Today I Give Up Trying 707-708

 Chapter 707



      This statement startled Lin Fan, but after he carefully observed the cunning in Bai Yi's beautiful eyes, he then smiled and said.


      "Honey, originally you saw through it! Alright, I admit it!"


      Admitted it!


      Lin Fan's words caused Bai Yi's heart to lift up completely.


      After three years of marriage, was she finally going to find out her husband's true identity?


      Thinking about this, Bai Yi's heart was filled with bitterness, struggle, confusion, and a strong sense of loss.


      "You tell me!"


      Bai Yi clenched her teeth tightly, forcing herself to be calm.


      She knew that Lin Fan's next words would most likely overturn her three views and send her into complete shock.


      Seeing this scene.


      Lin Fan's face, too, could not help but float a thick look of gravity before he shook his head and said with a sigh.


      "Honey, I'm actually a kitchen guard! I'm the floor cleaner! I'm my wife's flower guardian, I'm the patron saint of our new Bai's!"


      What the hell?


      Bai Yi's entire pretty face was instantly set with thick consternation above it.


      Wasn't this guy going to reveal his true identity?


      What the hell was a kitchen guardian?


      What the hell is a floor cleaner?


      After Bai Yi saw, the smirk on the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, she then realized that she had actually been tricked by this bastard.


      "Lin Fan, you ...... you bastard even tricked me!"


      With that, Bai Yi lunged towards Lin Fan.


      However, she had just drunk a lot of red wine, and at this moment, she violently stood up from the bed, but she only felt the sky spinning, and she jumped into Lin Fan's arms as soon as she could, and then the two of them fell down hard on the bed.


      "Ah ......"


      Bai Yi was startled, only after she sensed the warmth on Lin Fan's chest, as well as the hint of rich male scent, her pretty face, completely flushed red.


      "Lin Fan, you ...... get up and let go of me!"


      Bai Yi wanted to struggle to get up from Lin Fan's body.


      Only, the charming fragrance of her body, as well as that pretty face that was so charming that it was shocking, and her enchanting and perfect figure, immediately made Lin Fan's heart tremble.


      "Old ...... wife!"


      Lin Fan called out gently.


      The voice, moreover, was like an electric current, causing Bai Yi's delicate body to tremble fiercely.


      The two eyes stared at each other, all filled with a strong bond of affection.


      And just as their hearts were beating wildly, Lin Fan lowered his head and his lips slowly moved closer to Bai Yi's lips.


      Little by little!


      Until Lin Fan could no longer contain the feelings in his heart and kissed Bai Yi fiercely on top of her fragrant lips.


      "Boing ......"


      Bai Yi's delicate body trembled fiercely, and her beautiful eyes instantly glared round.


      She even felt as if a trace of electricity had flown through her body, surprisingly causing all her strength to completely disappear.

Chapter 708

"Lin ...... Lin Fan! Don't ......"


      Bai Yi was completely moved.


      Married for three years, in these three years, Bai Yi has been extremely resistant to Lin Fan, the two never had any physical contact.


      But knowing that within the last few months, Bai Yi realized that she had unknowingly fallen in love with this man long ago.


      Even if he was a loser for the rest of his life, even if he didn't fight for his life, Bai Yi knew that she could never leave this man, from life to death.


      "Wife, I love you!"


      A happy smile surfaced at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.


      With one of his large hands, he then moved towards Bai Yi's delicate body and slowly wandered away.




      A button, was slowly undone by Lin Fan, and at once the greatness of Bai Yi's chest, appeared in front of him.


      But it was the sound of this button crumbling open that instantly struck Bai Yi like a thunderbolt: "No!




      She viciously pushed Lin Fan away, and then her entire body hurriedly stood up from the bed without knowing where the strength came from.


      At this moment, her hair was a little messy, her pretty face was flushed as if it was a red apple, gasping for air, her beautiful eyes were lost.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan! Yes, I'm sorry!"


      After Bai Yi saw the stunned look on Lin Fan's face, a strong apology surfaced in Bai Yi's heart:.


      "I, I didn't mean to reject you, it's just that this is our first time and I wanted ...... to make it ritualistic after a while!"


      Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan, and a hint of pleading surfaced in her beautiful eyes.


      She had fallen in love with this man a long time ago, and naturally, she didn't mind giving herself to him.


      However, she liked perfection even more!


      In a situation full of rituals, so that she and Lin Fan would have no regrets in this life.


      Looking at Bai Yi's nervous to overwhelmed expression, Lin Fan could not help but smile slightly.


      "Wife, don't worry, I understand!"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly.


      He had already waited for three years, so naturally he wouldn't care, to wait a little longer.


      And with this single sentence, it instantly caused Bai Yi's heart to surge with love.


      At this moment, she realized that she really loved this man miserably.


      "Thank you, old ...... husband!"




      This was definitely the first time in three years that Bai Yi had called Lin Fan that.


      And after saying that, she was instantly shy and embarrassed, and that flushed pretty face was even as if it was about to drip blood, sweetly red to the extreme.


      And when Lin Fan heard this word, his heart was even hotter.


      His eyes, after sweeping a glance at Bai Yi's hot body, as well as his messy and seductive pretty face.


      Lin Fan could not help but smile faintly.


      "Alright, wife, let me give you a massage and let's go to bed!"