Today I Give Up Trying 731-733

 Chapter 731



      Zhou Nan's scream, extremely loud, immediately caused everyone in the entire compartment, to be stunned.


      The music sounded and stopped.


      The young talents around, also stopped their roaming and dancing, and one by one, they all rushed up.


      After all, Zhou Nan was Leng Bufan's girlfriend, the hostess of this party, and it was definitely a big deal that her diamond ring was missing.


      "Miss Zhou, how did you lose your diamond ring? Was it stolen by someone?"


      "Yes, Miss Zhou must find out! If it's been stolen, that thief must be found out!"


      "What kind of person is so lowly that he dares to steal someone's girlfriend's diamond ring at Young Leng's banquet!"




      The chanting and scolding of the many talented young men around them rose and fell.


      And hearing the words of the crowd, a hint of anger surfaced on Zhou Nan's face:.


      "This ruby diamond ring was bought for me by Young Leng at a cost of ten million dollars! It was intended to be used as an engagement ring, but now it's a good thing that someone has eaten a bear's heart and dared to steal my diamond ring!"


      Said the man!


      Zhou Nan's gaze, surprisingly, stared straight at Bai Yi and viciously said.


      "Bai Yi, when I came over just now, my ring was still there, and after chatting with you for a while, the ring disappeared!"


      "Tell me! Did you steal it?"




      This single sentence from Zhou Nan caused Bai Yi's entire body to be dumbfounded.


      From the very beginning, when Zhou Nan had come over to chat with herself, she hadn't noticed Zhou Nan's ring at all, so how could she have stolen it?


      And for Bai Yi.


      She had never had the slightest interest in these gold and silver jewellery.


      At this moment, when she saw the questioning gazes of everyone around her, Bai Yi was completely panicked: "Zhou Nan, I'm not sure if I'm going to steal it.


      "Zhou Nan, I ...... I didn't steal your ring! I didn't ......"


      Bai Yi's pretty face was white as white.


      Just as her words fell, Zhou Nan's scream, once again, came out.


      "Bai Yi, you don't pretend! When I sat down a moment ago, you were still envious of my diamond ring! In the blink of an eye, my ring is gone, there are only two of us here, if you didn't steal it, could it be me?"


      Zhou Nan's words instantly caused the surrounding area to erupt once again.


      The rich young ladies, almost unanimously on Zhou Nan's side, accused Bai Yi wildly.


      "Bai Yi, you're still a CEO, how dare you do this kind of theft, it's a disgrace to the people of Jiangcheng!"


      "Yes! It's a shame to see you look so pretty, but you're doing something like stealing chickens and dogs!"


      "Bai Yi, your husband can't afford to buy a diamond ring, but Leng Shao can! Leng Shao likes you so much, if you want it, just ask Leng Shao to give it to you, why do you have to steal it?"




      There were accusations, invective and ridicule.


      Zhou Nan's rebuke alone caused everyone's spears to be aimed at Bai Yi.


      Even in the eyes of the crowd, they had already decided that Bai Yi was a thief.

Chapter 732

Seeing this scene.


      Bai Yi was completely confused.


      She vaguely felt that something was not right, as if this was all a deliberate attempt by Zhou Nan to set herself up, but no matter how much she tried to explain, the people around her simply would not listen.


      A strong anxiety surfaced within Bai Yi's heart.


      A hint of watery mist filled her beautiful eyes, making her look more and more delicate and helpless.


      Yet that was not all.




      Leng Bufan strode in with an aggressive stance, his face full of fierceness as he angrily shouted


      "Come on people!"


      With these words.


      Hulla, hulla!


      The crowd immediately saw that the door of the compartment was suddenly pushed open from the outside, and then six majestic men in black rushed in as if a fierce tiger had emerged from its cage.


      The aura of these six men was cold and fierce.


      It was as if they were six hungry wolves, and just as they rushed in, their terrifying aura caused the temperature of the entire compartment to drop by several degrees.




      They rampaged, staggering the surrounding guests, and reached Leng Bufan in the blink of an eye.


      After seeing these six people.


      The guests around them all changed their faces in unison:.


      "Hm? These guys look familiar, I seem to have seen them somewhere before! Yes, they are the Lingnan Six Fierce Men!"


      "It's the Lingnan Six Fierce Men? Oh my god, it's those six vicious men? He ...... how come they are here! "


      "Yes, these six were the mad brothers who dominated the Jiangnan underground world ten years ago! Didn't they disappear?"




      The Six Fierce Men of Lingnan!


      Almost everyone who was familiar with the underground world in Jiangnan Province knew this name, and no one knew it.


      These were the six fierce men who had dominated Jiangnan ten years ago.


      They were siblings, with unparalleled battle prowess, who started out from an orphanage back then, fighting and killing their way into the underground world.


      In the midst of the underground world, the six brothers showed their terrifying talent, starting from sweeping a street, they gradually dominated a city, and after that, they swept across Jiangnan, causing a bloody storm.


      Even ten years ago, just hearing the name of the 'Six Fierce Men of Lingnan' would have stopped a child's cry at night.


      But now!


      Hula ......


      After recognizing the identities of these six men in black, the young talents around them, their faces changed greatly and they all retreated violently to the side, obviously afraid of being affected by the fish in the pond.


      Leng Bufan, on the other hand, smiled faintly.


      "Perhaps you all don't know that! Ten years ago, the Six Fierce Men of Lingnan came under my grandfather Leng Ao Tian's tutelage!"


      Leng Ao Tian!


      When they heard this word, the crowd shivered once again.


      Because Leng Ao Tian was one of the two oldest Hidden Grand Masters in Jiangnan Province.


      Only, everyone did not know.


      Leng Bufan was actually the first grandson of Grand Master Leng Ao Tian!




      At this moment, everyone in the entire box was stunned.

Chapter 733

At this moment, the young handsome people of Jiang City were looking at Leng Bufan as if they were looking at a pride of the heavens, and the sounds of flattery were incessant: "Oh my God!


      "My goodness! Young Leng, we now know that you are not only the son of Mr. Leng Kang, the president of Shengshi, but you are also the first grandson of Grand Master Leng! What a ...... shock!"


      "The first grandson of Grand Master [笔趣岛]ah! No wonder, to have the Six Fierce Men of Lingnan, who were so powerful in Jiangnan back then, as bodyguards!"


      "Goodness! If this matter gets out, Young Leng's identity will definitely shake Jiangnan! After all, with Sheng Shi and Grand Master Leng's identity added to it! Who would dare to mess with that?"








      The gazes of both Bai Yifan, Shen Jian and the others around them, as well as those other Jiang City Juniors, looked at Leng Bufan with increasing awe.


      It wasn't just them!


      Bai Yi's entire person was similarly struck by lightning after hearing this news, and his face was as white as paper.


      It was over ......


      She had originally thought that Zhou Nan was only bordering on the eldest young man of the Shengshi Group, but how could she not imagine that this young man had another terrifying identity.


      The cold sweat that was clattering, from Bai Yi's forehead, kept flowing down, and her whole person was so anxious that she almost cried out.


      It was only for the admiration of the surrounding people.


      Leng Bufan, on the other hand, was used to it, his face didn't have the slightest fluctuation of emotion, instead, the gaze he looked at Bai Yi grew hotter and hotter.


      "Young master! Please give the order!" The six fierce men of Lingnan bowed in unison to Leng Bufan.


      And seeing this scene!


      Leng Bufan smiled an unusually wicked smile:.


      "You guys go over there now and search this woman's body for me! I believe that the ruby diamond ring must be on her body! Remember, don't spare any part of this woman's body!"




      Search her body!


      These words caused Bai Yi and the surrounding people to equally pale.


      One must know that Bai Yi was a woman and was known as the number one beautiful president of Jiang City.


      If she was searched, wouldn't that mean that her innocence was ruined.


      Even if she could not find the ruby diamond ring, Bai Yi would not be able to hold her head up in the future.


      When she thought of this, a look of despair appeared on Bai Yi's pretty face.


      "I didn't ...... steal it!"


      "You have wronged me, you are wronging me!!!"


      Bai Yi's defensive voice, that powerless and helpless.


      And the six fierce people of Lingnan did not have the slightest intention of pitying the jade, after listening to Leng Bufan's command, they hooted and hollered, and wanted to rush towards Bai Yi.


      But just then.




      A cold, gloomy voice rang out violently.


      The Lingnan Six Fierce Men only felt a sudden chill at their backs, a feeling as if they were being watched by a ferocious beast, causing their advancing steps to give a fierce lurch.


      Swish, swish, swish!


      A line of eyes turned their heads in unison and looked towards where the sound was coming from.


      The crowd was stunned to find that the person who had spoken out to stop it was ...... Lin Fan.