Today I Give Up Trying 621-623

 Chapter 621

Finished speaking!

        The vicious young man made a move with his palm!

        At once, several young men and women with fierce faces beside him also took their daggers and surrounded them.


        Lin Fan seemed to be oblivious to these people.

        He looked at the longitudinal and dense slash marks on Kaoru'er's face, and his words were morose as he said.

        "A total of sixteen scars!"

        "You have cut sixteen scars on a little girl's face! In that case, then don't want your face, either!"


        Lin Fan's words caused the villainous youth to faintly stare.

        Yet before he could react to what it meant.


        He only felt that his palm, fiercely, was empty.

        Only then did he realise that the dagger he was holding had been snatched away by Lin Fan.

        This was not all!


        Lin Fan's foot rose and landed, before he viciously kicked the vicious young man to the ground.

        Just at the moment when the vicious young man, was about to struggle to get up.

        Lin Fan swung out with a fist.

        It hit the villainous young man's face hard, instantly causing his head to spin and his entire body to fall to the ground.

        This scene caused the faces of the few young men and women around them to pale.

        However, just as they were about to step forward to stop them, a scene that made their souls rise up appeared.

        "Kaoru'er, close your eyes!"

        Lin Fan's indifferent voice came out.

        Hearing this, Kaoru'er faintly froze, and although she didn't know what this big brother of hers was up to, she still obediently hurriedly closed her eyes.


        Just as Kaoru'er's eyes were closed, a dull sound, suddenly came out.

        The few fierce men and women around them were all dumbfounded.

        They clearly saw that the dagger in Lin Fan's hand had viciously stabbed into the vicious young man's cheek.

        "Ahhhhh! My face!!!"

        The villainous young man's body jolted in pain, and he immediately screamed out in misery.

        He could clearly sense that Lin Fan had pierced the sharp edge of that dagger completely into the skin of his face.

        The pounding pain was so severe that it caused him to tremble all over.

        The villainous young man tried to struggle, but was shocked to find that Lin Fan's large hand was like an iron vise, pressing his head fiercely into the ground, so that he was unable to move in the slightest.

        But that was not all!

        A snort!

        The vicious young man could hear a crisp tearing sound.

        He instantly felt the dagger, placed at his cheek, slash violently.



        Scarlet blood instantly flowed down from above the villain's face.

        The few men and women around him, however, were appalled to find that Lin Fan had actually used the dagger to slash around above the wicked man's face, up and around.

        And then he grabbed the skin of a face with the five fingers of his palm.

        And then gave a vicious yank!


        The villainous youth's face skin was surprisingly torn off the lower two by Lin Fan raw.


        At this moment, the few young men and women around them were completely dumbfounded.

        They looked at the palm-sized face skin in Lin Fan's hand, and then at the skin on the villainous young man's face, which had disappeared without a trace, leaving only scarlet face bones and flesh and white face bones.


        The few people around him seemed to have seen a ghost, and each one was frightened into a hasty and violent retreat.

        "Face skin! Peak ...... Peak, your face ......"

        "Ma! This man is a madman, he, he actually tore off Brother Feng's face skin!"

        "Shit! I'm scared to death, crazy man, devil!"


Chapter 622

The few young men and women around them had long been scared to the point of trembling and their legs going weak.

        And after their words had fallen.

        The vicious young man guessed that he felt a pang of coolness above his face, as if he had lost something.

        What followed was a majestic pain that seemed like a tidal wave.


        "No! My face! Where's my face ......"

        The vicious young man's hands, trembling, tried to touch his face.

        But what entered his hands was a warm patch of blood and scarlet.

        The face ...... was gone!

        This is a blow that makes the vicious young man almost dead.

        However, what was even more unbelievable to the young villain and the surrounding men and women was that it was as if Lin Fan had moved something on him a long time ago.

        Even when the skin of his face was torn off at this moment, the blood on his face did not flow wildly.

        Instead, it was fixed on top of the bloody flesh of his face, which also made the vicious young man look even more terrifying and hideous.

        A madman!

        At this moment, every single one of them felt a cold breath run down the soles of their feet and straight to their heads, and they looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman, a devil.


        They felt that they were already ruthless enough, but they could never have imagined that this clean-cut guy in front of them would be so terrifying in his ruthlessness!

        "Brother Feng! I ...... what do we do now?"

        One of the young men, with a trembling voice, asked the villainous young man to.

        This youth's voice, which was all tinged with tears, was obviously almost frightened by Lin Fan.

        "Revenge! Damn it, I want revenge!!!"

        The vicious young man's mouth let out a beast-like hiss of shock and anger.

        "Quick! Call Young Master Gao, he's at Master Dog's place today!"

        "Tell him to come and take revenge, quick!!!"

        These words of the vicious young man instantly reminded the few people around him.

        One by one, their eyes instantly lit up at first.

        And then one of the youths hurriedly took out his own mobile phone, found out a phone number and dialed it.

        And at this moment!

        Although the blind granny and Kaoru, the two of them did not see the hideous and gruesome faces of the vicious youths, they could already hear what was happening from their words.

        Upon hearing that, these people were looking for Young Master Gao to come, the duo's faces changed greatly.

        "Young man, run! That Young Master Gao, is a character we can't afford to mess with! Go quickly and leave us alone!"

        The blind granny's face looked as ugly as if she was dead ashes.

        And Kaoru, even more anxious, tears crackled and fell: "Big brother, I'm sorry.

        "Big brother, I'm sorry for causing you trouble again! But we're here, you should go now! That Young Master Gao is not something we can mess with!"

        Blind Granny and Kaoru, at this moment, were worried to the core about Lin Fan.


        Lin Fan did not reply.

        Instead, he squatted down, and with one large hand, he gently brushed against Kaoru'er's small, scarred face bag.

        "Big ...... big brother!"

        Kaoru'er's small body, trembled slightly.

        A strong sense of inferiority and trepidation surfaced in her eyes.

        It was as if, afraid that her ugly face would scare Lin Fan.

        "Don't be afraid!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and said softly.

        This voice, as if a fresh breeze was brushing through, immediately caused Kaoru's panicked mood to be slightly quiet.

        It was as if these words contained a magical power, surprisingly making all her fear and inferiority complex vanish into thin air.

        At this moment, she only felt Lin Fan's palm, which was on top of her face, gently skimming over it.

        A trace of coolness, surprisingly, began to penetrate deep into her skin from above Lin Fan's palm.

        It made Kaoru's delicate body, tremble slightly.

Chapter 623

"This is true qi, it can help you relieve the pain in your face!"

        A strong look of pity surfaced in Lin Fan's eyes.

        It was simply hard for him to imagine the horror of a five or six year old girl having to endure the pain of a scar on her cheek.

        This was definitely harder than even killing Kaoru'er.

        And it was at this moment.

        The words of the vicious young man next to him, and several men and women, came once more.

        "Little beast, you fucking cut off Laozi's face, don't you dare leave! Young Master Gao will be here soon, and when he does, you'll be worse than dead!"

        "Bastard, just you wait! This matter is Young Master Gao's business, if you stand in the way, you are offending Young Master Gao, he will definitely not let you off!"


        In the mouths of these few people, that Young Master Gao, it was as if he was a bullying big shot.

        It seemed that as long as the other party appeared, then Lin Fan's fate would definitely be extremely miserable.


        And just after a few people's words fell.

        A humming sound of an engine suddenly resounded from the front.

        And then everyone saw a green convertible sports car, with a roll of smoke and dust, speeding up from the front.

        And that was not all.

        Behind this sports car, there was a Toyota Roadster.

        As many as ten of them.

        Squeak, squeak, squeak!

        Soon, when these cars came close, they let out a sharp braking sound and came to a halt.

        "Damn it! Which bastard was it that dared to spoil my Gao Shengyuan's good deed?"

        "Is this one shitty yard so damn hard to chew?"

        An eerie voice came from above the sports car.

        Only to see the car door open.

        And then a young man with a flowery shirt wearing sunglasses and a hot and sexy woman came down from above.

        And it wasn't just them!


        From the back of the Toyota Baja, a similar door opened, and then one by one, one burly man, hooted and hollered, got out of the car.

        In each car, three or four strong men walked down.

        In the blink of an eye, there were thirty to forty of them, following behind the young man and coming towards this place.

        This scene made the vicious young man and the others, wildly happy.

        "Young Master Gao, here! It's this bastard!"

        Hearing these words!

        Only then did Young Master Gao see the Vicious Han Youth, and after he saw the Vicious Han Youth's bloodied cheek, he was instantly shocked.

        "Vulgar! Fengzi, what's wrong with your face?"

        Although Young Master Gao was horrified, he did not feel the slightest bit of fear, but instead, he was dripping with a strong sense of excitement.

        It was as if he had discovered for the first time that it was possible to tear the skin off a person's face.

        "Young Master Gao, we met a madman who ...... he tore off my face!"

        "Please help me take revenge, I want to break this bastard's limbs and also his face, to be peeled off alive!"

        The vicious young man's words were ruthless to the extreme.

        And after hearing those words.

        That young master Gao's eyes flickered, and only then did they lock onto Lin Fan, Kaoru and the blind granny.

        "It's you few! Repeatedly stopping me from acquiring this shabby courtyard?"

        There was a thick chill in Young Master Gao's eyes.

        His real estate company, had taken on a big project.

        However, almost all of the surrounding compounds had been acquired, but only this blind old woman's compound in front of him had been blocked time and time again.

        This had made him lose his patience long ago and his anger was overwhelming.