Today I Give Up Trying 734-736

Chapter 734

"Lin ...... Lin Fan!"


      When Bai Yi saw Lin Fan, it was as if she had seen her savior, and a thick mist of water immediately filled her beautiful eyes.


      Only Lin Fan could give her a sense of security.


      Only Lin Fan could make her stop despairing.


      "Wife, don't be afraid! I have everything!"


      Lin Fan walked over to Bai Yi's side and wrapped her in his arms as he spoke out to comfort her.


      Just hearing those words.


      Wow ......


      The surrounding crowd was once again in an uproar.


      Everything had him?


      "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan, what a thing you are! Your wife stole someone else's ruby diamond ring, can't you still turn out another one?"


      "Cut! A loser door-to-door son-in-law, what kind of bullshit is he bragging about!"


      "Watch this! This kid is looking for death, I don't believe it, what can he do!"




      The surrounding Bai Yifan, Shen Jian, and a young talented man from Jiang City looked at Lin Fan with a strong look of contempt.


      After all, in the eyes of the crowd, what Lin Fan was facing was Leng Bufan, the first grandson of Grand Master Leng Ao Tian, as well as the Six Vicious Men of Lingnan who once reigned over Jiangnan.


      Wasn't it a death wish for him, a small son-in-law of the family?


      It was not only the crowd.


      Even Leng Bufan's gaze suddenly splashed out with a thick cold aura: "Kid, you want to stop me?


      "Kid, are you going to stop us?"




      Lin Fan shook his head indifferently before smiling coldly.


      "I won't stop you from finding the Ruby Diamond Ring, but, it's not on my wife!"




      Lin Fan's words caused the crowd to freeze, especially Zhou Nan, who had a strong look of contempt appearing in her eyes.


      How could it not be on Bai Yi.


      Before, after she had received Leng Bufan's signal to ring his finger, she had quietly taken off the ring at the first opportunity and put it into Bai Yi's pocket.


      She was completely certain that the ring was still in Bai Yi's pocket now without a doubt.




      Zhou Nan, however, did not notice that a ring had already arrived in Lin Fan's palm with a flash of his hand while he was holding Bai Yi.


      And at this moment, an icy smile spread across the corners of Lin Fan's mouth as his finger fiercely pointed at Zhou Nan: "The ring, it's on her!


      "The ring, it's on her!"


      The words fell!


      Hardly anyone could notice a slightly red object that flashed out from Lin Fan's palm.


      That red object, as if it had eyes, flew down into Zhou Nan's pocket with an incredible speed.


      All of this was unnoticeable.


      Even the Six Fierce Men of Lingnan merely seemed to see a flash of red, thinking that they had been blinded and had not seen clearly what it was.




      With these words of Lin Fan's, the surrounding crowd was in an uproar.


      The ring was on Zhou Nan's body?


      How could this be possible!

Chapter 735

Zhou Nan had said before that it was clearly on her hand, and now it was gone, so if it was Zhou Nan who had put it away, then she must have known about it.


      At once, the surrounding crowd looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot.


      The one who reacted the most violently was Zhou Nan.


      With a face full of anger, she bellowed at Lin Fan and said.


      "Kid, what are you farting about! That ring was on my hand before, I didn't even take it off, so how could it be on me!"


      "It must have been stolen by your wife! Go on, you guys, get rid of this nonsense little beast and search that slutty hussy!"


      "Even if it means stripping her naked, find me the ring!"


      Zhou Nan's face was full of indignation, and the meaning of his words was even more vicious.


      And hearing these words.


      The six fierce men of Lingnan instantly did not have the slightest concern and nodded, before the front-most fierce man swung his fist up and down, and then he viciously smashed down on Lin Fan: "Kid, get lost!


      "Kid, get lost!"




      As these sinister words fell, everyone heard a buzzing sound that almost burst the air from above One Fierce's iron fist, and it viciously smashed down on Lin Fan's chest.


      Quick! Accurate! Ruthless!


      Everyone around felt as if this fist was like a hammer blowing down, even if it was a steel plate, it was going to be ruthlessly smashed.


      "It's over! This kid is afraid that he will be given a KO by a fierce punch!"


      "What a terrifying punch, I'm afraid that even Jiangnan's number one national martial artist, old Mr. Kong Sheng, is terribly unable to catch it!"


      "This actually has the sound of a qi explosion, I'm afraid it's the realm of a quasi-grand master!"


      The many young juniors around them were also people who had seen a lot.


      Many of them had even seen with their own eyes the power of the strike of Jiangnan's number one national martial artist, Old Master Kong Sheng, and they were all afraid that it was inferior compared to this fierce strike.


      This was definitely a 100 per cent quasi-grand master.


      It's over ......


      Almost everyone seemed to see that Lin Fan, by this punch, was afraid that he would break a rib and be blown away as if he were a dead dog.


      However, just then, a scene that stunned the crowd appeared.


      Instead of dodging in the face of a fierce and terrifying punch, Lin Fan raised his fist and then ruthlessly met it under everyone's incredulous eyes.






      Seeing this scene, everyone around was startled.


      Straight face hard steel?


      This guy was out of his mind.


      A look of having seen a ghost appeared on the faces of everyone around, and they looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman and an idiot.


      Especially Bai Yifan, Shen Jian and Lin Guangyao, who were in the crowd.


      The three of them almost hated Lin Fan with a passion, and now that they saw that Lin Fan had gone out of his way to try to go head-to-head with a fierce man, a look of intense exuberance and ecstasy surfaced on their faces: "Idiot!


      "Idiot! This idiot's arm, I'm afraid it's ruined!"


      "Yes! That's one of the six villains of Lingnan! He almost dominated the Jiangnan Underworld ten years ago!"


      "Hahahaha ...... This idiot is completely finished!"

Chapter 736

The smiles on the three men's faces were thick to the extreme.

      In particular, they saw that One Fierce seemed to be equally enraged by this counter punch from Lin Fan.

      "Give me death!"

      A vicious and ferocious hiss came out of his mouth, and the iron fist that he swung out became even more violent and mighty by a point.

      The wind of the fist whistled so loudly that even a thick steel plate would be shattered by the punch.



      In almost an instant, the fists of One Fierce and Lin Fan ruthlessly clashed.

      A dull sound of collision, accompanied by a crisp cracking sound of bones, exploded in this place.

      It caused Bai Yi's pretty face to pale.

      "Lin ...... Lin Fan!!!"

      Bai Yi almost fainted from fear, her first thought was that the sound of bones breaking was coming from Lin Fan's arm.

      It was more than her!

      After hearing that sound of bones breaking, the fierce smiles on the faces of both Leng Bufan, Zhou Nan, and Bai Yifan became a minute thicker.

      They instantly thought that Lin Fan's arm ...... was ruined!


      What followed was a harsh, miserable scream and the hasty retreat of a figure.

      Only after they heard who the miserable scream was from and saw who the retreating figure was.


      The smiles on the faces of Leng Bufan, Zhou Nan, Bai Yifan and everyone else completely froze.

      Their eyes were instantly glazed over, and they looked ahead as if they had seen a ghost.

      It was because under their shocked eyes.

      The person who had retreated in haste was actually ...... a fierce man!

      What was even more unbelievable was that One Fierce's face was as white as paper and full of panic.

      His entire wrist, completely drooping, the flesh and blood on it, as if he had been struck by a thunderstorm, miserable beyond compare.

      This was not all.

      A fierce man dragged his shattered fist as he retreated violently, while looking at Lin Fan as if he had seen a ghost: "How is it possible!

      "How is that possible! How can you ...... your strength be comparable to that of a sect master? This, it's impossible!"


      When they heard One Fierce's terrified words, and after looking at his almost shattered palm, everyone around them, were all confused.

      One punch, comparable to a sect master?

      This, how the hell is this possible.

      At this moment, the atmosphere within the entire box was so oppressive that it was almost suffocating.

      Whether it was Leng Bufan, Bai Yifan and the others, or Bai Yi, all of them looked at Lin Fan in unison, and their expressions were filled with disbelief.

      Especially Bai Yifan and the others.

      One by one, they swallowed viciously, their pairs of eyes constantly glancing at the bloodied fist of a fierce man, and Lin Fan's calm face, but how could they not accept the facts before them.

      "How ...... could this happen! Isn't this guy ...... a loser?"

      "That is a fierce man who dominated Jiangnan ten years ago! A quasi patriarchal master who was even more powerful than Elder Kong Sheng! This guy Lin Fan actually ...... nullified it with one punch? Is this a fucking illusion?"