Today I Give Up Trying 607-608

 Chapter 607


        After his true qi was added, he was shocked to find that Lin Fan's fist was also bursting with a flash of red light.

        Two iron fists emitting scarlet light collided in an instant.


        A dull sound rang out.

        Blood Fudo only felt a terrifying recoil sweeping towards him along his fist, immediately making his body unstable and causing him to stomp back three steps.

        On the other hand, Lin Fan's body was like a mountain, not retreating a step.


        After seeing this scene, the entire gymnasium once again fell into a dead silence.

        Leng Ao Tian, He Lan Shan, and all the Jiangnan bigwigs, their eyes almost fell out.

        How could they have not expected.

        Lin Fan, with his hard clash, actually did not move a single step himself and forced Blood Faust back three steps alive.

        How was this ...... possible.


        A sound of sucking in cold air rose and fell.

        Every Jiangnan big brother, only feel their heart beating faster and faster, the face more and more red, excited that they can hardly hold themselves.

        Really blocked!

        Moreover, the power of one punch was even more terrifying than Blood Faust.


        After reacting, those Jiangnan greats once again boiled over.

        "Grand Patriarch Lin, mighty!"

        "Grand Patriarch Lin, mighty!"


        All the Jiangnan bigwigs looked at Lin Fan's figure as if they were looking at a hero.

        Blood Fudo, on the other hand, was completely dumbfounded:.

        [58 Novel] "Blood Killing Fist?"

        "Impossible, how do you know the Blood Killing Fist!!!"


        Blood Faustus knew that the Blood Killing Fist was a secret art within the Blood Prison, and outsiders could not access it at all, whether it was the method of running true qi, or the route of punching, and the means of exerting power, it was all unique.

        And now ......

        It was not only Blood Faust.

        After hearing his master's words, Blood Wolf also climbed out of the large pit covered in injuries.

        He looked at Lin Fan, and in his eyes, it was as if he had seen a ghost:.

        "How could it be the Blood Killing Fist? Didn't Master say that this super powerful secret technique was only used by people from that place?"

        "And this guy ......"

        Blood Wolf was confused.

        At this moment, he realized with horror that Lin Fan was not as simple as he knew him to be.

        Himself being a Patriarch, he could be nullified in three moves.

        He was a Grand Master himself, and he could be defeated in one move.

        And now, even his own master's hand, he could also be defeated.

        It seems that Lin Fan's methods are as unfathomable as an abyss, and he can constantly adjust his state according to the strength of his opponent.

        This, simply unbelievable.

        "Blood Killing Fist? I naturally know it!"

        "Not only this one, but ...... many more!"

        Lin Fan looked at Blood Fist, and a playful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        And as these words fell, they even caused Blood Floating Tu's body, to tremble slightly.

        "Damn! You ...... you are actually proficient in the Blood Prison Secret Art! "

        "The king once issued an order that non-Blood Prisoners, practice the Blood Prison Mystic Technique! Even if it is a thousand mountains, they will be executed!"

        "So, you deserve to die!!!"

        At this moment, it was as if the Blood Fudo was completely enraged by Lin Fan's words, and his killing aura surged above his body.

        His body flashed.


        A flash of red light burst out, and the entire person suddenly disappeared from the spot.

        Body Technique - Blood Shadow Tracking!

        It was also one of the Blood Prison secret techniques.

        However, just as Blood Fudo disappeared, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled up, and a red aura also burst out of his body, and in an incredible way, he also disappeared.

        Next, a scene that made Blood Faustus more and more unbelievable appeared.

Chapter 608

Boom! Boom! Boom!

        At this moment, above the high platform, two figures that seemed like lightning were frantically battling against each other.

        Disappearing, appearing!

        Punch after punch.

        It was as if they were two raging ferocious beasts, each dueling with an identical secret technique.

        Blood Slaying Fist!

        Blood Shadow Tracking!

        Soul Chasing Hand!

        Blood God Leg!



        After seeing every single move and stance of Blood Fudo and Lin Fan, they were actually the same.

        Whether it was Leng Ao Tian, He Lan Shan, or Blood Wolf, as well as the many Jiangnan greats on the stage, all of them couldn't believe their eyes.

        "My goodness, what exactly is this Grand Master Lin's origin? How come he knows all the secret arts that Blood Fudo knows? Moreover, it's even stronger than even Blood Faust!"

        "Yes, could it be that the two of them have some kind of connection? Otherwise, this is simply too incomprehensible!"

        "So strong! Blood Fudo was actually suppressed by Grand Master Lin, completely! Whether it's fists, palms, legs, or kicks! No single secret art can defeat Grand Master Lin!"


        The many Jiangnan greats below, their faces flushed with excitement, were frantically discussing and speculating.

        And the Blood Wolf on the stage was already struggling to get out of the big pit and climb out.

        And after seeing that Lin Fan had actually comprehensively suppressed his master, his heart couldn't help but float with a fear from his soul.

        "It's too strong! If he wants to kill me, even if I've already advanced to Grand Master, I'm afraid I'll be destroyed in one move!"

        Only then did Blood Wolf understand.

        If Lin Fan really wanted to strike at himself, he would not be defeated in one move, but would surely die in one move.


        Just as the surrounding crowd was talking.

        Lin Fan's whip leg, and Blood Wolf's whip leg, viciously collided with each other.

        Stomp stomp stomp!

        Blood Fudo's entire body was once again shaken and sent flying five meters away, and his feet stomped viciously against the ground before he stopped.

        "You ...... you are a brother of Blood Prison?"

        Blood Fudo could clearly sense at this moment that Lin Fan was holding back his hand.

        He hadn't exerted his true strength at all, and engaging himself time and time again was entirely a test.

        It seemed that he was testing his true battle strength in general.

        Blood Prison!

        That's right!

        The only thing that Blood Fudo could think of was that Lin Fan was also a member of the Blood Prison.

        The only thing that Blood Fudo could think of was that Lin Fan was also a member of the Blood Prison, and his status must be even higher than his own, otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible for him to control so many of the Blood Prison secret techniques.


        Instead, his eyes stared deadly at Lin Fan, and his whole body trembled with excitement.

        That kind of look, as if a wanderer who was wandering outside, saw his family.

        Swish! Swish! Swish!

        At this moment, almost everyone's eyes were all focused on Lin Fan's back.

        The many bigwigs below, there was no way to see Lin Fan's face, but just Lin Fan's back, they all felt infinitely taller.

        "That's right!"

        Lin Fan nodded, and then smiled faintly at Blood Faust.

        His throat moved slightly, and his voice began to become morose and exuded an eerie coldness:.

        "Blood Servant, long time no see!"


        When this voice, which carried a cold and morose tone, landed in Blood Faust's ears, it instantly caused his eyes, both of them, to glaze over.

        As if!

        It seemed to be the voice that haunted him.

        Is ...... it him?

        A trace of watery mist, filling the eyes of Blood Faust, he stared straight at Lin Fan, his voice trembling.

        "You ...... are ...... you."

        Looking at Blood Fausto's excited appearance, Lin Fan smiled, and then put his palm, covering the lower half of his face, leaving out only the pair of eyes.