Today I Give Up Trying 697-698

 Chapter 697





      This scene fell in Wu Xuepeng's eyes, and it immediately startled him.


      Especially after seeing the chaotic scene, he hurriedly trotted up and turned to Zheng Tian and the others, saying.


      "Chief Zheng, you are finally here! Please do something for me, all the old masters!"


      "That kid, threatened to come and take over our Blue Sea Mansion! At one point he was even causing trouble here, and when I had him thrown out, this guy was so vicious that he broke my arm!"


      "Please do me justice, Mr Zheng!"


      Wu Xuepeng was vicious and instantly characterised Lin Fan as a bastard who had come to cause trouble.


      Only, to his dismay.


      Zheng Tian and the others didn't seem to have heard his words at all as they clattered towards Lin Fan's direction, walking quickly.


      "Haha ...... this kid is in trouble! The second-in-command of people's headquarters has arrived!"


      "Yeah, this kid beat someone up and still came to cheat, let's see how he ends up this time!"




      At this moment, after seeing this scene, the smiles on the faces of the many Bai family members grew thicker and thicker.


      It was as if they saw that Lin Fan's end would be even more miserable.


      And on the other side!


      Bai Yi's entire delicate body trembled a little after seeing this scene.


      "Lin Fan, what do we do now?" Dense, cold sweat dripped down from above Bai Yi's forehead.


      After all, in her mind, everything that happened today was because of herself and the others.


      If she hadn't come and threatened to take over the Blue Sea, then none of these things would have happened.


      Especially, after seeing Zheng Tian's group of people getting closer and closer to the two of them, Bai Yi's scalp tingled.


      Just after Zheng Tian and a group of other senior executives arrived in front of the two of them.


      Everyone's heart was raised to their throats.






      Under everyone's incredulous gaze, Zheng Tian and the others actually bowed to Bai Yi in unison.


      "Zheng Tian, meet the chairman!"


      "Li Ming, meet the chairman!"




      A deafening sound came from the mouths of Zheng Tian and the others.


      Just these one sentence fell.




      Within the entire hall, it was as if the mute switch had been turned on, instantly falling into a deathly silence.


      Whether it was Wu Xuepeng, the Bai family, or even Bai Yi, their heads were blank at this moment, and they only felt as if they had lost sight of what they were seeing.




      The chairman?


      Bai Yi!


      How the hell is this ...... possible!


      Wow ......


      When the reaction came, within the entire hall, it completely exploded.


      Especially those from the Bai family, each of them were like they had seen a ghost and kept exclaiming in shock.


      "What's happening? Why are these people bowing to Bai Yi?"


      "Yes! Their chairman, isn't it Cai Guofu? How come it's Bai Yi!"


      "Impossible, how could Bai Yi be the owner of Blue Ocean Mansion!"

Chapter 698



      Originally, in the eyes of the Bai family, it was normal for Bai Yi to be rejected.


      Especially in the future, her desire to buy the Blue Ocean Group was tantamount to a fool's dream.


      But now!


      The scene that happened in their eyes made every member of the Bai family unable to believe it.


      And even more unbelievable was Wu Xuepeng.


      He looked at Zheng Tian and the others in shock, his voice trembling and filled with horror:.


      "Chief Zheng, you ...... are not mistaken! This woman wanted to buy the Blue Ocean Group, but our chairman refused!"




      For Wu Xuepeng, he simply could not accept that this woman in front of him would be his chairman.


      Swish, swish, swish!


      A stream of gazes, all of them gathered on Zheng Tian's body.


      And hearing these words, Zheng Tian coldly glanced at Wu Xuepeng before saying.


      "That's right! Before Chairman Cai, he did gather Miss Bai Yi's acquisition!"


      Hoo ......


      Hearing these words, everyone around them, let out a long sigh of relief.


      It was indeed correct, Cai Guofu had rejected Bai Yi.


      That meant that Zheng Tian and the others had made a mistake.


      At that moment, everyone's hearts were all relieved.


      But at that moment.


      Zheng Tian's words continued to come through.


      "But now, General Manager Cai has already transferred the Blue Sea Mansion, as well as all the properties under his name, to Miss Bai Yi!"




      Zheng Tian's words fell, causing everyone's breath around them to stagnate viciously once again.


      Each and every one of them stared in disbelief, wondering if they had heard wrong.


      Not only the Blue Ocean Building, but all the industries, were transferred to Bai Yi?


      This ...... how the hell is this possible.


      Wu Xuepeng's eyes almost fell out as he trembled and looked at Zheng Tian, asking incredulously.


      "Mr. Zheng, this is impossible! Previously, General Manager Cai and I explained that it was absolutely impossible for Blue Ocean Mansion to be sold, let alone transferred!"


      "Could it be that she has offered a sky-high price?"


      Aside from the unimaginable sky-high price, Wu Xuepeng simply did not believe that Cai Guofu would sell the Blue Sea Mansion.


      It wasn't just him!


      All the Bai family members beside him, the same one gaze looked at Bai Yi.


      In their eyes, it was only possible for Bai Yi to get the mansion if he offered a sky-high price that was hard to refuse.


      Especially Bai Hai's father and son.


      They knew that Cai Guofu had set the price of the Blue Sea Building at a whopping $3 billion in order to make things difficult for Bai Yi.


      If the other properties under Cai Guofu's name were added, Bai Yi would have to take out at least 10 billion to acquire them all.


      Just 10 billion?


      Is that even possible?


      At this moment, Bai Hai's father and son looked at each other, and they could see a strong look of horror in each other's eyes.


      For a moment.


      Everyone in the hall felt their hearts thumping wildly, and even Bai Yi covered his mouth in shock, his face full of disbelief.


      However, that was not all.


      "Not a sky-high price, but a ...... no-cost transfer!"




      When these words of Zheng Tian fell.




      As if a bomb was put into a calm lake, immediately everyone's hearts were set off with shocking waves.