Today I Give Up Trying 651-653

 Chapter 651



      He Sheng turned a deaf ear to his hissing.


      The baseball bat in his hand, once again, swung hard.




      The baseball bat once again emitted a wind-breaking whistle and viciously smashed into the Viper's other leg.




      Another crunching sound, accompanied by a harsh and unending howl, resounded in the lobby.


      Looking at the two broken legs of the viper, both the fatty and the security guards and the greeters around them all turned pale with fear and their scalps exploded.


      However, what frightened them was just beginning.


      After breaking the two legs of the viper, Chairman He Sheng threw the baseball bat in his hand, and then hurriedly straightened his clothes.


      With a clatter!


      Leading the one middle-aged man in a suit, he began to walk towards Lin Fan and the others.


      Until they arrived in front of Lin Fan and Bai Yi.


      In unison, their bodies bowed.


      "He Sheng, on behalf of the Shengshi Group's, all employees, welcome BOSS imperial guest, Miss Bai Yi, with great respect!"


      What ...... what!


      Upon hearing this sentence, all the sounds within the entire lobby, completely disappeared.


      Even Viper couldn't feel the pain of his broken leg as his pair of eyes glazed over and looked towards the front.


      An illusion!


      It was all like an illusion to him.


      His brother-in-law, the chairman, was actually bowing to that gorgeous woman?


      This, how was it possible.


      "Oh my god, a BOSS emperor level ...... guest?" A welcome guest almost pissed in fear at this moment.


      Naturally, they knew that there was a most prestigious VIP card in the Shengshi Group, the Emperor Skull Card, which was the exclusive card of the Universal Group's BOSS.


      It was just that the owners of that kind of card were all the giant lords and bigwigs of the world.


      And now ......




      Every single security and welcome guest, their scalps tingling, hurriedly poured up, standing behind He Sheng and the other hotel executives, and then bowed in unison to Lin Fan and Bai Yi.


      At this moment, the scene within the lobby was shocking to the extreme.


      There were dozens of figures, all bowing and saluting to Bai Yi and the others, and the appalling scene made everyone feel like a dream.


      And at this moment, the most shocked was Shen Yuzhi's family.


      Grunt ......


      Zhang Kaiming swallowed a mouthful of spittle fiercely, looking at the dense, bowing silhouettes of people in front of him and others, he said to Zhu Ru.


      "Old ...... wife, pinch me, I'm not dreaming, right?"


      Hearing this, Zhu Ru likewise swallowed a mouthful of spit, and then fiercely pinched Zhang Kaiming.


      When that painful sensation caused Zhang Kaiming to stir, he was completely going to be scared and pissed.


      "Really! Oh my god, Cousin Bai Yi is really an emperor member of the Sheng Shi Hotel, and these bigwigs are really bowing to us? This ...... this is too unbelievable!"


      For a moment, Zhang Kaiming's heart was ecstatic, exuberant and excited to the extreme.


      On the other hand, the three members of Shen Yuzhi, Zhu Zhide and Zhu Ru's family looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan with all their complicated gazes.

Chapter 652

"Imperial guests? No, it can't be! How is this possible!"


      At this moment, after seeing this scene, that fatty was even more scared out of his wits.


      Clattering cold sweat surged from his forehead.


      He couldn't believe it.


      Lin Fan and Bai Yi, a group of poor people, would actually be emperor-level guests!


      "It's rumoured that only the top few bigwigs in China are qualified to possess the Sheng Shi Group's emperor-level cards! Could it be that this woman is that kind of character? This, how is it possible!"


      The fatty simply could not believe it.


      After all, whether one analysed it from all angles, neither Lin Fan and Bai Yi, nor Shen Yuzhi and the others, all of them did not look like any powerful and influential big shots.


      And just as Fatty was almost pissing himself in fear.


      He Sheng's words, once again, came out.


      "Miss Bai Yi, as an imperial guest of our Sheng Shi Group, we will prepare an imperial box for you, as well as 108 precious dishes and drinks!"


      "Please, you and your guest, move along!"


      With that, He Sheng waved his hand to the back.




      All the executives and welcome guests of the Sheng Shi Hotel behind them parted a path in unison.


      Seeing this scene, Bai Yi and the others wanted to move forward.


      But at this moment.


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, made a move with his palm.


      "Wait a moment!"




      The simple three words immediately caused all the bigwigs, such as He Sheng, to tremble in unison.


      They were the only ones who knew Lin Fan's true identity.


      Before, they had not dared to bow to Lin Fan in greeting, just because they were afraid of privately revealing Lin Fan's identity and provoking a hint of discontent from this behind-the-scenes super BOSS.


      And now, this one had finally spoken.


      "Lin ...... Mr. Lin, if you have any more orders, please feel free to say so! No matter what it is, we will definitely do it!"


      He Sheng wiped the sweat from his forehead at this moment and respectfully said to Lin Fan.


      This scene, which fell in the eyes of the crowd, even more so, caused everyone to faintly stare.


      Because they saw.


      The chairman, He Sheng, seemed to be even more nervous and respectful when he was speaking to Lin Fan than when he was facing Bai Yi, an emperor-level guest.


      His body, all the time, was bowing slightly.


      The sweat on his forehead was simply like a faucet being turned on, and even his entire body was shivering in fear when facing Lin Fan.




      When this scene landed in the eyes of the crowd, it made them simply not believe their eyes.


      What was going on?


      Why was the chairman, He Sheng, so respectful to this youth to such an unbelievable extent?


      In particular, it seemed to the crowd as if Lin Fan was the existence that truly terrified He Sheng.


      This was even more incredible.


      Only, Lin Fan didn't even care about the stunned gazes of the crowd, his eyes flickered and instantly locked onto the fatty and that welcoming guest.

Chapter 653

"These two men, one took the table that belonged to us and transferred it to someone else privately!"


      "One not only wants to take our table, but also my wife!"


      Finished speaking.


      Lin Fan glanced at He Sheng with deep meaning and asked indifferently.


      "What do you say, what should be done!"




      A simple sentence, but it fell on the ears of He Sheng, Fatty and that front desk lady, but it was like five thunderstorms, making them almost piss themselves in fear.


      "Damn it ......"


      He Sheng did not understand what had really happened until then, and his face, all of it, was as white as paper with fright.


      The fat man and the receptionist lady, on the other hand, had their scalps tingling.


      It was over!


      This was going to be revenge.


      Thinking of this, that receptionist lady's entire legs and feet went weak, and with a poof, she fell to the ground.


      Remorse, boundless remorse swept through her heart.


      If she knew the identities of Lin Fan and Bai Yi, she wouldn't dare to transfer the table to Fatty even if she was beaten to death.




      Just then, a stormy roar from He Sheng rang out.


      His face was so gloomy that water almost dripped out of it, and in his eyes, there was a ferocity that wanted to pick and devour people.




      When those words fell, a group of sturdy and majestic security guards immediately stepped out.


      "Break both hands and feet of this fatty! Throw me out of Shengshi and pull him into the permanent blacklist!"


      Saying that, He Sheng turned his eyes to the receptionist lady.


      "And this dog-eyed thing, expel me from the Sea of Clouds and never, ever, set foot in it!"


      Wow ......


      These words from He Sheng fell, immediately causing the fatty and that receptionist lady, to almost piss in fear.


      The two were just asking for mercy.


      Then they saw a group of security personnel rushing up.


      "No ...... don't fight ......"


      The fatty's terrified scream had just been uttered when his entire body was fiercely pressed to the ground.


      Especially, when one of the security personnel, swung the baseball bat in his hand, viciously down.






      Two bats in a row, the fatty's calf seemed like rotten wood, instantly snapping, that miserable scream, resounded incessantly within the lobby, causing everyone's hair and bones to shiver.


      "My leg ...... ah ah ah!"


      The fatty's entire body was trembling in pain.


      Yet that was not all.


      The security officer, holding the baseball bat in his hand with a deadly grip, then swung it down hard once more at the fatty's arm.






      There were two more cracking sounds, and the fat man's hands were broken in response.


      All four limbs were destroyed!


      This scene was cruel and crazy.


      The fatty no longer had the arrogance and rage he had before, he was like a dead dog, bowing on the ground, screaming and trembling.


      Despair and remorse.


      If he had to do it all over again, I was afraid that he would never want to provoke this devil Lin Fan.


      But at this moment, any more remorse and despair was already too late.


      He and the receptionist, were racked up by a group of tough security guards, and then, as if dragging two dead dogs, they arrived at the entrance of the hotel and threw themselves viciously outside.