Today I Give Up Trying 727-728

 Chapter 727



      Bai Yi simply ignored the ugly faces of the surrounding crowd, pulled Lin Fan with her, and headed towards the corner of the box.


      Clearly, she had no idea of striking up a conversation with the crowd.


      Seeing this scene.


      In Leng Bufan's eyes, not only was there not the slightest bit of displeasure, but it was as if he had seen a fat prey, and he became even more exuberant and evil.


      "Zhou Nan, this old classmate of yours is not only sensual and beautiful, but also cold and arrogant in temper! I love it! Hahahaha ......"


      "Her, I'll take her!"


      Leng Bufan licked the corner of his mouth and said to Zhou Nan next to him.


      There was no avoidance!


      No restraint!


      Even when his girlfriend Zhou Nan was around, he didn't avoid his fondness for Bai Yi in the slightest.


      And this sentence caused Zhou Nan's face to turn slightly white.


      But obviously Zhou Nan had the self-awareness that everything she had was given by Leng Bufan, so any request from Leng Bufan, she likewise could only agree to all of them.


      "Darling, don't worry! I will definitely find a way to help you get your hands on that slutty hoof!" Zhou Nan said with a smile as she held Leng Bufan's arm.


      Hearing this answer, Leng Bufan was obviously extremely satisfied.


      With his large hand, he slapped Zhou Nan's buttocks fiercely, before smiling wickedly.


      "Hehehe! Tonight, I'm going to bang this woman! Let her join you, and the three of us will have a dragon and two phoenixes!"


      "From now on, let you two be a pair of real sisters! Hahahaha ......"


      Thinking of Bai Yi's cold and pretty face, being pressed into his crotch, Leng Bufan only felt his heart burning hot.


      And just as the two of them were talking!




      The door to the compartment was, once again, opened.


      And then the crowd only saw that Bai Yifan, Lin Guangyao and Shen Jian, each with their female companions, walked in.


      It was just that their faces were unusually ugly, as if they had eaten shit, oozing with a sense of resentment and depression.


      This scene caused the crowd to faintly stare.


      "Huh! Young Bai, Young Shen! What's wrong with you guys? Did someone offend you guys?"


      Many of the guests around couldn't help but greet these three after seeing them.


      Only before Bai Yifan and the others could say anything back.


      Then they heard, the guests who came in behind them, smiling and saying.


      "Hahahaha ...... tell you a funny news! When Young Bai, Young Shen and the three of them came in just now, the hotel owner, Zhou Wanshan, actually charged the three of them an entrance fee!"


      "Each of them, paid two hundred thousand!"


      "That's right! I saw with my own eyes that Zhou Wanshan stopped them! In the end, Young Bai and the three of them had no choice but to have someone take the cash and send it over! Hahahaha ......"




      When this statement was made, the entire box was in an uproar.


      Only then did they understand why the three had such an ugly look on their faces.


      And the crowd was even more curious as to why the hotel owner, Zhou Wanshan, would prefer to charge these three people an entrance fee.

Chapter 728

Looking at the jeering faces around them, Bai Yifan's three faces were even more gloomy, almost dripping with water.


      They fiercely glared at Lin Fan and the two in the corner of the compartment before they ashamedly found a corner and sat down.




      The guests of the dinner party arrived, one by one.


      When people had almost arrived, the music inside the box stalled, and then, amidst everyone's cheers, the host took the microphone and walked to the centre of the box, saying.


      "Alright, everyone, quiet down!"


      "Today, is the day for all our young handsome people in Jiang City to gather! Here, we would first like to thank the organiser of this banquet - Young Master Leng Bufan!"


      The host's words were full of ingratiation.


      Slap, slap, slap!


      And with these words, those Jiang City Juniors around them immediately cheered and applauded.


      On their faces, all of them exuded a thick smile of ingratiating enthusiasm.


      Seeing this scene!


      The host waved his palm, and at once, the applause gradually dissipated.


      Only then did he look towards Leng Bufan and respectfully said.


      "Alright! Next, we have the host of this banquet, Young Master Leng Bufan, to speak!"


      "Welcome, everyone!"


      Pop, pop, pop!


      Once these words were spoken, the bottom once again thundered with applause.


      The faces of every single person in the crowd were all flooded with thick ingratiating voices as they called out Leng Bufan's name.


      "Young Leng!"


      "Young Leng!"


      "Young Leng!


      This scene obviously greatly satisfied Leng Bufan's vanity.


      With a thick and arrogant look on his face, he walked to the centre of the stage and waved his hand at the crowd below, which even made the cheers below, even louder.


      "Alright! Everyone, be quiet!"


      Leng Bufan, his face full of triumph, said straight away.


      "First of all, thank you all for coming to this dinner party that I am hosting! All of you here are the elite of Jiang City, especially Miss Bai Yi, who is the elite of the elite, not only the number one beautiful president of Jiang City, but in my opinion, the number one beautiful president of Jiangnan City as well!"


      Wow ......


      Leng Bufan praised Bai Yi as soon as he got on stage, which caused the crowd below, to howl like wolves.


      It was clearly creating an ambiguous atmosphere for Leng Bufan and Bai Yi.


      "As you all know, our Shengshi Group is about to have a new project, put into the middle of Jiang City! In addition to that, we will also choose a group for a deep collaboration!"




      When they heard this sentence from Leng Bufan, the crowd around them, instantly boiled up even more.


      Shengshi Group, will cooperate with a group in Jiang City!


      This was a great joyous news for all the groups in Jiang City.


      In particular, the crowd knew that whoever could ride on this chariot of the Shengshi Group, it would almost mean soaring to great heights and leveling up.


      But at this moment.


      The eyes of the crowd looked in Bai Yi's direction.


      Just now, Leng Bufan was praising Bai Yi, which meant that the new Bai Group was more likely to be the lucky winner of this one.