Today I Give Up Trying 714-716

 Chapter 714

"I don't believe it, you're so strong!"


      With a clang!


      The head wolf pulled the spike at his waist, out with a flourish, and lashed out against the line as it came at him!




      However, to the disbelief of the head wolf, when the fish line cut through the spike, his spike, as if it was made of paper mache, actually broke apart.


      And then there was a poof!


      The head wolf only felt a chill on his neck, and immediately heard the sound of his neck being cut off raw.


      And then, his vision followed his head, slowly falling down.


      Seeing his planted body, his whole head, grunting, rolling to the ground.




      At this moment, after all four wolves in the northwest were dead, this area of the lake fell into a deadly silence.


      Only a trace of scarlet blood flowed out, filling the air with an aura of blood, and giving people a feeling of numbness in the scalp.


      Who could have imagined that the Four Wolves of the Northwest, who had roamed the Northwest Desert for a year and were so ruthless and ferocious that they were unimaginable, would be killed in a single breath.


      If outsiders were to see this scene, they would definitely be scared to death.


      "Pity but lamentable!"


      At this moment, the old fishing man seemed as if he had not killed four human flies at all, but more like he had crushed four ants to death.


      With a flip of his palm, all the blood on top of that one fish line dissipated into thin air before he shook once again.




      The fish line without a hook was once again viciously dropped into the lake by him.




      Still fishing!


      At this moment, if a Grand Master was here, it was possible to see.


      This old man was not simply fishing, it was as if he was fishing for a realm!


      Fishing for life, but also for death!


      Time passed slowly.


      And when an hour had just passed.


      The old man's brow frowned slightly.


      He could not help but raise his head and look towards the azure sky.


      The sky, devoid of any flying birds or clouds, was azure, but just a short minute later.


      A loud buzzing sound, surprisingly, came from the sky above.


      It was a ...... helicopter!


      This helicopter, slowly landed.


      And then the hatch of the aircraft opened.


      One after another, a black-clothed bodyguard came out from inside.


      These black-clothed bodyguards were both Chinese and foreigners with hawk eyes and hooked noses, but each of them had a strong and sturdy figure, and their waists were bulging high, but they were carrying a handgun.


      There were ten bodyguards, divided into two rows in unison.


      At that moment, a young man, who seemed to have been emptied of his body by alcohol and sex, slowly stepped down from within the cabin.


      If Zhang Yichen were here, he would have recognised him as the youngest member of the Zhang family, Zhang Lei!


      He was the cousin who had once tried to kill her.

Chapter 715

"Che! This is really a piece of sh*t!"


      After Zhang Lei stepped off the helicopter, he couldn't help but frown, before covering his nose and saying with a face full of contempt.


      This is not all!


      When Zhang Lei's eyes saw the four corpses on the ground, the look of disgust on his brow intensified.


      "There are still corpses! What a fucking spoilsport!"


      Zhang Lei looked like a second-rate man.


      Only when he heard this, the one behind him, Uncle Li, was full of panic and said.


      "Eldest Young Master, these four corpses seem to be the Four Wolves of the Northwest!"




      At these words, not only was Zhang Lei startled, but even the ten bodyguards' bodies all trembled.


      The Four Wolves of the Northwest, these were powerful bandit figures.


      In particular, they had just heard that these four murderers had just committed a shocking crime in the Northwest.


      And now, how could they die here.


      "Uncle Li, are you ...... sure," Zhang Lei's face was pale, and cold sweat was running down his forehead.


      And hearing these words!


      The one next to him, Uncle Li, nodded with a face full of gravity.


      "Young master, that's absolutely right! At first, we even considered inviting the Four Wolves of the Northwest to deal with that surnamed Lin!"


      "These four people are definitely the Four Wolves of the Northwest! And seeing their wounds, they should have been killed with a single blow!"




      When these words from Uncle Li fell, Zhang Lei's body trembled, and the disdain on that face was then transformed into gravity and panic.


      Especially, after he looked at the figure of the old man who was fishing, his scalp tingled for a while.


      "I really didn't expect that after five years had passed, the Blood Float was still so ferocious and terrifying!"




      Zhang Lei could not help but take a deep breath, and at that moment, with a face full of respect, he led a group of people and slowly walked in the direction of the angling old man.


      It was only when they arrived not far from the old man that they clattered and bowed as much as they could.


      "Old Mister Blood Faust, I am Zhang Lei of the Zhang family! This time, I am ready to invite you, old man, to come out of the mountain!"


     Out of the mountain!


      Within Zhang Lei's voice, although it was vaguely panicked, it contained a strong sense of confidence.


      It was as if, he was very confident that the old man would come out of the mountain.


      "The Zhang family?"


      After hearing the true words, the old man's body gave a slight lurch, before his vicissitudes of voice, came straight out.


      "This family, I know, but wanting to invite me, it's not enough!"




      These words caused the faces of Zhang Lei and the others to change slightly.

Chapter 716

However, even though the crowd had vague anger in their hearts, none of them dared to flare up.


      "Old sir, I know that your old position is revered and our Zhang family is not qualified to invite you out! However, don't you want to know the situation of that disciple of yours, Blood Wolf?"


      Zhang Lei's eyes, staring straight at the old man's back, said confidently.


      Blood Wolf!


      These two words, moreover, caused the old man's body to stiffen slightly.


      It was as if, in his heart, some ripples had vaguely risen.


      "That little fellow Blood Wolf? Forget it! From the day I let him go, it was the moment when our master and disciple's destiny ended!"


      "The fate of life and death in the future will all depend on him!"


      The old man shook his head, and then continued fishing, as if there was nothing more that could attract his attention.


      And after seeing this scene!


      Whether it was Zhang Lei, or Uncle Li and the others, all of them looked ugly one by one.


      They did not expect that Blood Faustus was so indifferent by nature, that he did not care about whether his disciple was alive or dead.


      It was as if they had already seen through everything in the human world.


      Seeing this scene!


      Zhang Lei was completely out of options, and immediately wanted to take money to invite Blood Fudo.


      But before his words could be uttered, Uncle Li, who was next to him, hurriedly told him to stop.


      And then, Uncle Li swept a glance at Blood Faust's back, before he respectfully said.


      "Old Mr. Blood Faust, we know that you have long seen through the ups and downs of the human world! However, I still want to speak to you!"


      "Your disciple, Blood Wolf, has long since become one of the top ten assassins in East Asia!"


      "Only, in the middle of a mission in Jiang City some time ago, he was destroyed by a Grand Master, in three moves!"




      Uncle Li's words obviously made the old man's emotions slightly agitated for a minute.


      "Three strokes? Are you sure?"


      There was a thick tone of gravity in Blood Faust's voice.


      It was as if, in his eyes, three moves to scrap his disciple was something that was hard to imagine.


      Seeing Blood Faust's expression, there was finally a change in his expression.


      Uncle Li and Zhang Lei and the others were wildly happy.


      Zhang Lei hurriedly struck the iron while it was still hot and simply said.


      "It's true! Old Mr. Blood Fudo, that Grand Master not only nullified Blood Wolf, he even let out a wild statement that you wouldn't be able to support a single move under him!"




      The moment this statement was made, it caused Blood Fudo's body to tremble more and more violently.


      Clearly, this kind of adding fuel to the fire and stirring up trouble by Zhang Lei had had an effect.


      This was not all.


      Zhang Lei continued.


      "In addition to that, Old Mister Blood Faust, that Grand Master surnamed Lin, when he defeated your disciple, he blew through his Xuan Turtle Armour with a single punch and crushed his Cold Blood Spear with a single palm!"




      Until those words fell!


      Blood Faust finally became nonchalant, and his entire body sat up violently from the ground.


      Turning his head.