Today I Give Up Trying 659-660

 Chapter 659

Elder Fei.


      She naturally knew this big man, the last time she was at the Shen family in Jiang City, this big man had personally given her a super order contract.


      Although that order, now went to the Bai family for nothing.


      In Bai Yi's eyes, last time she was just completely lucky, afterwards, people Fei Lao was afraid that he would not remember her as a small president long ago.


      But now ......


      "Little Aunt, then did Elder Fei ever say why he invited me and Lin Fan?" Bai Yi's heart was apprehensive to the extreme.


      After all, her current status was too disparate compared to those giants on the list, and she was simply not on the same level.


      The joint invitation from these bigwigs still made Bai Yi's heart skip a beat.


      "Fei Lao didn't say that, but ......"


      Said sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi, once again sneaking a glance at Lin Fan next to her before saying.


      "However, they are very sincere, Bai Yi, you and Lin Fan should just go on a trip!"


      Hearing these words.


      Bai Yi pondered slightly for a moment, and finally could only nod stiffly.


      "Little Aunt, please reply to Elder Fei, at 7pm at the Hong Yun Grand Restaurant, Lin Fan and I will definitely be there!"


      With a single word, the boulder in Little Aunt Shen Yuzhi's heart completely fell down.


      A small smile filled her face as she said.


      "Bai Yi, sister-in-law really has to thank you this time!"


      "You, you've really married a good husband!"


      After saying that, Shen Yuzhi waved her hand straight at Bai Yi, opened the door to her room and said goodbye to leave.




      However, Shen Yuzhi's last words caused Bai Yi to faintly stare.


      Married a good husband?


      What did this statement from his own sister-in-law mean? Could it be that Elder Fei and the others' invitation had something to do with Lin Fan?


      Thinking of this, Bai Yi couldn't help but turn her eyes towards Lin Fan and asked with a face full of scrutiny.


      "Lin Fan, is it because of you that Elder Fei and the others invited us?"




      At this moment, Bai Yi became more and more suspicious of Lin Fan's background.


      This was because almost every difficult situation the family had encountered in recent times seemed to have been defused by Lin Fan without moving a muscle.


      When one thought about it, it felt too unbelievable.


      And in the face of Bai Yi's questioning, Lin Fan seemed to have prepared his heart for this.


      "Wife, don't be so suspicious! I follow you every day, and I don't know anyone, so how could Fei Lao and the others' invitation be because of me!"




      Bai Yi couldn't help but nod her head.


      She had indeed, been with Lin Fan all the time, and hadn't seen, any of them visiting Lin Fan.


      Clearly, this was overthinking herself.


      "Alright! Then get ready, at seven o'clock in the evening, we're going to negotiate with Cai Guofu about the acquisition of the Blue Sea Mansion! At eight, then we'll go to Elder Fei's invitation with them!"

Chapter 660



      In the blink of an eye, it was late afternoon.


      Lin Fan and Bai Yi freshened up a little and left the hotel together.


      Only, when the two of them had just gotten into the car, Lin Fan's brows frowned slightly.


      He noticed that there seemed to be four people that were following him.


      "Stalking? Heh!"


      At the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, a cold smile emerged, in his eyes, the other party's stalking technique was simply too poor.


      Not to mention the fact that these four people were only doing a simple disguise, even if they were truly in disguise and hidden among the crowd, but with just a single glance from them aiming at himself, Lin Fan would be able to uncover them all.


      Not only that!


      Lin Fan could even be certain that the target these four people were following was himself.


      This was because their gazes were locked onto their own bodies as much as they could.


      "It seems that some people, still have to seek death!"


      Lin Fan muttered indifferently, and instantly started the sedan.


      And at the same time!


      As the Mercedes-Benz, slowly drove away from the hotel's car park, a Toyota Land Rover, behind it, followed far behind.


      Inside this Toyota Land Cruiser, there were four majestic figures.


      These four people were none other than the owner of the Blue Sea Mansion, Cai Guofu's four bodyguards.


      All of them were clear-cut black boxers by birth.


      Each and every one of them was a ruthless character who could take on ten with one.


      And now, in their eyes, it was as if getting Lin Fan killed in front of them was just a small task that was extremely easy.


      "Hehehe, this brat has set off, I'm afraid he never dreamed that this journey he's making is going to the Ghost Gate!" A thick cold smile surfaced on one assassin's face.


      And hearing these words, the rest of the few people, too, nodded their heads.


      "It's just a pity that we won't be able to follow General Cai, but attend the dinner party hosted by Elder Fei and the others!"


      Dinner party!


      These two words caused the bodyguards next to them, to all fall silent.


      They knew that tonight, Mr. Cai had spent a lot of money to obtain the entrance tickets for the dinner party.


      And this dinner party was to welcome a super bully, Grand Master Lin.


      Thinking of Grand Master Lin's mighty reputation, these few bodyguards couldn't help but sigh with emotion.


      "Ugh ...... really can't imagine just how strong that Grand Master Lin is! The Blood Wolf is already fierce and perverted enough, but in the hands of Grand Master Lin, he couldn't last more than three moves!"


      "Yes, I couldn't believe it when our number one expert in the Cloud Sea, Vajra, was defeated by a nobody in Jiang City under the guidance of Grand Master Lin, and now, I'm convinced!"




      The faces of the four bodyguards were filled with adoration and awe.




      They were afraid that they could never dream that the person they were going to hunt this time was that devilish figure - Grand Master Lin!