Today I Give Up Trying 687-688

 Chapter 687



      Even though everyone around them didn't believe Lin Fan, the couple knew that Lin Fan never lied.


      If he said he would be there soon, then he would definitely be there soon.


      "Let's go wait by the side!" Bai Shan said to his wife, Shen Yumei, and at that moment, the couple, walked straight to a corner of the car park and slowly waited.


      Seeing this scene.


      The mockery of the Bai family towards Bai Shan and his wife grew thicker and thicker.


      In their eyes.


      Not only was Lin Fan an unreliable liar, but the Bai Shan couple were also pure fools.


      But at that very moment.


      A scream erupted from the middle of the crowd.


      "Look, there are headlights up ahead! Could it be that big guy's car coming?"




      As this scream rang out, for a moment, a line of eyes, in unison, looked towards the front of the main road.


      At once, under their shocked sight, a car with extremely bright headlights appeared in the crowd's line of sight.


      It was surprisingly a convoy.


      In particular, at the very front were ten Rolls-Royces driving the road, appearing in an incomparably shocking spectacle before the eyes of the crowd.


      Cloud D00000!


      Cloud D66666!


      Cloud D88888!




      One after another of the brightly lit license plates caused the shocked screams among the crowd of Jiang City bigwigs to grow louder and louder.


      "Oh my god, that Yun D00000, I know it! It's really Fei Lao's car, looks like the news is correct!"


      "Cloud D66666, it's the car of the old man of the Qi family in Yunhai City! I didn't expect that Elder Qi really escorted it personally! This is simply too scary!


      "Big Brother! This person being escorted is definitely a provincial big brother, I just don't know which existence is coming to Jiang City?"




      There was an uproar among the crowd in Jiang City.


      The faces of almost every Jiang City big shot were flooded with thick excitement and exuberance.


      Even the Bai family members were all red with excitement, and they gripped the gift in their hands, a little tighter.


      But at that moment.


      A phone rang, ringing from Bai Shan's body.




      This phone ringing, which was extremely abrupt, immediately caught the attention of the Bai family, and after they saw that it was actually Bai Shan's phone ringing.


      Second Master Bai Chuan could not help but say with a sneer on his face.


      "Hahahaha ...... Old Third, pick it up! Maybe it's that waste of a son-in-law of yours calling? And then tell you to arrive at the latter part of the night! Hahahaha ......"


      With a word from the second master, Bai Chuan, the rest of the Bai family also coaxed laughter.


      Obviously, right now, with the many bigwigs' convoys coming from Yunhai City, that meant that Lin Fan and all the ordinary vehicles coming from Yunhai to Jiang City would not arrive until almost the second half of the night.


      Hearing the jeers of the surrounding clansmen.


      Bai Shan's face became even more ugly, and at that moment he could only stiffen his head and turn on the speakerphone.

Chapter 688

When the call was answered, Lin Fan's voice, coming from within the phone, said


      "Dad! I see a lot of people have come today, have you arrived yet?"


      Lin Fan asked over the phone.


      Hearing this, Bai Shan immediately wanted to answer, but before he could [txt novel] speak, the second master, Bai Chuan, who was next to him, apparently also heard the voice on the phone, and couldn't help but sneer and laugh.


      "Lin Fan, your father has arrived! Could it be that you have arrived as well? Hahahaha ......"


      Hearing Bai Chuan's words, the surrounding Bai family members, too, could not help but laugh one after another.


      "That's right! Lin Fan, you didn't come in a Rolls Royce, did you? Haha, this road is closed and you still have your father waiting here for you dry!"


      "What an idiot! You mustn't tell us that Fei Lao's group of Cloud Sea giants, the ones escorting you, are you! Haha ......"


      The many Bai family members burst into laughter.


      The words were filled with taunts and contempt.


      Only just as their laughter rang out, Lin Fan's voice from within the phone caused their smiles to freeze in their tracks.


      "That's right! I'm the one who followed Elder Fei and his Rolls Royce!"




      The moment these words were spoken, they instantly caused the sneers on the faces of all the Bai family members to freeze.


      Following Elder Fei and his Rolls-Royce?


      This guy was saying that!


      Elder Fei and the other giants of the Cloud Sea, the person escorting them was ...... him?


      Wow ......


      When they reacted, a burst of laughter came from among the Bai family crowd.


      The look on each of their faces was as if they had heard the funniest schoolgirl ever.


      Ridicule rang out incessantly.


      "Hahahaha ...... Bai Shan, did you hear the words of this waste of a son-in-law of yours? He dares to say that the bigwigs of Yunhai City, are escorting him. Hahaha ......"


      "Laugh out loud! This waste of a son-in-law, still can't change his bragging skills!"


      "Yes! Who does he think he is? What qualifications does he have to get a lift from someone like Elder Fei?"




      Many sneering voices rose and fell.


      At this moment, in the mouths of the Bai family, Lin Fan had become a complete joke.


      And just as their words fell!




      A sound of brakes suddenly came from in front of the crowd.


      The crowd saw, as best they could, a Rolls-Royce, stopping in front of the crowd.


      Ten at the front!


      Ten in the back!


      And in the middle, escorting a ...... Mercedes Benz.


      At the sight of that one Mercedes.




      The mocking smiles on the faces of Old Master Bai, Bai Chuan, Bai Yan and the others completely froze, each one as if they had seen a ghost and couldn't believe their eyes.


      "Grandpa ...... that Mercedes seems to be really Bai Yi's, huh?"


      "Dad ...... that person driving the Mercedes, seems to be Lin Fan?"


      Bai Chuan and Bai Yan, at this moment, rubbed their eyes vigorously, after making sure they were not mistaken.


      The father and daughter duo were completely dumbfounded.