Today I Give Up Trying 709-710

 Chapter 709

The night, fading away!


      When Bai Yi woke up from her sleep early the next morning, she only felt a light and airy feeling all over her body.


      It was as if, all the fatigue, all the impurities in her body, had been expelled from her body.


      "What a relaxing feeling! Could it be because of Lin Fan's massage last night?"


      Bai Yi was a little confused.


      She could be certain that this was definitely the sweetest sleep she had ever had since she was a child.


      She even felt as if she was several years younger.


      Especially, after she turned her head and saw Lin Fan next to her, huffing and puffing, Bai Yi couldn't help but think back to the scene that had made people shy last night.


      "Last night Lin Fan helped me with a massage and I seem ...... to have moved?"




      Thinking of this, Bai Yi's pretty face was once again as red as blood, her heart thumping wildly.


      "This stinky guy, he even knows how to massage!"


      Although Bai Yi was filled with shyness, the gaze she looked at Lin Fan was more and more filled with adoration.


      She was discovering more and more that her husband was simply omnipotent.


      Come to think of it!


      Bai Yi quietly went forward and covered Lin Fan with a blanket, and then placed a deep kiss on Lin Fan's forehead before she started to go out and wash up.


      When the sun rose.


      When Lin Fan woke up, he realised that Bai Yi had somehow donned a cook's outfit and had already prepared a table of food.


      "Wife, what are you doing?"


      Lin Fan was a little confused, this was the first time he had seen Bai Yi, the intellectual president, cooking in the kitchen.


      Seeing Lin Fan, Bai Yi couldn't help but just feel her heart beating faster and faster as she lowered her head and said.


      "I saw that you were too tired last night! So I got up and made you a breakfast, hurry up and come eat!"


      She said!


      Bai Yi's pretty face flushed and she hurriedly walked into the kitchen and continued to work.


      Looking at Bai Yi's little womanly look, Lin Fan was happy, he knew that his relationship with Bai Yi had deepened by one point.


      It was not until the two of them started to eat breakfast.


      A news item broadcast on the television, on the other hand, caused Lin Fan to faintly stare.


      "This station reports that according to news coming from Lake Lobu, the Blood Faust, who is known as the most ferocious Grand Master in China, has been spotted in the shadows!"

Chapter 710

"Some time ago, Blood Wolf, a disciple of Blood Faustus, suffered a serious injury in Jiang City after, could this be a sign of this demonic Grand Master's emergence?"


      "Whether or not Grand Master Blood Faustus has emerged, this station will continue to follow the story!"




      Upon seeing this piece of news.


      Not only was Lin Fan stunned, but even Bai Yi, who was next to him, had a white face.


      "Isn't Blood Wolf the assassin who assassinated Zhang Yichen? His master, surprisingly, is a Grand Master!"


      "This time it's bad, I'm afraid that our mysterious Grand Master Lin of Jiang City is in trouble!"


      A thick worry surfaced above Bai Yi's pretty face.


      Only Lin Fan, on the other hand, smiled faintly.


      "Wife, don't worry, perhaps that Grand Master Lin, doesn't even put this person in his eyes!"


      Luo Bu Lake, the lake known as the most mysterious lake in China!


      Located in the northwest part of China, it has been known as the Ear of China.


      Especially within the last few years, the fame of Lo Bu Lake had become more and more famous, and one of the most important reasons was because a terrifying devil lived here!


      The Blood Faust!


      This is a name that has been shaking China for several years, representing blood and death.


      Especially after he killed the four great masters in a single battle and destroyed a terrifying force in the northwest, he has since gone into hiding.


      But there were many forces that wanted to hunt down and kill Blood Fausto, to avenge the death of that one force.


      Without exception, all of them were wiped out in this place.


      This also made the name of Lake Lobu the Lake of Death!


      Only today.


      Today, there are four unexpected guests in this area!


      Each of them was drenched in blood and carried a cold, shiny spike on his waist.


      If anyone from the northwest saw them, they would have been shocked.


      For these four men were the Four Wolves of the Northwest, who had been invincible in the Northwest desert in the last year!


      The Four Wolves of the Northwest!


      The Four Wolves of the Northwest!


      Each of them had reached the powerful Zong Shi realm, and if they were ordinary people, they would have found a big power and lived in peace, yet these four men were ruthless and extremely ruthless, ruthless people who had long been used to licking blood from the blade.


      They are in the northwest sons and daughters, burning, killing and looting, doing nothing wrong!


      And today, these four men came to the territory of Lake Lobu.


      "Hahahaha ...... This battle was really painful, what a bullshit Blood Tiger Alliance, they are still under the four of us brothers and have been killed one after another!"


      "This time we have robbed countless treasures in total, so perhaps we can recuperate for a while!"


      The four of them all had thick ferocious smiles on their faces.


      Ordinary forces, to them, were just lambs for them to kill, prey waiting to be gnawed on, nothing more.


      However, when the head wolf among them, after sweeping a glance at the surrounding territory, his brow could not help but frown slightly:.


      "Three brothers, everyone should be careful, this seems to be Lake Lobu, which is said to be the hiding place of that Blood Faust!