Today I Give Up Trying 721-723

 Chapter 721



      Neither Bai Yi nor Bai Yifan and the others had obviously not expected that Lin Fan would be so calm.


      In particular, a fee was required for entry to the Caesar Hotel?


      How was that possible!


      This was just a hotel, they had never heard of any hotel that required a fee for entry.


      At that moment, the mockery on Bai Yifan and the others' faces grew thicker and thicker: "Lin Fan, are you short of money?


      "Lin Fan, are you stupidly short of money! Young Leng is holding a banquet at the Caesar Hotel, how can you need to pay a fee for entry here!"


      "Yes, Lin Fan, listening to your tone, how come you feel like the owner of Caesar Hotel! Hahahaha ......"


      "Che! I don't know if Caesar Hotel pays fees or not, but you're dressed so shabbily. I'm afraid that you can't even get in the door of the hotel!"


      Caesar Hotel, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Jiang City.


      Those who entered the door needed to be neatly dressed, with a suit and tie, almost as a standard.


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, was in casual attire, and was afraid that he really couldn't even enter the front door of the hotel.


      "Can't get in the door?"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly and looked at the three men playfully as he said.


      "Are you guys sure?"


      "Hahahaha ...... of course I'm sure, you're dressed so shabbily, if you can get in the door of Caesar Hotel, I, Bai Yifan ......" Bai Yifan, immediately wanted to make a fierce statement.


      Only, his words have not yet been spoken.




      At once, stunned to see, a figure, unexpectedly from within the Caesar Hotel, rushed out.


      And that was not all.


      A red carpet was quickly rolled down from the hotel lobby.


      A welcoming lady stood on both sides of the red carpet, and on each of her handsome face bags, a warm smile emerged.


      At the same time.


      A banner, surprisingly, was held up from the entrance of Caesar Hotel.


      A few words were written on it!


      "Welcome, Mr. Lin and Miss Bai, to the Caesar Hotel!"




      Upon seeing this one banner, Bai Yifan, Lin Guangyao, Shen Jian and the others, were all dumbfounded.


      Mr. Lin!


      Miss Bai!


      Could it be that it was referring to Lin Fan and Bai Yi?


      Only, how was this possible.


      On the faces of all three of them, a strong sense of uncertainty surfaced, yet right at that moment.




      The sound of neat and tidy footsteps came out from within the Caesar Hotel, and then the crowd saw a middle-aged man in a suit, with a face full of majesty, stepping out from within the hotel.


      "That's the owner of Caesar Hotel, Zhou Wanshan! Oh my god, he ...... how he personally greeted out!"


      The three of them, Lin Guangyao, were stunned.


      They were aware that this Zhou Wanshan was definitely a big shot in Jiang City.


      Apart from Xu Tianlong and other giants, there was simply no one that he could put in his eyes.


      And going out to greet him?


      This was even more impossible.


      But now.


      "Hahahaha ...... Mr. Lin, Miss Bai, welcome welcome welcome!"

Chapter 722

Zhou Wanshan led a group of senior figures from Caesar Hotel and came to Lin Fan and Bai Yi with a hail of voices.


      And then one by one, they bowed, all with a strong look of reverence on their faces.


      "I have just learnt that Mr. Lin and Miss Bai have come to our hotel, so I hurried out to greet them, I hope Mr. Lin and Miss Bai will forgive me if I have been negligent!"


      Zhou Wanshan's expression at this moment was humble to the extreme.


      This scene, moreover, made everyone here, almost unable to believe their eyes.




      Bai Yifan, Lin Guangyao and Shen Jian were completely messed up.


      They looked at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost.


      What was going on?


      This guy was not qualified to enter the Caesar Hotel at all in terms of his dress.


      And now, not only was the Caesar Hotel holding banners and rolling out carpets to greet him, but even the owner, Zhou Wansan, had personally come to welcome him.


      This, simply turned their three views upside down.


      Not only them!


      At this moment, even Bai Yi was stunned.


      He had naturally met Zhou Wanshan before, at Shen Jian's engagement ceremony, when the Shen family had arranged for the four of them to be at the entrance.


      It was Zhou Wanshan, along with Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen and others, who had come to accompany them, and had even brought mountains of food from the Caesar Hotel.


      Originally, Bai Yi thought that it was just a coincidence.


      But now!


      "Could it be that last time it was because of Lin Fan? This time it's also because of Lin Fan?"


      Bai Yi looked at her husband with an expression of having seen a ghost.


      Only, Lin Fan seemed oblivious as he faced the modesty of Zhou Wansan and the others and only smiled lightly before asking.


      "Boss Zhou, I just heard someone say that if you don't wear a suit and tie, you won't be able to enter the Caesar Hotel?"




      Lin Fan's faint words scared the faces of Zhou Wanshan and all the senior management of Caesars Grand Hotel to a miserable white.


      One by one, they hurriedly wiped the sweat from their foreheads and said in response.


      "Mr. Lin is joking! Other people must wear suits and ties, but Mr. Lin naturally doesn't need one!"




      With a single sentence, Lin Guangyao and the others, were even more shocked.


      However, that was not all.


      Lin Fan smiled and said.


      "I've also heard that your Caesar Hotel, today, requires tickets, right?"


      "Here! This six hundred, is considered to be our couple's ticket money!"


      Ticket money.


      Looking at the six red tickets that Lin Fan handed over, Zhou Wanshan was slightly stunned and could only take them with a stiff upper lip.


      And it was only at this point that Lin Fan said with a smile.


      "As for those other rich people, it's up to Boss Zhou to decide how much to charge for the tickets!"




      With this statement, Lin Fan seemed to be referring to something.


      When Zhou Wanshan saw Lin Guangyao and the others who were beside him with ugly faces, he instantly understood Lin Fan's meaning.


      He hurriedly nodded his head and said.


      "Don't worry, Mr. Lin, we at Caesar Hotel will definitely charge fairly!"

Chapter 723



      The moment these words were spoken, Bai Yifan and the others' faces changed.


      Even a fool could see that charging admission money was entirely Lin Fan's intention.


      What was even more unbelievable was that Zhou Wansan had actually obeyed Lin Fan's orders, what the hell was going on?


      The three Bai Yifan were dumbfounded.


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, turned his head and smiled faintly at them, saying.


      "Cousin! Cousin! Class leader! Thank you for sponsoring the ticket money, in that case, I'll see you at the banquet!"


      Having said that!


      Lin Fan pulled a dumbfounded Bai Yi, and headed towards the Caesar Hotel.


      And as the duo walked by.




      One by one, the welcoming ladies bowed in unison and saluted.


      "A warm welcome to Mr. Lin and Miss Bai!"


      "A warm welcome to Mr. Lin and Miss Bai!"




      This reverent shout was shocking to the extreme.


      It was as if at this moment, Leng Shao was not the main character at all, and the real main characters were Lin Fan and Bai Yi.


      This was not all.


      Bai Yifan was stunned to find out.


      Only after Lin Fan and Bai Yi walked into the hotel did the welcoming ladies roll up the red carpet, which was a hundred metres long, and put away the banner.


      It was as if both the carpet and the banner were only there to greet the two of them, Lin Fan and Bai Yi.


      "This ...... how is this possible!"


      Lin Guangyao swallowed hard, it was the first time he had seen, the Caesar Hotel greeting a guest with such high specifications.


      And this guest, was still Lin Fan, whom he had despised in every way.


      This had simply turned his three views upside down.


      "Let's go too!" Next to him, Bai Yifan also had an ugly look on his face.


      At that moment, he wanted to take his female companion and head towards the Caesar Hotel.


      Just at that moment!


      "Mr. Bai, please pay the fee!"


      A cold voice came out, causing Bai Yifan's body to tremble.


      Instead, he saw that Zhou Wanshan and a group of Caesar executives had stopped in front of them, and a pair of eyes, pinned dead on their bodies, were filled with a thick hostility.


      Paying a fee?


      How dare they really want to pay the fee?


      Bai Yifan's face, bristling, was so gloomy that water almost dripped out of it.


      He gave Zhou Wanshan a reluctant glance, and then he could only stiffen his head and take out six red tickets from his wallet once again, and handed them over to Zhou Wanshan.




      "Sorry, Mr. Lin, your tickets are ...... sixty thousand! And only cash, no transfers or online payments will be accepted!"




      With a single sentence, Bai Yifan's face, turned green with anger.


      He couldn't believe it, Lin Fan and Bai Yi had only paid six hundred, while how could he possibly have to pay sixty thousand!


      "Boss Zhou, have you made a mistake! Just now Lin Fan had only given you six hundred!" Bai Yifan's face was white with misery as he stared at Zhou Wansan with a deadly stare and questioned