Today I Give Up Trying 737-738

 Chapter 737



      At this moment, Bai Yifan, Shen Jian and Lin Guangyao could not help but glance at each other, they only felt a coldness that ran down the soles of their feet and straight to their heads, causing their scalps to almost explode.


      After all, a man they had always thought of as a waste was as strong as this with one punch, which completely overturned their perceptions.


      Just at this moment.


      Lin Fan paid no attention to the shocked looks of the surrounding crowd.


      He casually shook off the blood stained on his palm before looking towards Leng Bufan and smiling morosely.


      "Now, can we talk properly?"


      Hearing these words.


      Leng Bufan's body could not help but tremble slightly, and his face became more and more ugly:.


      "Kid, you ...... are ruthless enough!"


      "Say, how about if that ruby diamond ring, is on your wife? What if it's not on your wife?"


      Leng Bufan naturally believed in Zhou Nan's ability to do things, and he could be equally sure that that one ring was definitely on Bai Yi's body.


      And now.


      He was going to dig a hole for Lin Fan!


      Only, as if he didn't see Leng Bufan's intentions, Lin Fan smiled faintly.


      "If it's on my wife, I'll let you punish me!"


      "If it's on your girlfriend, then she must be made to kneel down and make amends to my wife!"




      Leng Bufan was stunned, he obviously did not expect that Lin Fan would be so confident, or ...... conceited!


      At the mercy of punishment?


      After thinking that when the ring was retrieved from Bai Yi, he could do whatever he wanted with Lin Fan and Bai Yi, Leng Bufan was instantly exuberant:.


      "Good! It's a deal! Everyone around is a witness!"


      Seeing that Leng Bufan had agreed to come down, all the talented people around Jiang City also expressed their approval and acted as witnesses.


      Until the arrangements were made.


      The betting was established.


      Zhou Nan, who was on the side, her mouth almost smiled crookedly.


      She looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan as if she was looking at two fools, full of ridicule and taunting:.


      "Hahahaha ...... Bai Yi, did you see that? Your husband is really an idiot! I can be 100% sure that the ruby diamond ring is on your body!"


      "Your husband is going to lose! After he loses, let's see how we'll fix him up! Hahahaha ......"


      Zhou Nan's laughter was filled with pleasure.


      She had been jealous of Bai Yi since she started school.


      And right now.


      Bai Yi had just appeared and attracted her boyfriend Leng Bufan as if he was a seductress, which made Zhou Nan hate Bai Yi even more.


      Now, if she could deal with Lin Fan ruthlessly, it would be a kind of painful torture for Bai Yi, which was naturally something that Zhou Nan was happy to see.


      And at this moment, after hearing Zhou Nan's sinister words.


      The crowd around them were naturally not stupid, and they vaguely guessed what was going on.


      In their eyes.


      With Zhou Nan being so confident, it was obvious that he was 100% sure, which meant that Lin Fan would definitely lose!

Chapter 738

Thinking about it!


      Many of Jiang City's young talents once again looked at Lin Fan with a strong gaze of pity and regret flashing out.


      This was especially true for Bai Yifan and the others.


      At this moment their hearts, once again, thumped wildly, hating to witness immediately, the miserable scene where the diamond ring was searched from Bai Yi's body and Lin Fan was ruthlessly disposed of.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan!" Bai Yi also tensed up at this moment.


      Although she could be sure that she hadn't taken the diamond ring, if Zhou Nan had deliberately set it up, then the consequences, would be unimaginable.


      It was just that the crowd was surprised.


      Lin Fan seemed oblivious to the danger, as he rubbed Bai Yi's hair, before turning his gaze to Zhou Nan and saying morosely.


      "Since you are so confident, then tell me first, so where is the ring in my wife?"


      "Humph! You won't shed a tear until you see the coffin!" Zhou Nan sneered, and then shot a glance at Bai Yi, before staring confidently at Bai Yi's right pocket and saying.


      "I vaguely saw earlier that your wife took that diamond ring of mine and seemed to have secretly stuffed it into her right pocket!"


      "If you have the guts, turn out the right pocket now and let everyone see it!"


      The right pocket!


      Zhou Nan's appearance was clearly confident to the extreme.


      And hearing these words, everyone's eyes, once again, shifted in unison to Bai Yi's pocket.


      "Wife, turn out your pockets and show them!" Lin Fan smiled faintly and said indifferently.


      Hearing these words.


      Bai Yi was a little hesitant, she was afraid that if she really had Zhou Nan's ring in her pockets, then even if she jumped into the yellow river and couldn't wash it, she would harm Lin Fan instead.


      "It's alright! Don't worry!"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly.


      And his smile, as if it had magical powers, instantly made all of Bai Yi's panic, vanish into thin air.


      She could only stiffen her head and turn her right top pocket, out!




      At this moment, everyone around was tense to the extreme.


      Especially after Bai Yi's pocket, turned out.


      A small object fell violently from her pocket and hit the ground.


      Ding ding ding!


      The object looked round in shape and was only the size of a thumb cap.


      Almost everyone thought that it was the ring when they saw it fall.


      It was over!


      The crowd around them thudded in their hearts, knowing that Lin Fan had completely lost.


      Zhou Nan and Leng Bufan, on the other hand, were even laughing.


      "Hahahaha ...... Bai Yi, I told you a long time ago that you stole my ring! And you're still stiff as a duck, refusing to ...... eh?"


      Zhou Nan's voice was filled with exuberance and taunting.


      However, before she could finish her words, they came to an abrupt halt.


      Her pair of eyes, staring deadly at the thumb-covered object that was bouncing on the ground, could hardly believe her eyes.


      It was more than just her!


      After getting a clear look at the object on the ground, the quick smiles on the faces of Leng Bufan, Bai Yifan and the others beside her also flickered.