Today I Give Up Trying 604-606

 Chapter 604

"This idiot! What the hell is he frothing at the mouth for? Is it purely to go up to the stage and send him to his death?"

        Leng Ao Tian was filled with a look of hatred.

        He Lanshan, on the other hand, had an old face that was deadly gray: "Our three Jiangnan Grand Masters are all going to die this time.

        "Our three great masters of Jiangnan, this time we are going to lose all of them, disgraceful!"

        Two old men, at this moment as if instantly aged several years, face flooded with a strong loss and bitterness.

        And just at this moment.


        Blood Wolf's move, the Blood Killing Fist, was already only half a meter away from Lin Fan's head.

        "Give me death!!!"

        Blood Wolf had completely seen his hope for revenge at this moment.

        On his face, a fierce smile grew thicker and thicker.

        At that moment, the true qi of his body surged wildly towards his fist, causing the force to surge by a point once again, and ruthlessly smashed into Lin Fan's head.


        It was even closer!

        In almost a breath, Blood Wolf's iron fist was already only a foot away from Lin Fan's head.

        However, just when everyone thought that Lin Fan was going to be completely KO'd.


        A large hand, seemingly poking out of thin air, took the incoming blood killing fist and actually clutched it in a ...... hand!


        The furious Blood Slaying Fist blasted on top of this one palm, but that terrifying power, but like a mud bull into the sea, surprisingly did not knock back this palm in the slightest.

        On the contrary, the Blood Killing Fist came to an abrupt halt.

        Quiet ......

        At this moment, the air in the entire gymnasium, as if it was fixed.

        The pained and angry expressions on the faces of the Jiangnan bigwigs watching the battle around them all froze on their faces.

        Their eyes were rounded, staring dead at the scene on the high platform, almost unable to believe their eyes.

        It was not just them!

        Blood Wolf, at this moment, had a fierce smile on his face that was instantly fixed.

        "No ...... it can't be!"

        He was dumbfounded.

        He found that his Blood Slaying Fist, blasting at the one palm that Lin Fan was resisting, could not exert the slightest bit of power.

        It was as if the other party had just made a move with his palm and turned his full strength strike into nothing.

        How was this ...... possible.

        "Damn bastard!"

        A hint of heart-stopping ominous premonition instantly surfaced in Blood Wolf's heart.

        He barely hesitated in the slightest, and after realizing that the blow had missed, his entire person wanted to flee in a violent retreat towards the back.

        Only, what made him even more appalled, appeared.

        Lin Fan's palm was as if it was made of ten thousand years old Xuan Iron.

        No matter how hard he tried, it was difficult for him to break his fist free in the slightest.


        This scene caused the Blood Wolf to completely panic.

        But just as he wanted to continue to break free.

        Yet, he saw that Lin Fan's sight, finally, turned from Blood Faust's body.



        In Blood Wolf's eyes, Lin Fan's pair of eyes were filled with an endless indifference from on high, as if he was like a provocative mole crawler in his eyes.

        "One move?"

        Lin Fan's faint words exited, and then nodded to himself.

        "Good! I'll make it up to you!"


        Blood Wolf was stunned, not yet understanding what Lin Fan meant by this sentence.

        But at this moment.

        Hoo ......

        He only felt a huge force that seemed like a mountain overturning the sea, which unexpectedly swept over from above Lin Fan's palm.

        The blood wolf only felt as if he was a wooden stick, with a wave of Lin Fan's arm.

        It swung him up alive.

        And then against the ground, he viciously smashed!


        Blood Wolf's body, like a broken sack, was viciously dropped on top of the high platform.

        Click, click, click.

        The tile floor on that high platform instantly sunken down, and debris flew.

        A large crater was smashed out by the flesh of the blood wolf.

Chapter 605

Wow ......

        Blood Wolf's entire body was smashed into the big pit, and scarlet blood spurted out wildly from his mouth.

        He only felt as if the bones of his body were about to shatter, and his body trembled with pain.

        Only compared to the pain in the flesh.

        The storm that his mind suffered was much more intense.

        "A ...... move?"

        "How could this happen! How could he ...... be so strong!"

        Blood Wolf's entire person was lying in the middle of the big pit, a trace of scarlet blood, spilling out continuously along the corners of his mouth.

        Only his eyes were lax, and his eyes were filled with a thick sense of disbelief and doubt about life.

        Not only him!


        At this moment, all the voices in the entire stadium disappeared.

        A gaze, in unison, looked at the pit on the high platform, and the figure smashed into the pit.

        The voices of all people sucking in cold air, rose and fell.

        "Am I ...... I hallucinating? Blood Wolf ...... defeated?"

        "Impossible, I'm absolutely fucking blurred, how did Grand Master Lin resist the Blood Slaying Fist? And how could he have smashed a living human being, like a toy, into the ground? How the fuck is this possible!"

        "Insane! Is this ...... world crazy? Why am I seeing this scene!"


        All the bigwigs of Jiangnan Province, all of them were dumbfounded, apparently they only felt as if they were dreaming.

        And on top of the high platform.

        Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan were even more dumbfounded.

        They were the closest to the battlefield and also saw it most clearly.

        They saw that Lin Fan grabbed the Blood Wolf's Tyrannical Killing Fist with one palm, and with a wave of his arm, he smashed the Blood Wolf into the ground.

        This intense visual shock caused these two old Jiangnan Grand Masters to completely piss themselves in fear.

        "One move? No...... not even a single move, and defeated Blood Wolf? This is unbelievable! "

        "Oh my god! Is this really the battle power of a newly promoted Grand Master? How is this possible!"

        An instant later.

        The way Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan looked at Lin Fan once again completely changed.

        If they had previously looked at Lin Fan with disdain and hatred, then now, the two were simply looking at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a terrifying monster.

        It was dense with awe and fervor.

        And on the other side.

        There was another person who could hardly believe his eyes.

        That was ...... Blood Faust!

        "Little Wolf!!!"

        Blood Faust's body trembled slightly, and a shocked and unbelievable luster burst out from his eyes.

        He watched a trace of scarlet blood, spilling out from the corner of Blood Wolf's mouth.

        A boundless and terrifying fierce aura came out majestically from Blood Faust's body:.

        "You, actually injured Little Wolf once again!"

        "You deserve to die! You deserve to die!!!"


        With that terrifying aura that filled the high platform, it was as if a tornado had blown above the entire high platform.

        Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, after sensing this terrifying fierce aura, the two of them only felt their scalp tingling, clattering cold sweat, rushing down from their foreheads:.

        "What a ...... terrifying aura! Gosh, I just realized that I'm afraid that I can't even last one style in the hands of the Blood Faust!"

        "Ridiculous of us to try to decapitate this fierce man! Idiot to dream, I'm actually an idiot to dream!"

        Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, this time completely dumbfounded by this fierce aura.

        The corners of the two's mouths, bitterness was unbearable.

        Only Lin Fan saw this scene, but he laughed.

        He could naturally see that Blood Faust's broken dantian was repaired back then, and now, he was going to test the other party's advancement: the

        "Come on! One battle!"

Chapter 606

Come on!

        One battle!

        After hearing this arrogant and cocky statement from Lin Fan, all the Jiangnan greats in the surrounding stands truly reacted from their shock.

        My goodness, Grand Master Lin had actually defeated Blood Wolf in a single move?


        In an instant, all the bigwigs in the surrounding stands were completely boiling over.

        "Grand Patriarch Lin!!!"

        "Grand Master Lin!!!"

        "Grand Master Lin!!!"

        One by one, the big brothers of Jiangnan, their faces red with exuberance, raised their arms and shouted for Lin Fan, their faces, as much as they could, shone with intense admiration and fervor.

        Even Old Master Bai, his entire body stood up from his seat, his heart surging with fervor, as the crowd frantically raised their arms and shouted.

        "So powerful! It turns out that among the three Grand Masters of my Jiangnan, Grand Master Lin is the strongest one!"

        Old Master Bai's heart was wildly happy to the extreme.

        Although he hadn't seen Lin Fan's face until now, it still didn't hinder the heartfelt admiration he felt for Grand Master Lin.

        Loud shouts echoed incessantly in the gymnasium.

        And seeing this scene.

        On Blood Faust's ugly face, there was even more fury: "It seems that they all worship.

        "It seems that they all worship you! Unfortunately, after today, they can only ...... sacrifice you!"

        Killing machine.

        Almost everyone could sense the terrifying killing machine from the blood floating Tu's words.

        And as soon as the words fell!

        Blood Floating Tu's paws stomped the ground violently.


        That marble hard ground, under his foot, instantly burst open, debris flying incessantly.

        And under the force of the recoil, Blood Fausto's body flashed, and he attacked and killed Lin Fan.

        "Kid, take your life!"

        A dreadful murderous intent escaped from Blood Fudo's fist.

        His entire attack was like a crazed tiger pouncing on a lamb.


        The surrounding crowd, all can hear, the sound of the fist breaking wind waves.

        Obviously, the power of this fist had reached an appalling level.

        "Be careful!!!"

        Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan's faces changed greatly.

        The two could be sure that even if the two of them were in their heyday and joined together, they would simply not be able to defeat this blood killing punch of Blood Faust.

        Dense concern surfaced on the faces of the two Grand Masters.

        Especially when they felt the terrifying pressure of Blood Fausto's punch, they only felt their scalps tingle.

        Only, something that made them even more incredulous happened.

        "Good timing!"

        Lin Fan, in the face of this terrifying Blood Slaughter Fist, surprisingly did not feel the slightest bit of trepidation, instead, he was filled with a strong sense of exuberance.

        He clenched his hand into a fist and similarly blasted away at the blood puff.

        Wow ......

        This scene made Leng Ao Tian, He Lan Shan, and all the Jiangnan bigwigs in the stands, horrified to death.

        Fist to fist.

        Is this ...... crazy?

        The faces of all Jiangnan bigwigs were thick with gloom and worry.

        This is Blood Faust.

        It was rumored that his Blood Killing Fist had reached a terrifying and incomparable level, under one fist, the Patriarch would die.

        And now, even if Lin Fan had beaten Blood Wolf in one move, he was only a newly promoted Grand Master, so how could he fight hard.

        In an instant, almost everyone's heart sank to the bottom.

        The cold smile at the corner of Blood Fudo's mouth was even stronger when he saw this scene.

        "Kid who doesn't know how to live and die!"

        "Blood Killing Fist, give me an explosion!"


        As Blood Fudo's true qi ran even more majestically into his fist, at once his fist wind became more and more whistling and fierce, and a red aura actually burst out from it.

        With a thunderous force, he ruthlessly blasted down at Lin Fan.

        Only, a scene that stunned him appeared.