Today I Give Up Trying 631-633

 Chapter 631

"Yes! Gao Shengyuan himself didn't even say who actually broke his arm and leg! Obviously, the murderer is by no means an ordinary person. Lin Fan, don't joke about it!"


        Numerous senior members of the New Bai Clan burst into laughter.

        They were aware of it.

        This president's husband was a notorious loser.

        All he knew how to do was laundry and cook every day, so if he said that he had broken the hands and feet of Gao Shengyuan and 30 or 40 other people, they would definitely not believe him even if he beat them to death.


        What surprised many of the top brass was this.

        After hearing Lin Fan's words, Bai Yi and Bai Shan's father and daughter's faces, on the other hand, suddenly changed.

        One by one, they stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare as they said in trembling voices.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, did you really do this?"

        Bai Yi's face was as white as paper, as if the sky had collapsed, and his entire body was almost dizzy.

        And Bai Shan's scalp also tingled for a while.

        He had seen with his own eyes how this son-in-law of his had destroyed more than twenty people in a ferocious scene. At this moment, he was naturally equally convinced that.

        "Little Fan, this kind of thing is no joke? Tell me, was it you or not?"


        Looking at Bai Yi and Bai Shan's appearance.

        The rest of the top brass of the New Bai Group were all dumbfounded.

        The president and chairman actually believed Lin Fan's words?

        How was this ...... possible!

        Did they really think that Lin Fan had the ability to break Gao Shengyuan and the others' legs and feet?

        At that moment, all the senior management wanted to open their mouths to persuade them.

        Only before their words were out.

        Instead, Lin Fan stiffened his head and nodded his head.

        "That's right! Although I didn't break it with my own hands, it does have something to do with me!"


        With a single word, the faces of Bai Yi and Bai Shan, both father and daughter, turned as white as paper.

        It was over!

        It was completely finished!

        Tian Sheng Group was their biggest supplier, once they lost this partner, then the new Bai's would be walking on ice just after opening.

        Seeing Bai Yi's face.

        The senior next to him, hurriedly said.

        "President, are you ...... alright? Perhaps, Lin Fan was just joking? You don't need to take it to heart!"

        Hearing these words!

        Bai Yi waved his hand and looked at Lin Fan with a disappointed face and said.

        "Lin Fan, you ...... are too disappointing to me! Do you know what situation our New Bai is in now? Do you know how difficult it was for us to find such a partner as the Heavenly Saint Group because you broke Leng Bufan's leg?"

        "And now ......"

        Speaking of which!

        Bai Yi had already choked a little, her beautiful eyes were red, her heart's grievances, completely exploded:.

        "Why! Why can't you help, but repeatedly give me a leg up!!!"

        She said!

        Bai Yi cried as she ran into the office.

        Almost everyone could hear a heartbroken cry, coming from within the office, coming out.


        At this moment, after seeing this scene, the surrounding senior management finally became somewhat convinced.

        Especially, after they thought that it was Lin Fan who had broken Gao Shengyuan's leg, the faces of the crowd, one by one, were ugly to the extreme.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan! How could you do this! Do you know that General Manager Bai has been preparing materials for three days and nights without closing his eyes in order to negotiate a cooperation with the Heavenly Saint Group! You're simply a spoilsport!"

        "Yes, it's over! We're going to open in a few days! Without the Tian Sheng Group as a material supplier, then our new Bai's will stop dead in its tracks and open a shitty business!"


        One by one, the senior executives kept pointing accusing fingers at Lin Fan.

        In the blink of an eye, the crowd gave Lin Fan a fierce glare of disappointment and disgust before they all left in resentment.

Chapter 632


        Only Bai Shan and Lin Fan were left in this place.

        Looking at Lin Fan, the corners of Bai Shan's mouth, too, could not help but emerge with a bitter smile.

        It was only then that he was convinced that his son-in-law, had really changed.

        The old Lin Fan was a coward and a kind person, but now!

        He was simply a devil.

        He would break people's legs at the slightest move.

        Up until now, Bai Shan had even lost count of how many people's legs and feet Lin Fan had broken.

        "Little Fan!" Bai Shan looked at Lin Fan and said with a face full of seriousness.

        Hearing those words.

        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth twitched before he said with some disappointment.

        "Dad! Are you going to accuse me too? Also think I'm not doing the right thing?"

        Lin Fan didn't have a single word of explanation or rebuttal to Bai Yi and all the senior executives' accusations.

        Because to him, there was no need!

        Even if he lost the Heavenly Sage Group as a partner, he had ten million ways to make the new Bai's rise wildly all the same.

        And there was one prerequisite for this.

        It was whether Bai Yi and the many senior executives, trusted themselves, if they did, he would do it, if not, then what did the New Bai's have to do with him.


        What surprised Lin Fan was this.

        Instead, Bai Shan shook his head, and then said with a face full of seriousness.

        "Little Fan, whether it's me, or your mother, or Bai Yi, we are all your family, and we will trust you unconditionally in every single thing you do!"

        "Even if you broke Gao Shengyuan's legs and feet, I believe there are your own reasons for doing so!"


        Lin Fan faintly stared.

        He hadn't thought that he had caused trouble for the New Bai Clan, but his father-in-law, Bai Shan, believed in him so much.

        That wasn't all.

        With a bitter smile, Bai Shan pointed at Bai Yi's office and said.

        "Little Fan, you shouldn't blame Bai Yi for her anger just now! It's mainly because, she sees the Bai Group too much and she can't wait to prove herself!"

        "Once she's done crying, she'll definitely understand you and ...... support you!"

        Hearing these words!

        Lin Fan's heart couldn't help but flow through a slight stream of warmth.

        "Alright! You go coax Bai Yi!"

        After saying that, Bai Shan patted Lin Fan's shoulder and left straight away.

        It wasn't until all the people had walked away.

        Only then did Lin Fan glance at Bai Yi's office, before stiffening his head and walking over.

        The office was unlocked.

        When Lin Fan pushed open the office door, he saw Bai Yi wiping her tears while sneaking a glance at Lin Fan, who had entered, and said with a grunt of anger.

        "Why aren't you leaving yet? Do you, still want me to scold you?"

        Although his tone was ice-cold, Lin Fan was able to hear that Bai Yi's anger at himself was no longer present in his words.


        Lin Fan walked forward and wrapped his arms around Bai Yi's neck from behind.

        And this caused Bai Yi's delicate body, to stiffen slightly.

        In particular, sensing the warmth of Lin Fan's body, as well as the hint of a strong, ferocious scent, a blush instantly surfaced above Bai Yi's pearly, pretty face:.

        "What ...... are you doing? This is an office!"

        After saying these words.

        Bai Yi only felt her heart beating faster, at once hurriedly changed the subject:.

        "Can you tell me now why you broke Gao Shengyuan's leg?"

        After saying that!

        Bai Yi stared straight at Lin Fan.

        Just now, she was also dizzy with anger by Lin Fan, and it was only now that she remembered that she hadn't even asked for the reason, before she was lashing out at Lin Fan with accusations.

        At that moment, Lin Fan didn't hide anything and told Bai Yi about the matter of Kaoru'er and the blind granny.

Chapter 633

And after hearing that!

        Bai Yi's pretty face was instantly turned from white to red, from red to purple with anger!

        Until finally, the hatred was so great that she gnashed her teeth!


        Her jade hand, fiercely slapped on the desk, her face full of anger: "How could there be such a brute!

        "How can there be such a brute!"

        "A man who, for the sake of acquiring a compound, would not hesitate to take a life, treating human life like an ant! One who treats his loved ones as bandits for the sake of money!"

        "Damn it! Damn it!"

        Bai Yi finished!

        Her breasts were heaving with anger.

        Only then did she turn her head to look at Lin Fan, a strong apology surfacing on her pretty face.

        "I'm sorry about ......! Lin Fan, I shouldn't have accused you, you did the right thing! Moreover, even if you had asked Master Blade to kill them, I wouldn't have objected!"

        Bai Yi was clearly furious.

        And looking at Bai Yi's furious look, and then looking at the tears that hadn't even been wiped away above her pretty face.

        Lin Fan's heart could not help but warm slightly before he wrapped Bai Yi in his arms.

        "Thank you, wife!"

        Lin Fan whispered softly into Bai Yi's ear.

        And when that hot breath, spread across Bai Yi's ear vertical hoo, it immediately made Bai Yi's delicate body, go limp.

        "You ...... you let go of me, this is an office ......"

        Bai Yi only felt as if she had lost her strength every time she was wrapped in Lin Fan's arms, limp and weak.

        And just as she tried to struggle.

        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth curled, before his lips moved and instantly kissed Bai Yi on top of her fragrant lips.

        Ooooooooooo ......

        Bai Yi's beautiful eyes glared as her red lips, completely blocked by Lin Fan, only felt like she was suffocating for a moment, unable to even catch her breath in general.



        At this moment, Bai Yi was completely confused, her delicate body completely hanging onto Lin Fan's body.

        Especially, when Lin Fan's tongue pried open his white teeth and entwined with her fragrant tongue.


        Bai Yi only felt that her entire head was completely blank, almost dizzy.

        This was her first kiss, she had never thought that she would give her first kiss to Lin Fan under such circumstances.

        "Ooooo ...... Lin Fan ......"

        Bai Yi murmured softly.

        Completely caught up in Lin Fan's takedown.

        That wasn't all.

        Bai Yi could feel Lin Fan's magic claws, roaming around one important part of his body after another, and each time he did so, it made Bai Yi's delicate body, more and more flaccid and weak.


        When a button was undone, Bai Yi's entire body shuddered, completely sobering up from that kind of intent and confusion.

        "Lin Fan, no...... can't be here!"

        Bai Yi's pretty face was flushed red.

        At this moment, she had completely physically, started to accept Lin Fan.

        But it was her first time, and she couldn't accept being in the office and handing herself over.

        At this moment, Bai Yi was simply seductive to the extreme.

        Her pretty face, as if it was a ripe apple, was sweetly red.

        Especially on that ragged panting, paired with that bewildered please move eyes, made Lin Fan couldn't help but smile bitterly.

        "Wife! Look at me ......"


        Lin Fan couldn't help but sweep his head down.

        And Bai Yi was slightly stunned, she instantly looked down, and only then was she shocked to find that Lin Fan's lower trousers, bulging against himself, were dead on.

        "Pfft ...... no wonder I feel like you've brought an iron bar ......"

        Bai Yi couldn't help but spit fiercely, only after saying this, her pretty face flushed and grew more and more delicate.

        "Lin Fan, you ...... are you having a hard time, so what now?"