Today I Give Up Trying 699-700

 Chapter 699

"A no-cost transfer? That's not possible! As long as Cai Guofu is not kicked in the head by a donkey, he would never do such an idiotic thing!"


      "Yes! This is a multi-billion dollar fortune, how could it be given away for nothing!"


      "Fake, this is absolutely fake!"




      At this moment, there was a constant stream of questioning voices within the hall.


      Whether it was Grand Master Bai Hai and the others, or Wu Xuepeng, all of them couldn't believe it.


      Not only them!


      It was Bai Yi who was the most incredulous.


      At this moment, Bai Yi was completely dumbfounded, this feeling was like being hit by a pie falling from the sky, making her head go blank.


      "Transferring it to me for free? How is this possible!"


      Bai Yi was aware that that Cai Guofu had plotted against her, and even at that time, she had slapped her fiercely, and a grudge had long been formed.


      This kind of person would be lucky if he didn't try to deal with her, so how could he give his family to himself.


      This is like a nightmare from heaven.


      "No...... not right!"


      Suddenly, Bai Yi seemed to think of something, her beautiful eyes turned and she couldn't help but look at Lin Fan.


      She could remember that at that time, Lin Fan had brought a group of bigwigs from Yunhai City to face Cai Guofu in the room.


      Even during that time, there was the sound of Cai Guofu's brothers' miserable screams.


      "Could it be that this was done by Lin Fan? He said he wanted to surprise me, could this be the ...... surprise?"


      Bai Yi covered her small mouth and looked at Lin Fan with a gaze that was more and more filled with intense incredulity.




      She felt more and more that her husband had changed.


      No longer was he the wimp he once was, instead he had turned into an unfathomable and terrifying man who seemed like a god.


      Even Bai Yi doubted that in this world, was there anything Lin Fan couldn't do?


      "Everyone doesn't need to question!"


      At this moment, Zheng Tian looked at Wu Xuepeng and the others and said with a face full of indifference.


      "Regarding the transfer of General Manager Cai's properties under his name without compensation, not only is there a signed contract, there is also a lawyer to testify! In addition to that, people like Old Man Fei, Old Man Qi and Mr. King Kong of Yunhai City can all testify!"




      The moment these words were said, everyone around was horrified.


      Elder Fei, Elder Qi, Mr. King Kong and others testified.


      These people were all the top giants of Yunhai City, and with them testifying, then it meant that this matter could definitely not be a fake.




      Wu Xuepeng's entire body seemed to be hit by a bolt from a clear sky, causing him to fall to the ground on his butt as his eyes went black.


      It was over ......


      He was even thinking of mooching off his new boss?


      Wasn't this a fucking death wish?


      Thinking of this, Wu Xuepeng's face was as white as paper and he was almost frightened to the point of fainting.


      However, at this moment!


      Lin Fan didn't even give this man a second glance as he looked at Bai Hai and Bai Yifan with a smirk and said with a playful face.


      "By the way, Eldest Uncle and Cousin! I have to thank you more for this trip to the Sea of Clouds!"

Chapter 700



      Grand Master Bai Hai, Bai Yifan and the others, as well as all the surrounding Bai family members, all froze.




      Had they heard wrong, themselves and the others were bent on stopping Lin Fan and Bai Yi from acquiring the Blue Sea Mansion, and had even paid a huge reward for Cai Guofu to break Lin Fan's legs.


      And now, this guy actually wanted to thank them?


      This caused the crowd to be incredulous for a moment.


      However, right under their puzzled gazes, Lin Fan, on the other hand, felt around from his pocket before pulling out two cheques and waved them at Bai Hai's father and son.


      "Eldest uncle! Cousin! I'm sure these two cheques are not unfamiliar to you, right?"




      After seeing these two cheques, Grand Master Bai Hai and Bai Yifan both felt their hearts tighten up, causing them to almost spurt out a mouthful of blood.


      A cheque for $150 million!


      This was exactly the money that the father and son duo had given to Cai Guofu.


      "Lin Fan, this ...... is our Bai family's money! Give it to us, you ...... give it back to us!"


      The grandfather, Bai Hai, stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, only gnashing his teeth in hatred.


      And Bai Yifan, who was at the side, even dashed and scurried up and tried to snatch it.


      But his actions seemed like child's play in Lin Fan's eyes, ridiculous and pitiful.


      With a twist of his body, Lin Fan dodged Bai Yifan straight away.


      "What? Do you Bai family members want to rob?"


      "If that's the case, then I'll have to call the police! After all, these two cheques, too, were given to me by Cai Guofu himself! Elder Fei, Elder Qi and the others, they can all testify!"


      Wow ......


      Hearing these words from Lin Fan, everyone in the Bai family's face was green with anger.


      It was Elder Fei and Elder Qi again.


      They naturally understood that as long as Lin Fan brought up the names of those two old men, their Bai Family could only swallow in their stomachs even if they broke their teeth.


      "Furthermore, I now announce that from today onwards, all business dealings between the Blue Sea Mansion and the Bai Family will be cut off! No more connections!" Lin Fan's slow and leisurely words came straight out.


      And with these words, it caused a black eye to fall on the many Bai family members.


      One hundred and fifty million dollars had gone down the drain for nothing!


      The originally agreed cooperation was directly terminated!


      This was definitely a major blow to the Bai Group, and this trip to Yunhai had clearly fattened Lin Fan to the detriment of the Bai Family.


      To think that he had been led by Lin Fan by the nose all this time.


      moncler outlet Bai Hai only felt anger rise to the surface, and his mouth suddenly turned sweet.


      "Wow ......"


      A mouthful of blood, from his mouth, spurted out wildly.


      Being angry with raw anger to the point of vomiting blood.


      This scene made many of the Bai family members jump in shock and rush forward to check.


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, was delighted.


      He looked at Grand Master Bai Hai with a playful face, the corners of his mouth curled up and he said with a smile.


      "Eldest uncle, your old man is really bullish, women are bleeding from their lower bodies, but your old man is spurting blood directly from his mouth!"


      "High! It's really ...... high!"




      Lin Fan's remark was full of teasing and flirting.