Today I Give Up Trying 661-663

 Chapter 661

The road in Yunhai City.


      Two cars, driving slowly.


      In the Mercedes in front, Lin Fan was pondering whether he should get out of the car and take care of the few stalkers behind him.


      And just as he was contemplating, he was stunned to see that beside the road in front of him, several gangsters were beating up a beggar.




      "This beggar is ......"


      When Lin Fan saw the figure of the beggar, his gaze faintly stared, and at that moment, his foot slammed on the brakes.




      The Mercedes-Benz immediately heard the side of the road.


      "Lin Fan, why did you stop?" Bai Yi, who was on the passenger side of the [Pen Interest Pavilion], faintly froze and instantly asked Lin Fan in confusion.


      Hearing this, Lin Fan smiled faintly and said.


      "Wife, why don't you drive to Hong Luck Restaurant first, I'll deal with a small matter and be there soon!"


      After saying that, Lin Fan did not continue to explain at that moment, but opened the car door straight away and walked towards a small alleyway.


      This scene left Bai Yi confused, but she didn't ask more questions.


      After all, she knew that Lin Fan could beat up more than twenty people by himself.


      Thinking about this, Bai Yi retook the driver's seat, and then started the car, heading towards the Hong Luck Restaurant, slowly.




      And just as the Mercedes-Benz car left, the one behind, the Toyota Bajaj, instantly stopped at the roadside as well.


      The four assassins in the car, at this moment, were equally full of confusion after seeing Lin Fan walking towards that small alleyway.


      "Why did this kid get out of the car? Could it be that he's not going to the Hong Luck Restaurant?"


      "He seems to be going after that beggar who was beaten up by the gangsters! Could it be that this guy, knows that beggar?"


      "Hey! Who cares if he knows him or not! We were already planning how to kill this guy, now that he's left alone, we're just in time to do it!"


      Hearing these words, a thick fierce smile appeared on the faces of the four killers.


      At that moment, they opened the car door.


      The four of them touched the daggers on their waists before rushing towards the alleyway, obviously, they wanted to finish Lin Fan in this alleyway.


      At this moment, the four men's faces were all covered in a thick, fierce smile.


      As long as they finished Lin Fan now, then they might still have time to catch up and witness that Grand Master Lin's face.


      Thinking of this.


      The four of them sped up a little more.


      Only, when they turned down a small alley, the four's footsteps came to a sudden and abrupt halt.


      It was because they saw that Lin Fan, who was in front of them, had actually stopped his figure and was standing in the middle of the alleyway, his eyes looking at the few punks in front of him.


      Just see!


      Not far ahead of Lin Fan, there were six or seven punks, frantically beating up a beggar.

Chapter 662

That beggar was covered in filth, his head was dishevelled and he was bathed in blood.


      His abdomen, a deep wound, seemed to have not yet healed, and now under the fists and kicks of the surrounding gangsters, a scarlet blood was continuously flowing down from his abdomen.


      However, he didn't fight back, he just held his head in his hands, as if he was a boiled prawn, bowing on the ground and letting the few punks beat him up.


      "Shit! Fucking beggar, beat you to death! I'll beat you to death!"


      "Hmph! A punk like you should have gone to hell a long time ago, it's a waste of food to live!"




      Several gangsters were full of ferocity and viciousness, and each of their punches and kicks were extremely heavy, immediately making that beggar's head even more bleeding and miserable.


      And when this scene fell on the eyes of those four assassins, it made them faintly stare.


      "Huh? What's up with this kid? If he knew that beggar, he must have gone up to stop it!"


      "Yeah, this kid is obviously watching the show? Damn, stopping his car and running into an alley to watch a beggar get beaten up? This guy is sick, right?"


      These four killers looked at Lin Fan's appearance of watching the show in front of them, and all of them were filled with disbelief.


      It was just at this moment.


      One of the assassins' frightened voice, however, came over.


      "No ...... it's not right! You guys look at that beggar, he seems to be ...... Blood Wolf!"




      This remark caused the remaining three assassins' bodies to tremble.


      Blood Wolf?


      That youngest top killer in East Asia?


      The ruthless man who was listed as a global AAA murderer?


      Was he the one who was scrapped by Grand Master Lin? How could he possibly appear here!


      The three assassins next to him, all confused, shifted their gazes, from Lin Fan's body, towards the beggar who was being beaten by a few punks.


      Only then did they realize.


      That person who was being beaten up was not really a beggar.


      He was wearing a T-shirt stained with dried black blood on his upper body and a pair of washed white jeans on his lower body.


      Only, both the T-shirt, and the jeans, looked dirty and old because they were soaked in dried blood and stained black.




      Through that messy hair, the four killers could immediately see that the beggar revealed that youthful face.


      It looked like it was only in its twenties in general.


      However, when this beggar's face fell in the eyes of the four killers, it immediately made their scalps tingle and they could not wait to turn around and run away.


      "Guo ...... is really Blood Wolf! He's the same as on the video, absolutely right!"


      "Oh my god, how did Blood Wolf end up in our Yunhai City after he was scrapped?"


      "Yes, and this guy surnamed Lin, does he know Blood Wolf?"


      At this moment, a thick shock and confusion filled the hearts of the four assassins.

Chapter 663

And it was at that moment.


      An icy voice came out from the midst of the battle in front of them.


      "Have you had a good fight?"


      The voice, cold and piercing, seemed to contain a boundless fury, which actually caused the temperature in this place to plummet by several degrees.


      Those few punks who were beating people up, after hearing these words, their hands and feet moved with a sudden lurch.




      The faces of the six people faintly stared.


      For some reason, after hearing these cold and biting words, their hearts were vaguely shivering.


      That feeling was like the awakening of a ferocious beast, causing the six to be horrified.


      Swish, swish, swish!


      Their gazes, one after another, looked towards the beaten beggar, each of them unable to believe their ears.


      "Little beggar, are you the one who is fucking talking?"


      "Did you get a good beating? Hey! I haven't had a good beating yet! Today, beating you to death is finished!"


      The six punks only felt at this moment that the fierce aura they had just felt, as if it was just an illusion, and did not take it to heart at all.


      However, after hearing their sinister words.


      But then, they saw that the beggar, who was covered in blood, had slowly climbed up from the ground.


      His figure, staggering, as if he would fall at any moment.






      A bead of blood, from above his hair, kept dripping down.


      However, the blood wolf did not care, as he stretched out a finger and dipped it into the blood on his body, before siping it into his mouth.


      At once, a grin appeared on his lips.


      Wow ......


      Being beaten like this, this guy was still laughing?


      The six punks only felt a creepy aura sweeping over their bodies and minds, making their scalps tingle a little.


      Only that wasn't all.


      The Blood Wolf stared straight at them, the smile on the corner of his mouth, becoming more and more ghastly: "You haven't had your fun yet.


      "You guys haven't had enough of fighting, but I've had enough!"


      "Because beating people up, is too boring! How about we play ...... kill!"


      How about we play ...... kill!


      When these words of Blood Wolf fell, those six punks only felt the temperature around them, suddenly dropped sharply, causing a single sweat hair on their bodies to stand up backwards.




      In their eyes, the youth in front of them, who was covered in blood from their beatings, was like turning into a ferocious beast that chose to devour people, chilling and terrifying.


      "No ...... don't be frightened by him! He's just a beggar, a piece of trash!"


      One of the gangsters at the head of the group took a deep breath at this moment, allowing his emotions to forcefully calm down.


      And then, turning to his companions around him, he shouted.


      "Fight! Let's all go together, we must beat him to death this time!"


      The leader of the gang's voice was dripping with a strong sense of ferocity.


      After saying this, he took the lead and ruthlessly charged towards the Blood Wolf, especially with a swing of his fist, he wanted to smash down on the Blood Wolf's face once again.


      But at that very moment!




      The leader of the gang only saw a golden light flashing before his eyes, and then he felt a coldness in his arm.