Today I Give Up Trying 617-618

 Chapter 617

Tick tock!

        Tick tock!

        Lin Fan, however, saw that a crystal teardrop kept sliding down from Kaoru's eyes, falling to the ground and turning into smithereens.

        This scene caused a hint of a bad premonition to surface in Lin Fan's heart:.

        "Kaoru'er! What exactly has happened to you? Turn around, let big brother take a look!"

        As Lin Fan finished speaking, he instantly took Kaoru'er's tiny shoulders with both hands and gently turned them.

        At once!

        After Kaoru'er's pretty face, faced Lin Fan squarely.


        Lin Fan only felt his head spin and could barely believe his eyes.

        A scar!

        That's right!

        Kaoru'er's originally handsome little angel-like face was densely covered with a strip of scars this time.

        These scars, glistening with blood, seemed to have just scabbed over.

        They were so dense that they cut Kaoru's angelic face into pieces.

        It looked ugly and disgusting.

        Lin Fan could tell with a single glance that these scars were all knife wounds.

        He simply couldn't imagine what kind of person was so ruthless as to disfigure a five or six year old little girl, alive.

        "Big ...... brother! Please, don't look at Kaoru'er! Kaoru'er is ugly, Kaoru'er ...... no, doesn't want to scare you!"

        Kaoru'er at this moment after facing Lin Fan.

        Her pair of small hands hurriedly covered her knife scarred ugly little face, the whole person squatted on the ground, a bean-sized teardrop, from her fingers, kept slipping out.

        "Big ...... brother! You go away! Kaoru'er is fine, Kaoru'er is really fine, after the scars on Kaoru'er's face have healed, Kaoru'er will go see you again, okay?"

        The little girl's voice was almost pleading.

        After hearing Lin Fan's voice, the first thing she knew was that it was the big brother who appeared in her life as if he was a heavenly god.

        However, she did not dare to recognise him, nor did she want to.

        She owed Big Brother too much.

        She didn't want to scare him with this ugly little face of hers.

        Ooooooooooo ......

        Looking at Kaoru who was squatting on the ground and had already sobbed uncontrollably, Lin Fan's heart, as if it was being twisted by a knife, made his breathing freeze a little.

        He knew that within this short period of time, something terrible must have happened to Kaoru'er.

        Thinking about it.

        Lin Fan couldn't help but glance deeply at Kaoru'er before he said.

        "Alright! Big brother promises you! Since you don't want to see big brother, then I ...... will leave first!"

        After saying that!

        Lin Fan patted Kaoru'er's skinny shoulder before he turned around and left.

        Kaoru'er squatted on the ground, her tiny head hanging down and her hands vigorously covering her cheeks.

        Until she heard, the sound of the electric car leaving.

        Her sobs, only then did they slowly stop.

        She lifted her head and looked towards Lin Fan's departing figure on the electric car, a trace of guilt surfaced in the bottom of Kaoru's eyes:.

        "Big brother! I'm sorry, it's not that Kaoru'er doesn't want to see you or recognize you, it's just that the current Kaoru'er ...... is too ugly!"

        "Kaoru'er is afraid that it will scare you!"

        Finished saying.

        Kaoru'er could not help but wipe the tears on her scar-filled face, before once again straining to carry the basket filled with rotten vegetable leaves, and then stumbling towards the northern district.

        Only, she did not notice.

        A figure, slowly followed behind her.

        It was none other than ...... Lin Fan.

Chapter 618

The North District!

        Inside the slums, this place and the bustling city of Jiangcheng seem like two worlds.

        A patchwork of rotten buildings and a strip of muddy roads.

        Bags of rubbish on the roadside, blowing in the breeze, constantly fluttering, and a suffocating smoky stench emanating from the air.

        And at this moment.

        A thin figure, carrying a basket full of vegetable leaves, staggered down the muddy road step by step.



        As she walked, tears continued to slide down from Kaoru's eyes.

        If her face wasn't full of scars and too ugly, how she would have wanted to identify with that big brother, to look at him and say thank you.

        That man, who had saved her life and had given herself and her mother-in-law money and vegetables.

        He, in her life, was the benefactor Kaoru was most grateful to.

        Wiping the tears from her ugly little face, Kaoru'er strained to carry the vegetable basket and walked towards a ramshackle courtyard.


        Just as Kaoru had turned the corner, she suddenly saw that two cars were already parked in front of the door of the ramshackle courtyard in front of her.

        Not only that.

        A blind old lady was the one who had been thrown out of this ramshackle courtyard.


        After seeing the miserable scene of this blind granny, plunging headfirst into a mud pit, Kaoru's face changed greatly.

        She hurriedly put down the heavy vegetable basket and quickly ran up to her.

        "Granny, are you alright? Have those bad people come again? How could they drive you out?"

        Kaoru's ugly face was covered with a thick atmosphere and anxiety.

        Especially, after she saw the blind granny's forehead, which was already bleeding from the fall, she was even more frightened and at a loss for words.

        Yet just then.


        From inside this ramshackle courtyard, however, five or six men and women rushed out.

        As if they had heard Kaoru's words, one of the young villains at the head of the group was furious.

        "Damn it! You little beggar, who are you calling a bad person?"

        The villainous young man stared deadly at Kaoru'er, and that fierce look in his eyes instantly caused Kaoru'er's small body to tremble viciously.

        However, she still gathered her courage and turned to the villainous youth and angrily rebuked him, saying.

        "I ...... say you are bad people! You are Granny's own grandson, you are all her granddaughters and nephews! Her real family, how can you treat granny like this! Have your consciences, been eaten by dogs?"

        Kaoru's voice was filled with anger.

        That's right!

        These few people in front of her were the blind granny's real family.

        Kaoru'er, on the other hand, was just a little beggar adopted by the blind granny.

        But what was hard for Kaoru'er to accept was that these few members of the granny's family were like bandits, not only did they throw such an old man out, they even knocked the old man's head, dripping with blood, this was simply a group of beasts.

        "Yell! Little beggar, what the hell do you think you are! You're just a stray dog adopted by my grandmother!"

        The vicious young man said with a ferocious face.

        "It seems that I have scratched your face lightly! I told you to get lost, but you didn't listen!"

        "Good! I told you, as long as you don't leave this blind old woman, I'll cut a scar on your face every day!!!"


        At these words, Kaoru's delicate body trembled viciously once again.

        A hint of fear surfaced on her little scar-covered face bag.

        And after hearing these words.

        The blind granny instantly howled out.

        "Bastard! You can't do this to Kaoru-er! You've already disfigured this child's face, are you still human? You beast!"