Today I Give Up Trying 657-658

 Chapter 657





      A word that made Cai Guoquan gnash his teeth in hatred even more.


      He could never have imagined that he had turned over in the gutter and folded at the hands of a thief.


      "Brother! Help me take revenge! I'm going to cut that brat, in pieces, and I'm going to ravage that woman, to death!!!"


      Cai Guoquan felt the sharp pain on his limbs, and a beast-like hiss came out of his mouth.


      And hearing these words.


      Cai Guo Fu could not help but smile slightly.


      "Don't worry! The reason why I asked that Bai Yi, to meet me in Yunhai City was that I had heard about this woman's beauty!"


      "Moreover, Bai Hai, the eldest of the Bai family, and I have some friendship, and asked me to help their Bai family and teach that Lin a hard lesson!"


      Speaking of which!


      At the corners of Cai Guofu's mouth, the cold smile grew more and more ghastly:.


      "I just didn't expect that the couple would be so ungrateful as to cripple my brother!"


      "Good! In that case, let that Lin die tomorrow, and let that Bai Yi, taste my crotch gun! Hahahaha ......"


      Cai Guofu laughed in an unusually hideous and evil manner.


      And on the hospital bed at the side, Cai Guoquan was also heartily pleased to the extreme:.


      "Brother! Don't forget me, I'll be in a wheelchair tomorrow and watch you bang that Bai Yi live! Hahahaha ...... who let this smelly cousin's husband, caused me to break my leg, I will also carry her husband's head and watch her being ravaged by you!"


      At this moment, the two brothers, Cai Guofu and Cai Guoquan, could not help but glance at each other, with thick lustful smiles appearing on all their faces.


      When all of this was discussed and settled.


      Only then did Cai Guofu's face faintly stare as he said solemnly.


      "However, I have a particularly important matter to attend to tomorrow!"




      Cai Guoquan froze for a moment, before asking curiously.


      "Brother, what other matter is more important than killing Lin Fan and banging Bai Yi!"


      "I'm telling you, today I got a shocking news!" A dense fear and awe surfaced on Cai Guofu's face as he said.


      "Today, an equally big person has come to our Jiang City! Although this person, is not a national level, it is a super existence that has caused a stir throughout Jiangnan!"


      "Even the two giant groups, the Fei Family and the Qi Family, as well as the underground giants such as King Kong, are all shaken by the big brother and giant lord!"




      This sentence scared Cai Guoquan, who was on the hospital bed, and sent a shiver down his spine.


      In Yunhai, although their brothers had some power and were considered to be all-powerful in black and white.


      But in the face of such giants as the Fei family, the Qi family, and Vajra, their brothers were as weak as ants.


      All it took was a word from those bigwigs and the two brothers would be bleeding in the streets.


      Now, Cai Guoquan could not even imagine what kind of person could make the Fei family, Qi family, King Kong and other giants, all shake.

Chapter 658

"Big brother, who exactly is that person?" Cai Guoquan asked with an incredulous face.


      "This person is the one who saved the lives of Blood Wolf and Elder Fei! Grand Master Lin!"


      Cai Guo Fu said with a face full of reverence.


      "Today, I begged many upper-class people! Only then did they tell me that tomorrow evening, all the giants of Yunhai City will be hosting a banquet for Grand Master Lin at the Hong Yun Restaurant! And I, too, have spent a heavy amount of money to get an entrance ticket!"




      Grand Master Lin!


      Cai Guoquan had naturally heard of this person, that was a super existence that had rocked Jiangnan and scrapped the Blood Wolf.


      Thinking about it, if his elder brother could really get in touch with someone like Grand Master Lin, then in the future, their brothers would be able to soar to great heights.


      Thinking of this!


      Cai Guoquan's heart burst with joy.


      "Hahahaha ...... good! Big brother, then tomorrow, we will book a private room at Hong Luck Restaurant! You'll bang that Bai Yi first, then go to the dinner party and hook up with Grand Master Lin!"


      After saying that, the smiles on the two brothers' faces grew brighter and brighter.


      The next day!


      Bai Yi finally contacted the owner of the Blue Sea Mansion, Cai Guofu.


      After communicating, Cai Guofu invited Bai Yi to meet and negotiate at Hong Yun Grand Restaurant at 7pm to discuss matters regarding the sale of the Blue Sea Mansion.


      Bai Yi was naturally overjoyed at this news and immediately agreed to do so.


      That was not all.


      At noon, sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi knocked on Bai Yi's door in person.


      When Shen Yuzhi handed a red invitation to Bai Yi, Bai Yi was completely frozen.


      Because she was shocked to see the names on this invitation!


      Invitees: the Fei family, the Qi family, the Zhou family, the Huang family, Vajra, the Dignity Museum Ma Lao, and many more!


      Wow ......


      After seeing the string of names on that one invitation, Bai Yi could hardly believe her eyes.


      On it, it actually contained almost all the powerful families and plutocratic forces in Yunhai City.


      This was, simply unbelievable.


      "Little Aunt, are you sure that this one invitation, is an invitation to me and Lin Fan?" Bai Yi's voice was trembling.


      After all, the weight of each name on it was several times more horrifying than her, or even the Jiang City Bai family.


      And now.


      These giants of Yunhai City had joined together to invite, which made Bai Yi feel as if she was dreaming.


      "That's right!"


      A bitter smile surfaced at the corner of her sister-in-law Shen Yuzhi's mouth as she stole a glance at Lin Fan before she said to Bai Yi.


      "Bai Yi, this is the invitation that old Mr. Fei, personally delivered to our house this morning! That old man, has repeatedly instructed me to ask you and Lin Fan to make sure you appreciate your presence!"




      Bai Yi's pretty face turned even whiter when she heard this.