Today I Give Up Trying 689-690

 Chapter 689

It wasn't just them.


      Old Master Bai's palms were trembling at this moment, as he stared at that Mercedes-Benz with deadly disbelief.


      Especially, after the door of that Mercedes opened and Lin Fan and Bai Yi had stepped down.


      Jing ......


      At this moment, this area instantly fell into a boundless dead silence.


      This was not all.


      The crowd saw that as Bai Yi and Lin Fan stepped out of the car, the doors of the twenty Rolls-Royces, also opened one after another.


      Elder Fei, Elder Qi, King Kong and all the others, all got out of the cars, fully dozens of the top big giants of Yunhai City.


      And then, under everyone's horrified and death-defying gaze.


      Elder Fei and the others bowed in unison to Bai Yi and Lin Fan: "We are escorting Bai Yi and Lin Fan.


      "We are escorting Miss Bai Yi and Mr. Lin Fan here, so farewell!"




      Seeing Elder Fei and the others who bowed, and then hearing Elder Fei and the others' humble words, at this moment, every single person in Jiang City felt as if their heads had been struck by lightning, blanking out.


      How could this be!


      Where were the big shots that were clearly promised?


      How could Elder Fei and the others be escorting Lin Fan?


      This was simply too unbelievable.


      That was not all, the crowd saw that Lin Fan merely nodded and waved at Elder Fei and the others, saying.


      "You guys go back!"


      After saying that, Lin Fan surprisingly never gave those bigwigs from Yunhai City another glance, took Bai Yi with him, and walked towards the middle of the crowd.




      At this moment, among the crowd of people in Jiang City, there was more than a dodge as Lin Fan walked towards them.


      There was a look of shock and uncertainty on the faces of the people, they did not dare to block Lin Fan's path, and they did not dare to greet him.


      Within a breath, Lin Fan and Bai Yi arrived in front of the crowd of the Bai family.


      "Dad! We're back!"


      Lin Fan said to Bai Shan with a smile.


      It was just that at this moment, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were looking at the duo with the same dumbfounded look as the crowd around them.


      "Lin Fan, how could it be you guys! Isn't there a big shot? How could you guys have been escorted by Old Man Fei and the others?" Old Master Bai's voice trembled at this moment as he asked at Lin Fan.


      After all, this matter was too unbelievable.


      Eldest Master Bai Hai had sworn with conviction that it was a great man, but now it was Lin Fan, whom they despised.


      This huge contrast made the Bai family members, how could they accept it.


      What was even more of a slap in the face was that they had taken precious calligraphy and paintings worth millions, which was even more like a slap in the face of every member of the Bai family.




      Hearing Elder Bai's questioning, Lin Fan frowned.


      He swept a glance at the gifts in the hands of the Bai family and instantly understood what these people were thinking, and could not help but surface a cold smile.


      "Sorry everyone, Elder Fei and the others are the ones escorting our couple!"


      "Besides, we don't accept gifts!"

Chapter 690



      The words were like a loud slap in the face of Old Master Bai, instantly making his old face, ashamed and bashful, almost fainting in anger and anxiety.


      "Who ...... said it was to give you a gift! What kind of thing are you!"


      The old master Bai's heart was furious to the extreme, and after cursing and swearing at this moment, he no longer had the face to stay here, and immediately led each and every member of the Bai family to leave in indignation.


      It wasn't just them.


      After seeing the twenty Rolls-Royces leave, the rest of the people in Jiangcheng gathered around, each one full of curiosity and asking more questions of Lin Fan and Bai Yi.


      And at the same time!


      On the main road from Yunhai to Jiang City, the road was unblocked and a BMW X5 was speeding along.


      Bai Yifan, who was driving the car, was full of excitement.


      "Dad! At this hour, Grandpa and the others must have met that big shot, I wonder how the talks went! If they can really make a connection, that's simply great!"


      Bai Yifan's heart was elated, feeling that this trip to Yunhai was simply perfect.


      Not only did he stop Bai Yi from acquiring Blue Ocean Mansion, he also reached a cooperative alliance with the Cai Guofu brothers.


      He had even made the Cai Guofu brothers break Lin Fan's legs.


      As well as, by coincidence, meeting a terrifying big brother.


      It was definitely a trip that was not in vain.


      And hearing this, Grand Master Bai Hai smiled faintly.


      "Don't worry! This time, your grandfather was very sincere and brought out their family's pair of 'Stepping on Snow to Find the Plum Blossoms' which would definitely be able to impress that big brother! Besides, even if we can't make a deep friendship, it's enough to make a good relationship with that big man!"


      After saying this, the father and son looked at each other, their faces all happy.


      But just when they were at the height of their excitement.


      A ringing bell!


      A sharp mobile phone ringing sounded.


      When Bai Hai saw the number on the display, a strong look of joy appeared on his face.


      "It's your grandfather calling! It seems to be a good news report!"


      After Bai Hai finished speaking, he instantly picked up the phone.


      But as soon as the call was answered, a stormy and scolding voice came from inside


      "Bai Hai, you're fucking brain-damaged! How dare you ask me to send gifts to Bai Yi and Lin Fan! I'm telling you, I've lost my face today, old man! You beast!"




      Grand Master Bai Hai was on speakerphone.


      When they heard the sound of this furious bellowing, Bai Hai and Bai Yifan, father and son, were completely dumbfounded.


      "Dad ...... what are you talking about! When did I ask you to send gifts to Lin Fan and Bai Yi? What ...... has happened here!"


      A strong sense of bad foreboding could not help but surface in moncler outlet online Bai Hai's heart.


      And just as his words fell, the old man's angry voice continued to come.


      "Bullshit big shot, I'm telling you, the people that those giants from Yunhai City escorted here this time are Bai Yi and Lin Fan!"


      Wow ......


      As these words fell, a look of having seen a ghost appeared on Bai Hai and Bai Yifan's faces.