      Yet it wasn't a ring, but a ...... coin!


      "No ...... it can't be!" Zhou Nan's head was completely blank at this moment.


      Her eyes almost fell out.


      How could it be a coin?


      She had clearly put the ruby diamond ring into Bai Yi's right pocket, how could it turn into a coin, was this not a fucking joke?


      And next to it!


      Leng Bufan's face turned completely green.


      He turned his head to glare at Zhou Nan indignantly and said in an angry voice.


      "You tell me, what's going on?"


      A chill filled Leng Bufan's voice, instantly causing Zhou Nan to shiver and almost piss in fear.


      "No! She must have put it in another pocket!"


      "Bai Yi, you have the ability to turn out the left pocket of your blouse, and all the pockets on your body, all of them! I don't believe it, that ruby diamond ring must be on you, there's absolutely no mistake!"


      Zhou Nan was like a madman at this moment, shouting at Bai Yi.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai Yi's pretty face sank, but she did not object, and instantly pulled out her pockets, one after another.




      It was empty!


      There was no trace of the diamond ring at all!




      After Bai Yi had gone through all the pockets and was sure that there was no ruby diamond ring, Zhou Nan's entire body fell to the ground as if she had been drained of all her strength.


      She was dumbfounded ......


      She simply couldn't understand what was going on here.


      It was clear that she had put it in with her own hands, but it seemed to have evaporated, which simply made Zhou Nan doubt life.


      Only, that wasn't all.


      Lin Fan's playful words came, once again.


      "Now, my wife has proved her innocence! It's your turn next!"


      "Take your pockets and turn them out!"




      Zhou Nan froze and looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at an idiot: "Stupid!


      "Stupid, did you really think that the ring would be on me?"


      "Just flip it! That's my own ring, if I put it in my own pocket, could I still not know about it?"


      With those words, Zhou Nan furiously turned out his pockets one by one!


      The first one was empty!


      The second empty!




      Looking at each and every empty pocket, the contempt and disdain on Zhou Nan's face towards Lin Fan grew thicker and thicker:.


      "I told you it's not on me, you white ......"




      Before Zhou Nan could finish her words, the movements of her hands were fiercely stalled.


      Because after she turned the last pocket, out.


      Ding ding ding ......


      There was likewise a red thing that fell out of the pocket, which made Zhou Nan's eyes, almost fall down.

Chapter 740

It wasn't just her!


      Leng Bufan, Bai Yifan and the others beside her were even completely confused as they looked at a red diamond ring bouncing on the ground.


      This was indeed a ring.


      It was studded with red, red rubies.


      Crystalline and translucent.


      Magnificent and gorgeous!


      It was none other than that one ruby diamond ring.


      Jing ......


      At this moment, the atmosphere within the box once again fell into a deadly silence.


      Almost everyone, looking at the ruby diamond ring on the ground, and looking at Zhou Nan's face that looked like he had seen a ghost, the faces of all the people were odd to the extreme.


      They could not have imagined that this diamond ring was really on Zhou Nan's body.


      "No ...... it can't be! This ring was clearly put in by me ......"


      Halfway through Zhou Nan's words, he violently covered his mouth.


      The Leng Bufan beside him was even more furious, his face so full of gloom that water almost dripped out of it, and his vicious gaze was so vicious that he could not wait to eat Zhou Nan as if.


      "You piece of shit!"


      The words fell!




      Leng Bufan slapped Zhou Nan's face with a fierce slap, causing a bright red slap mark to appear on Zhou Nan's face.


      "Now, you go and kowtow to Bai Yi and apologise!"


      Faced with the gazes of the many Jiang City Juniors around him, even if Leng Bufan was arrogant, he was unwilling to break his bet.


      After all, once he broke the contract, then although the many Jiang City Juniors around him did not say anything, soon, he would become the joke in everyone's mouth.


      Listening to Leng Bufan's words, and then feeling the burning pain on his face.


      Zhou Nan was completely shocked and pissed.


      She hurriedly picked up the ring and put it on her hand, before stiffening her head and walking over to Bai Yi.




      Kneeling on the ground, she kowtowed more than.


      "Bai ...... Bai Yi, I was wrong! I'm the one who got carried away and misjudged you! I beg you to forgive me!"


      Zhou Nan's face was flickering with resentment and resentment.


      It was just that even if she was more resentful, she did not dare to disobey Leng Bufan.


      And at this moment!


      After seeing this scene, Bai Yi still hadn't reacted from the shock.


      She couldn't believe that Zhou Nan, who had just been arrogantly drinking and scolding at her, was kneeling at her feet like a dog under Lin Fan's three words.


      "Zhou ...... Zhou Nan! You get up! This matter, I ...... don't blame you!"


      Bai Yi was kind-hearted.


      She naturally could not tolerate an old classmate, kowtowing to herself, and instantly helped Zhou Nan up.




      When Bai Yi had just helped Zhou Nan up from the ground, she saw Leng Bufan beside her, a vicious colour flashed above his face and said grimly.


      "Alright! Now that the diamond ring has been found! Then let's next, settle another score!"