Today I Give Up Trying 639-640

 Chapter 639

He Jiaojiao, who was next to him, likewise looked at Lin Fan and gnashed her teeth in hatred: "Kid, I told you that you broke my leg!

        "Kid, I told you, you broke my leg! I will definitely make your life worse than death!"


        Hearing He Jiaojiao's sinister words, Bai Yi was dumbfounded.

        She could remember that He Jiaojiao had broken her own mother Shen Yumei's leg that day, and afterwards, although Lin Fan had made a wild statement that He Jiaojiao would not be able to walk out of the hospital today.

        As a result, He Jiaojiao's leg was really broken.

        However, the person who broke He Jiaojiao's leg was Doctor Lin, right?

        What did it matter to Lin Fan!

        Thinking of this!

        Bai Yi hurriedly spoke out and said.

        "Miss He, have you misunderstood, the matter of your broken leg seems to ...... have nothing to do with Lin Fan!"

        It doesn't matter?

        He Jiaojiao was exasperated by this statement.

        Her pretty face was covered with a thick, morose arc, and she looked at Bai Yi as if she was looking at an idiot: "How is it not related!

        "How come it doesn't matter! If it wasn't for this bastard, how could I have broken my leg!"


        After hearing these words, Bai Yi's face, completely went white.

        She hadn't connected Lin Fan and Divine Doctor Lin, at all, and at this moment, she just thought that the reason why He Jiaojiao hated Lin Fan was because Lin Fan's crow's mouth had opened up.

        "What exactly do you ...... want?"

        Bai Yi looked at Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao and couldn't help but ask stiffly.

        How about it?

        And hearing these words.

        Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao said in almost the same breath.

        "What we want is simple, that is to make this bastard, break his limbs and make his ...... life worse than death!"


        Fierce! Ruthless!

        That phrase in particular was worse than death, causing a thick rage to rise above Bai Yi's face.

        "You ...... guys are bullying people too much! Obviously, all of this is caused by yourselves! Why should you harm my husband!"

        Bai Yi was so angry that her pretty face turned red.

        And hearing these words.

        The corners of Leng Bufan's mouth, floated a morose.

        "On what grounds? On the strength of our power, on the strength of our wealth!"

        With that, he said.

        He swept a morose glance at Lin Fan, before continuing.

        "Besides, Lin Fan! Aren't you very capable of fighting? But do you know that my grandfather is a Grand Master!"

        "Today, my grandfather is not here, but he asked me to give you a message! That is, you have two choices: one, you can lose your limbs and my grandfather will forgive you! Second, my grandfather himself will come and destroy your meridians, leaving you a vegetable for the rest of your life!"


        These words from Leng Bufan caused everyone's face to change dramatically.

        This was a threat from Grand Patriarch Leng Ao Tian!

        Instantly, a thick look of exuberance and pleasure surfaced on the faces of Bai Yifan, Shen Jian, Lin Guangyao and the others behind them, as well as Gao Shengyuan.

        This death-defying bastard, was he finally going to play himself to death?

        Just think of it!

        The faces of the four were filled with thick anticipation, as if they couldn't wait to see, the miserable appearance of Lin Fan being nullified.

        And Zhou Nan!

        At this moment, he was looking at Bai Yi with a pitying expression, his face filled with ridicule and playfulness as he faintly said.

        "Bai Yi, you should advise your husband! It's best to let him do it himself, otherwise, if Grand Master Leng himself comes, then your husband's life will be completely finished!"

        Zhou Nan was aware of how much hatred Leng Ao Tian had for Lin Fan, after all, this death-defying fellow had kicked Leng Bu Fan's lifeblood, almost to pieces.

        Hearing Zhou Nan's threat.

        A dense cold sweat even surfaced on Bai Yi's fiercely white pretty face.

Chapter 640

What to do?

        What to do now?

        Although she knew that Lin Fan could fight, but the other party was a Grand Master?

        If Lin Fan was in the other party's hands, she was afraid that in a minute, he would be wasted, and by then, he would end up even more miserable.


        This threat was just the beginning.

        Next to him, He Jiaojiao smiled equally grimly.

        "Hehehe! Not just Grandpa Leng, but my grandfather He Lanshan has also spoken! Either you do it yourself, or, his old man will personally do it!"


        Death threats from two Grand Masters.

        The mere terrifying names of the two of them had caused everyone in the hall to die.

        And now ......

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, why don't you just listen to their words! Otherwise, when the two Grand Masters descend, you're afraid you won't even have a life!" A senior member of the New White Clan advised Lin Fan.

        And next to him!

        The rest of the top brass, also spoke up.

        "Yes! Lin Fan, if you do it yourself now, then the grudge between our New White Clan and the Sheng Shi Group and Lan Shan Group can be settled!"

        "That's right! We can't afford to mess with the Shengshi Group, nor can we afford to mess with the Lanshan Group! Lin Fan, this is your last chance!"


        Numerous senior members of the New Bai Clan spoke up.

        It was just as if Lin Fan hadn't heard all of this.

        He looked at Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao with a smirk and shrugged his shoulders.

        "Let your grandfather come!"

        "I'll ...... wait for them!"

        I'll ...... wait for them!

        Upon hearing these words from Lin Fan.


        Within the entire hall, it almost instantly exploded.

        One by one, the crowd looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot, a madman.

        What did this guy mean?

        Could it be that he really wasn't afraid of the two Grand Masters, Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan?

        Especially, if the two Grand Masters personally came in person, then they would definitely do what they said and beat Lin Fan into a vegetable, making his life worse than death.

        At this moment!

        Looking at Lin Fan's calm appearance, and then listening to the arrogant words.

        It was Lin Guangyao and the others who were most exuberant.

        "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan, you're bully! You're definitely the most arrogant person I've ever seen! Old me is convinced!" Lin Guangyao was full of taunts and looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a dead man.

        And Bai Yifan and Divine Sword, too, sneered.

        "Bai Yi, is your husband going crazy? He really thinks he's adamantine!"

        "Hahahaha ...... Is he provoking the two Grand Masters? This idiot!"



        At this moment, almost all of the people in the hall simply despised Lin Fan to the extreme.

        Even Bai Shan and Bai Yi, father and daughter, were filled with anxiety:.

        "Lin Fan, you ...... should not be impulsive! If you just do it on your own, then we can contact Divine Doctor Lin through Elder Gao and help you with your treatment! You can totally recover!"

        "Father is right! Lin Fan, why don't we listen to them!"

        In the eyes of both father and daughter.

        Even if Lin Fan broke his own limbs, then there was every hope of recovery.

        But if the two Grand Masters made a move.

        Then Lin Fan would, 100%, become a vegetable, and his lifetime of hope would be completely finished by then.

        After looking at the look on Bai Yi's father and daughter's faces.

        Lin Fan smiled faintly.

        "Dad! Honey! You guys don't have to worry, those two old guys, don't dare to do anything to me!"

        I ...... nest grass!

        Old guys!

        When this even more arrogant statement from Lin Fan was uttered, everyone in the entire hall felt their hearts jump hard.