Today I Give Up Trying 614-616

 Chapter 614


        Old Master Bai's slap contained his anger and was extremely hard.

        In almost an instant, a bright red slap mark appeared on Bai Yifan's cheek.

        And that was not all.

        Old Master Bai was so angry that his beard trembled and he said viciously.

        "Shut up!"

        "You little beast, I'm telling you, don't ever look for trouble with Lin Fan again! Otherwise, old man, I'll skin you first!"


        Bai Yifan was completely dumbfounded by the slap.

        In particular, the father and son were completely dumbfounded when they saw the old dowager's face full of panic and fear.

        How ...... happened?

        Just as the old dowager entered the gymnasium, he was still disdainful of that Lin Fan, even waiting for Lin Fan to be nullified by Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan so that the Bai Family could annex the New Bai Clan.

        And it had only been just over an hour.

        Why had the old dowager suddenly changed his mind?

        "Grandpa, what's wrong with you? Why can't you find trouble with that Lin Fan?" Bai Yifan covered his cheek and asked with a face full of shock.

        He only felt a burning pain in his cheek, and the hatred he felt for Lin Fan in his heart intensified by a point.

        Bai Shan, who was at the side, also sensed that something was wrong and asked Old Master Bai.

        "Dad! Is it that Lin Fan, who did something in the gymnasium? How come your old man is so scandalized?"

        Bai Hai's face was full of disbelief.

        He was aware that his old father looked down on Lin Fan, his son-in-law from home, extremely.

        Even every time the Bai family dealt with Lin Fan, it was the old master's tacit approval.

        And now ......

        Looking at the two masters who were full of confusion, the corners of Old Master Bai's mouth twitched and he couldn't help but let out a long sigh.

        "Unspeakable, unspeakable!"

        "If Lin Fan is really like what I suspect, then our Bai family is completely blind and has offended an unimaginable great man!"


        These words from Old Master Bai caused the Bai Hai father and son to not believe their ears.

        An unimaginable personage?

        Just with that Lin Fan?

        This, how was this possible.

        "Dad, although I don't know what Lin Fan did inside the gymnasium, exactly? But you mustn't be fooled by this kid! He's just a loser, otherwise how could he have been in our Bai family, moping around for three years!" Bai Hai still couldn't believe it.

        And Bai Yifan was equally so.

        He pointed at the electric car and said to Old Master Bai.

        "Grandpa, look, this is what Lin Fan rode when he came here! Everyone else is clear of luxury cars, only this guy treats an electric car like a treasure!"

        "What's there to scare you about this kind of no-good thing?"


        Hearing those words, Elder Bai's gaze, too, couldn't help but look at the electric car and faintly stare at it.

        "By the way, did you guys ever see that Lin Fan came out?"

        Came out?

        Bai Hai's father and son faintly froze, before hurriedly shaking their heads.

        "Dad! The two of us have been guarding this exit, that Lin Fan definitely hasn't come out yet!"

        "That's right! If that kid had come out, we would have found out long ago! Moreover, his electric car is still here!"

        Listening to the words of the father and son duo, Old Master Bai's brow tightened the more he frowned.

        He had seen with his own eyes that that Grand Master Lin had walked out of this exit.

        And since Lin Fan did not appear, wouldn't that mean that he was perhaps ...... not Grand Master Lin?

        Thinking of this.

        Old Master Bai's eyes lit up, and just as he wanted to continue to ask questions.

        Next to him, Bai Yifan exclaimed.

        "Grandpa, look, this kid is coming out from another exit!"

Chapter 615


        Hearing this, Old Dowager Bai hurriedly looked, only to find that Lin Fan had slowly walked over from another direction.

        After coming close, he seemed to not see the old dowager and many other bigwigs in general.

        He himself walked straight to the electric car and unlocked the chain afterwards.

        Only then did he get back on the electric car and leisurely left the car park.

        "So, it's not him!"

        Hoo ......

        After Old Master Bai saw this scene, his heart couldn't help but let out a long breath of relief.

        It also put a complete denial on the relationship between the two of them, Lin Fan and Grand Patriarch Lin.

        In his eyes.

        Perhaps Grand Patriarch Lin, was just imagining with Lin Fan's back.

        Otherwise, Lin Fan should have clearly taken this exit and been the first to come out.

        How could he have dawdled and not come out from the side exit until now, clearly this fellow had hidden in a corner of the stadium and peeked at the great battle.

        It was only after everyone had left that he quietly took the other exit and sneaked out.

        "Humph! I take back what I just said!"

        Old Master Bai's eyes narrowed as he looked in the direction Lin Fan had left with an icy chill:.

        "You can continue to find trouble with this Lin Fan! Better yet, provoke Grand Master Leng and Grand Master He to completely nullify this brat and pave the way for our Bai Family to annex the New Bai Clan!"


        Hearing these words, Bai Hai's father and son were instantly wildly happy and responded in succession.


        As the battle at the Jiang City Gymnasium came to an end.

        The result of this great battle fell through almost everyone's eyes.

        In the eyes of the people of Jiang City and Jiangnan, the winner of this battle was either the fierce and famous Blood Faust, or Leng Ao Tian or He Lan Shan.

        No one could have dreamed that the hero who would save Jiangnan this time would be the newly promoted - Grand Master Lin!


        As one of the greats proclaimed, almost everyone knew of Grand Patriarch Lin's terrifying battle prowess.

        Blood Wolf, who had defeated He Lan Shan in one move and Leng Ao Tian in ten.

        But such a fierce man who had swept through the martial arts world of Jiangnan was defeated by Grand Master Lin in a single move.

        And the powerful Blood Fudo of China had also failed to last more than ten punches in the hands of Grand Master Lin!


        All the martial artists in Jiang City were in a frenzy.

        Word of mouth was spreading, wildly extolling Grand Master Lin's fame and prowess.

        All of a sudden.

        Grand Master Lin had almost become a patron saint in the hearts of everyone in Jiang City, and even in Jiangnan.


        To everyone's astonishment, the bigwigs who were watching the battle were silent about the speculation that Grand Master Lin was the 'King of Blood Prison'.

        The relationship between Grand Master Lin and Blood Fudo was equally taboo.

        It seemed!

        Every one of them had the same heart and ignored this question.

        That was not all.

        Grand Master Lin's name, appearance, origin and identity were also a mystery that lingered in the minds of all Jiangnan people.

        Without an answer, he was like a super mysterious being, and many curious people, digging deep and guessing hard, were still unable to find out the true identity of Grand Master Lin.

        It was only when everyone's blood was boiling for Grand Master Lin.

        A piece of news, likewise, was circulating in Jiang City.

        The new Bai Group, in a week's time, would hold its opening ceremony.

        Only at this moment, this piece of news did not make a single ripple in Jiang City.

        Almost everyone knew that Lin Fan of the New Bai Group had already offended Leng Bufan, the grandson of Leng Ao Tian, and He Jiaojiao, the granddaughter of He Lanshan.

        And the destruction of the New Bai Group had become a nail in the coffin in the eyes of almost everyone.

        The crowd naturally did not care about the opening ceremony of a soon-to-be-overthrown group.

Chapter 616

And just as speculation was raging outside about Grand Master Lin, speculation was rampant.

        Lin Fan's life, however, had not been affected in the slightest.

        In a week's time, the new Bai's would be opened, and in these few days, it was also the busiest time for Bai Yi and Bai Shan, father and daughter.

        Bai Yi was negotiating with one supplier after another.

        As far as Lin Fan knew, the biggest supplier of the new Bai Group was a material company called Tian Sheng.

        And right now, most of the tasks Bai Yi was doing was to finalise the specific details of the cooperation with the Tian Sheng Group, and reach a consensus.

        But all this!

        He continued to buy food and cook every morning, living the life of a family cook as he always did.


        On this very day, Lin Fan had just finished buying groceries from the vegetable market and wanted to go home.

        Instead, he slammed the brakes on his electric car and the whole thing stopped at the edge of the vegetable market.

        "That little girl ......"

        Lin Fan's eyes, looked ahead.

        There, where the vegetable market disposed of its vegetable waste, there were pieces of vegetables that had been thrown away and were almost going bad.

        And a little girl, dressed in rags, was stepping on a pair of cloth shoes with holes in them, walking among the many pieces of vegetable rubbish, constantly picking out a slightly better piece of vegetable leaves.

        The little girl, who looked only five or six years old.

        Her hair was withered and her whole body was as dry and thin as material.

        Her clothes, in particular, were sewn with patch after patch, and her thin body was carrying a huge vegetable basket filled with dense, soon-to-be-rotten vegetables.

        It looked heartbreaking to the extreme.

        "Surprisingly, it's her!"

        Lin Fan knew this little girl, back in the Northern District, this little girl was almost hit by a car and it was Shen Yumei who saved her.

        After that, this little girl accompanied Lin Fan and defeated the bully of the Northern District, the Iron Faced Cang Wolves.

        Then later, after defeating Vajra, Lin Fan finished buying vegetables and similarly encountered this little girl and her blind granny.

        "It seems her name is Kaoru'er!"

        Lin Fan frowned, and at that moment, he hurriedly stopped his electric car before walking towards the area of the rubbish dump.

        Just after walking into the rubbish dump, there was a [笔趣阁5200] pungent stench of decay coming from it.

        But it was the unpleasant smell that came out from the many vegetables, after they had decayed.


        Lin Fan just walked up to the little girl's body and couldn't help but shout out.


        Lin Fan instantly saw that after hearing this shout, Kaoru'er's thin, delicate body, however, trembled fiercely.

        And then she, as if she had heard out the owner of this voice, that one little head, instantly lowered down.

        "First ...... sir, you have the wrong person! I ...... am not called Kaoru'er ......"

        Said the end!

        As if she was a frightened little rabbit, Kaoru'er did not even dare to look at Lin Fan, and then she wanted to run towards the side of the rubbish dump, carrying her noisy vegetable basket.

        And this scene made Lin Fan's brow furrow.

        He naturally heard the panic in Kaoru's voice, and at that moment, Lin Fan hurriedly went forward and took Kaoru's small hand before saying.

        "Kaoru'er, you clearly recognised me, why are you avoiding big brother?"

        Lin Fan could remember very clearly.

        Every time Kaoru'er called herself big brother, that intimacy, that sweetness, was like a little angel.

        But now.

        At this moment, after hearing these words from Lin Fan, Kaoru'er's tiny body once again trembled fiercely.

        Her back was turned to Lin Fan, and she never dared to turn around.