Today I Give Up Trying 704-706

 Chapter 704

Now, you're under arrest!


      Upon hearing this sentence from Niu Yunkui.


      Wow ......


      The crowd within the entire hall was in an uproar, and a thick look of horror surfaced on all of their faces.


      How is it possible.


      It was clearly Wu Xuepeng who called the police to prepare to deal with Lin Fan, but now these police officers arrived and not only broke one of Wu Xuepeng's arms, but even listed several charges and arrested the person who reported the case?


      This ...... was damn near beyond everyone's imagination.




      "Niu ...... Director Niu! You must be mistaken, I called the police because I was injured by someone, you ...... guys ......"


      Wu Xuepeng was confused.


      Because the charges Niu Yunkui said were indeed all his doing, rape and embezzlement, each of which was enough to get him a sentence of more than ten years.


      But he couldn't figure out how these police officers didn't come to arrest him earlier or later, but came to arrest him, the person who reported the case, when he was suing Lin Fan.


      This is simply too unbelievable.


      Could it be that ......


      Wu Xuepeng suddenly thought of a certain possibility, and instantly his eyes turned and stared deadly at Lin Fan.


      "Because of him?"


      A thought so fearful that it chilled his guts surfaced in his mind.


      Perhaps it was because, the person he had called the police to arrest was Lin Fan, that these police officers had searched him for charges and come to arrest him.




      After thinking this thought, Wu Xuepeng only felt his scalp tingle, he simply couldn't imagine what kind of identity Lin Fan had to be to receive such protection from the police.


      "Arrest him!"


      And just then, Niu Yunkui smiled coldly and waved his palm.


      At once, several police officers beside him swooped up and pinned Wu Xuepeng to the ground.


      "No! Lin ...... Mr. Lin, I'm wrong! I beg you to let me go! I really know I'm wrong, please be magnanimous and forgive me!"


      Wu Xuepeng was pinned to the ground and immediately let out a pig-killing howl.


      Just after his words came out, it made the surrounding people, such as Grand Master Bai Hai, could hardly believe their ears.


      How ...... happened?


      Why didn't Wu Xuepeng refute his charge, instead he was begging Lin Fan?


      Could it be that Lin Fan had done all this?


      But how could this be possible!


      Not only did Grand Master Bai Hai, but even Bai Yi had an expression of having seen a ghost, and the eyes he looked at his husband were even more filled with incredulity.


      Only, on Lin Fan's face, there was not the slightest fluctuation of emotion, it was as if all this had nothing to do with him in the slightest.


      Until under the shocked gaze of the crowd.


      Wu Xuepeng, the head of the Blue Sea Mansion, was taken out of the building by a few police officers as if he was a dead dog.


      It was only then that Niu Yunkui carefully bowed to Lin Fan and Bai Yi and said.


      "Miss Bai, Mr. Lin! The criminals have been brought to justice, thank you both for your great cooperation!"




      Bai Yi's head was a little dazed, she had no idea what she had cooperated with.

Chapter 705

Especially after seeing Niu Yunkui, the chief, look respectful to herself, she was even more confused and couldn't figure out what was going on.


      Until Niu Yunkui and all the police officers, escorting Wu Xuepeng, left completely.




      A dead silence fell over the entire lobby of the Blue Sea Mansion.


      The gazes of everyone in the Bai family were all fixed on Bai Yi and Lin Fan, each as if they were in mourning, their faces ashen.


      It was over!


      The Blue Sea Mansion had finally fallen into Bai Yi's hands, while their Bai family had lost 150 million dollars.




      The Blue Sea Building changed its name - the new Bai Group!


      This news shook Jiang City.


      However, this was not all, after hearing that Cai Guofu had transferred all the properties under his name to Bai Yi for free, and that even the Cai Guofu brothers had evaporated into thin air.




      The city was shaken, and almost everyone could not imagine how Bai Yi had managed to do it.


      A mere two-day trip to Yunhai had resulted in the admission of billions of dollars in assets, a terrifying speed of money absorption that simply fell out of everyone's eyes.


      From this moment onwards, the new Bai Group entered the limelight completely, even as everyone had a hunch that this was the rise of a business legend and the beginning of the Bai Group's descent into decline.


      The White Family!


      All the senior members of the Bai family, gathered together, but the atmosphere was sullen to the point of suffocation.


      And on the floor of the main hall, there were two people kneeling, none other than Bai Hai and Bai Yifan.


      The two men, father and son, looked as ugly as if they were dead ashes at this moment, and disbelief lingered vaguely in their expressions.


      "Dad! This is really too bizarre, the Cai Guofu brothers were renowned as ruthless characters in Yunhai! How could it be that for no reason at all, they evaporated into thin air, and even more so that such a huge estate was cheaply sold to that dead girl Bai Yi!"


      The eldest, Bai Hai, looked at the old man, his face full of bitterness.


      And Bai Yifan, too, shook his head vigorously and said.


      "Grandpa, I always feel that all of this has nothing to do with Bai Yi, but instead has something to do with Lin Fan!"




      Hearing these words, Elder Bai's eyes narrowed slightly.


      "Yifan, you continue!"


      At this moment, everyone's gazes were all gathered on Bai Yifan's body.


      As for Bai Yifan, he took a deep breath and spoke out that incredible guess in his heart.


      "Grandpa, I've made a clear enquiry, back in Yunhai, Lin Fan had a scuffle with Cai Guoquan, Cai Guofu's younger brother, resulting in Cai Guoquan's hands and feet, being broken alive!"


      "For this matter, Cai Guofu was so angry that he even sent an assassin to assassinate Lin Fan!"


      "But somehow, all four of those assassins died! Instead, in the end, the Cai Guofu brothers also disappeared without a trace!"


      Speaking of this.


      Bai Yifan unexpectedly felt a cold chill run down his back, remembering Lin Fan's clean-cut face, he unexpectedly had the illusion of shivering.

Chapter 706

"Also, the ultimate beneficiary of this one, though, is Bai Yi!"


      "But I think that Lin Fan is the one behind this matter!"


      "The person who made Cai Guofu's brothers transfer without compensation and evaporate into thin air, is him! The person who made Niu Yunkui fearful and grabbed Wu Xuepeng is also him!"




      After Bai Yifan made this guess, the entire Bai family main hall was in an uproar.


      A thick look of incredulity surfaced on the faces of all the Bai family members.


      After all, in the past, Lin Fan was nothing more than an asshat, a lazy waste of food in their eyes.


      But now!


      It seemed that every incredible thing had a vague shadow of Lin Fan, which also made Lin Fan's identity, even more difficult to guess, mysterious to the extreme.


      At this moment, even Old Master Bai felt a pang of numbness in his scalp:.


      "It seems that this person, Lin Fan, has long since become more than the simple person we saw before! "


      "However, for now, everything is only our guesses, nothing more!"


      "Now, we have a more important thing to do!"


      A more important matter?


      Hearing these words, the gazes of all the Bai family members looked towards Old Master Bai in unison.


      "The New Bai Clan, has become our great enemy!"


      "That's why we desperately need a powerful ally, and that is the ...... Jiangnan Shengshi Group!"


      "And in a few days, the young master of the second shareholder of the Shengshi Group will come to Jiang City, and our Bai family will do whatever it takes to get on board with this person!"




      At Bai Yi's home, there was a giddy atmosphere.


      Shen Yumei had cooked a sumptuous table of dishes, and the family ate happily.


      This time, the New Bai Group had successfully taken over the Blue Sea Mansion, and even more so, the New Bai's name, which was a hit, was indeed something worth celebrating.


      During that time!


      Lin Fan and Bai Shan drank some white wine, and even Bai Yi and Shen Yumei, mother and daughter, drank some red wine.


      It was not until the wine was full that Bai Yi and Lin Fan returned within their room.


      Lin Fan walked into the room and realised that Bai Yi's pretty face was flushed and flamboyant, as if she was a flower in full bloom, and she was flirtatious and enchanting.


      Only, her pair of eyes, on the other hand, were staring deadly at herself, permeated with scrutiny and questioning.


      "Old ...... wife, why are you looking at me like that?"


      Lin Fan was a little vain and couldn't help but ask with a dry smile.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai Yi's pretty face, was even colder, and the look she gave Lin Fan was filled with a complicated look.


      "Lin Fan, how on earth did you manage to do that?"


      "Uh ...... did what ah? Honey, I don't know what you're talking about?" The look on Lin Fan's face grew more and more embarrassed.


      And seeing that the bastard was still pretending, Bai Yi's jade hand, slapped fiercely at the head of the bed.


      "Lin Fan, don't pretend, I know all about your identity!"