Today I Give Up Trying 724-726

 Chapter 724

Just hearing that!


      Zhou Wanshan smiled coldly.


      "Just now Mr. Lin said that you are rich people! Since you are rich, then the entrance fee you pay is naturally a hundred times that of Mr. Lin's!"


      Wow ......


      With a single word, the faces of Bai Yifan, Shen Jian and Lin Guangyao looked as ugly as if they were dead ashes.




      They did not expect that just because they had humiliated Lin Fan with a single word, they and the others had been extorted and treated with hostility by Caesar Hotel.


      Especially, after seeing Zhou Wanshan and the others, who looked like they were going to kick them out if they didn't pay up.


      Bai Yifan and the others, could only stiffen their heads and start calling people to send money.


      After all!


      Zhou Wanshan, they couldn't afford to offend.


      The Leng Shao dinner party, on the other hand, had to be attended.


      Even if they were now pitied, they could only break their teeth and swallow them in their stomachs.


      Only, just after they had finished making the call


      Zhou Wanshan's voice, once again, came out.


      "If you delay paying your bill for one minute, you will be added 10,000 yuan!"


      The nest ......


      Hearing these words, Bai Yifan, Lin Guangyao and Shen Jian almost cursed in their hearts.


      They naturally knew that this was Zhou Wanshan deliberately taking revenge on the three of them for Lin Fan.


      Especially when they thought that this bastard, Lin Fan, had used their money to get into the hotel and pitted them alive at the entrance of the hotel.


      All three of them only felt fishy sweetness welling up in their throats and were almost so angry that they were about to vomit blood on the spot.




      And for all this, Lin Fan did not care.


      He and Bai Yi, under the respectful guidance of a welcoming lady, had arrived at the entrance of the dinner box.


      "Lin Fan, do you ...... you know Boss Zhou?" Bai Yi's gaze towards Lin Fan was filled with scrutiny.


      And hearing this, Lin Fan, as if he had expected this, said with a smile.


      "Honey, it's not that I know Boss Zhou, it's that our father knows Boss Zhou!"


      "You've forgotten how respectful Boss Zhou was to our father at the Shen family's engagement party last time! I'm just a fox and a tiger!"




      This statement caused Bai Yi's heart to hold all the questions in his mouth.


      Lin Fan was right, the last engagement party of the Shen family, Zhou Wanshan had indeed treated his own father, Bai Shan, with respect, and even people like Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen had been extremely polite to his father, Bai Shan.


      It was just that Bai Yi felt that the matter was far from simple.


      And it was likely that all of this was not because of his own father Bai Shan at all, but because of ...... Lin Fan!


      Just as Bai Yi was thinking nonsense.




      The door to the compartment opened and the two of them stepped inside.


      Within the box, a western-style dinner was being held.


      The faint and melodious piano music was slowly floating throughout the box, and one after another of Jiangcheng's young and handsome people were either talking in groups or inviting their dance partners, dancing to the music.


      And when Bai Yi and Lin Fan walked in.


      Everyone's eyes looked towards the two in unison.

Chapter 725



      When they saw Bai Yi, each and every one of the young handsome men's eyes lit up, and a fiery luster burst out of their eyes.


      When they saw Lin Fan, on the other hand, their eyebrows furrowed tightly, and a strong look of contempt and disgust surfaced on their faces.


      "Giggle ...... Bai Yi, my good sister, you're finally here!"


      Just at that moment!


      A soft laugh that sounded like an oriole rang out.


      And then, only to see from the very centre of the box, a man and a woman, walking towards Lin Fan and Bai Yi, walking quickly!


      The woman was Zhou Nan, while the man was the host of the banquet - Leng Bufan!




      When they saw this man and woman walking towards Bai Yi, the guests around them made way, each of them looking at this man and woman with a strong gaze of ingratiation and flattery.


      "Haha, Bai Yi, my good sister, I knew you would come!"


      That woman, extremely flamboyant in appearance, had a pair of peach blossom eyes that glowed with springiness, giving people a feeling of seduction, especially her lips, which were painted in a brilliant red, giving people a flirtatious feeling.


      And this person is Zhou Nan!


      When she was in school, she and Xu Yanhong had the best relationship, and the person who was most jealous was Bai Yi.


      "Zhou Nan, good ...... long time no see!"


      Bai Yi's pretty face was obviously a little uncomfortable with Zhou Nan's enthusiasm, and at this moment, she returned with a dry smile.


      Next to Zhou Nan, on the other hand, was a white-faced youth.


      He looked extremely dignified, especially in a custom-made Italian suit, and gave off the impression of a wealthy young man.


      He was the main character of this banquet - Leng Bufan.


      Only at this moment, after Leng Bufan saw Bai Yi, a dense look of astonishment burst out from his cold and arrogant eyes.


      How beautiful!


      Leng Bufan was a flirtatious and lustful man by nature, and the number of beautiful women he had seen was as countless as the number of women who had passed through the river.


      But whether it was her looks or her temperament.


      The Bai Yi in front of him was definitely the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.


      Not only that!


      Even his girlfriend Zhou Nan, who was beside him, immediately looked too inferior when she stood with Bai Yi at this moment.


      Seeing this scene!


      A thick smile appeared on Leng Bufan's face, and when he walked up to Bai Yi at this moment, he extended his hand with a smile.


      "The number one beautiful president of Jiang City, it's true that being known is better than meeting, meeting is even better than being known!"


      "Hello, President Bai, my name is Leng Bufan!"


      Leng Bufan!


      The words were confident, not introducing himself, but giving people a feeling of looking down from above.


      Seeing this scene!


      Bai Yi was a little embarrassed, but still held out her hand stiffly: "Hello, I'm Bai Yi.


      "Hello, I'm Bai Yi!"


      Bai Yi's jade hand, after a slight shake with Leng Bufan's palm, was about to pull back.


      However, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of Leng Bufan's mouth, especially when he felt the smoothness of Bai Yi's jade hand, which made his heart jump.


      At that moment, he clutched Bai Yi's jade hand tightly and was unwilling to let go of it.

Chapter 726



      This scene caused the atmosphere between the four people to stagnate slightly.


      A flash of jealousy appeared above Zhou Nan's pretty face, while Lin Fan's gaze was slightly cold.


      "Young Leng, please behave yourself!"


      Bai Yi's pretty face gloomed as she said to Leng Bufan in disgust.


      And only when he saw this scene did Leng Bufan let go of his hand with a face full of regret and said apologetically.


      "I'm sorry, Miss Bai Yi's beauty has caused me to actually lose my concentration a little! I'm really sorry!"


      Saying that.


      He actually placed his palm on the tip of his nose and took a deep sniff, as if and sniffing the taste of Bai Yi's jade hand.


      On his face, there was no trace of apology anywhere.


      This scene made Lin Fan's face, even more gloomy.


      He could naturally see that this Young Leng was obviously hitting on Bai Yi.


      "Bai Yi, is this your husband?" Zhou Nan's gaze flickered and he couldn't help but look at Lin Fan next to him.


      After seeing Lin Fan's casual outfit, Zhou Nan's eye table, couldn't help but flash a strong look of contempt, and even gently enlightened five noses, as if she was afraid that Lin Fan's body had an unpleasant smell.


      "No ...... right! He is my husband Lin Fan!" Bai Yi's pretty face was slightly pale at this moment as she said straight away.


      Until this moment.


      Only then did Leng Bufan's gaze shift away from Bai Yi's body.


      He looked at Lin Fan, and after seeing Lin Fan in this casual outfit, the curvature of his mouth grew thicker and thicker as he said.


      "Tsk! Miss Bai Yi, your husband's name is really as famous as one of them! This outfit fits so well with his name! Lin Fan, Ping Fan! Hahahaha ......"


      As if he was making a joke, Leng Bufan laughed when he finished.


      Just after hearing his words, the


      Those young talents around Jiang City naturally wouldn't let go of this opportunity to curry favor, and they all laughed and echoed with.


      "Hahahaha ...... Mr. Bai, today is a grand dinner party, this outfit of your husband is too plain!"


      "Ugh! One is Lin Fan and the other is Leng Bufan! Sure enough, Young Master Bufan is the real protagonist, while Lin Fan is just a clown!"


      "Alas ...... it's a pity that such a flower as General Manager Bai is stuck in a cow dung! From my point of view, General Manager Bai and Young Master Leng are the match made in heaven!"




      There was a lot of noise.


      And among these voices, almost all of them were words of flattery towards Leng Bufan, as well as mocking blows to Lin Fan.


      Hearing these words.


      Bai Yi's heart surfaced with a thick colour of anger, and she couldn't help but grab Lin Fan's palm, before turning to the crowd with a face full of indifference and saying.


      "I'm sorry, my husband's goodness is invisible to you all!"


      "I'm very satisfied with what he's wearing! That's enough!"




      Bai Yi's words did not show the slightest bit of mercy.


      It was as if a slap in the face was fiercely smacked on the faces of those guests around them, instantly making every one of them feel their faces burning hot.




      They hadn't expected that Bai Yi, the beautiful president, would be so defensive of her own waste of a husband.