Today I Give Up Trying 601-603

 Chapter 601


        Blast off to the ground.

        Silence ......

        The entire stadium, once again, fell into dead silence.

        All the surrounding Jiangnan bigwigs, at this moment, after looking at the scene of two pale figures on the high platform, falling to the ground and vomiting blood, a chill, surged to all of their hearts.


        What was hard for the crowd to accept was that Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, the two old Grand Masters of Jiangnan, had lost not to the fierce and famous Blood Faust, but to Blood Wolf, the disciple of Blood Faust.

        A hint of bitterness filled the corners of everyone's mouth.

        Blood Wolf is so horrible.

        Then how much stronger would Blood Fudo be.

        It was impossible to imagine.

        Everyone looked at the high stage, the old and young figures, all filled with boundless fear, as if they were looking at two devils.

        "Jiangnan's Grand Master?"

        Blood Wolf gave a fierce laugh, disdainfully swept Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, and then his gaze turned to all those watching the battle around him.

        "Nothing but ants!"



        Blood Wolf's words were filled with an unbeatable arrogance.

        And this sentence, which fell in the ears of all the Jiangnan people, was like a loud slap in the face, causing each of their faces to be hot and painful.

        Even if the hearts of the people, how angry, but know that the other party said the truth.

        In the hands of this master and disciple duo.

        Whether it was Leng Ao Tian, or He Lan Shan, it was just a mole.

        "There is one more person! The one surnamed Lin!"

        Blood Wolf ignored Leng Ao Tian and the two of them, instead, his eyes looked straight at the stands, his eyes were filled with a thick, high-spirited battle intent: "Come out!

        "Get the hell out!"

        "This time, I, Blood Wolf, can defeat you with one move!!!"


        The one surnamed Lin was naturally referring to Grand Master Lin.

        Just ......

        The many Jiangnan greats in the stands were all looking left and right, but they didn't see that Grand Master Lin appear at all.


        Still disappointed.

        Not only the many Jiangnan bigwigs below, even the Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan on top of the high platform, the two of them looked at each other and could not help but laugh bitterly.

        Both of them, two veteran Grand Masters, couldn't even defeat the disciples of Blood Floating Tu.

        And that Grand Master Lin, who was only newly promoted, how could he possibly defeat Blood Wolf and Blood Floating Tu's master and disciple.

        This was almost like seeking death.

        "We, the people of Jiangnan, are completely disgraced ......"

        Leng Ao Tian at this moment after saying these words, ashamed and angry, on the spot wow, once again wildly sprayed out a mouthful of blood, face ashen.

        And under the stage!

        Old Master Bai's face was complicated to the extreme.

        "So, that Grand Patriarch Lin is just a bully who is afraid of softness and hardness!"

        "Alas ...... pity! Lamentable! My Jiangnan martial arts world, I'm afraid that after this battle, there will be no more day to rise!"

        Although Old Master Bai is not a member of the martial arts community.

        But he is also from Jiangnan.

        Now, the Grand Master of Jiangnan was completely abused by a Blood Wolf into such a miserable state, which made his heart mixed up with mixed feelings.

        However, at this moment.

        He was stunned to hear a gentle footsteps, unexpectedly from his side, slowly walking past, towards the bottom.


        Not only the old master Bai, at this moment the other Jiangnan bigwigs around, also have turned their eyes to look.

        The crowd instantly saw a slim back figure.

        Step after step, he walked down the grandstand, towards the center high platform, slowly.

        Just after seeing this person.

        Old Master Bai could hardly believe his eyes:.

        "That ...... person seems to be ...... Lin Fan?"

Chapter 602

Lin Fan!

        That's right, the old man Bai saw that the man, although his back was turned, had a silhouette that simply looked like Lin Fan.

        However, this person was not wearing casual clothes, just an ordinary T-shirt on top and a pair of white washed jeans on the bottom.

        Looks, ordinary to the extreme.

        In terms of the back alone, it looks like a school college student in general.

        "No! No! He definitely can't be Lin Fan!"

        "Lin Fan and Leng Ao Tian, He Lan Shan, all have grudges, how dare he appear here! Moreover, this person is just a back imagination, it's not like we've seen his face!"

        Old Master Bai hurriedly shook his head, throwing out of his mind this absurd to the extreme idea in his head.

        And the other Jiangnan bigwigs around, one by one, also full of doubts: the

        "Huh? What is this young man doing? He's going to the central battle stage?"

        "This guy's back seems to be somewhat like the Grand Master Lin in the video? Just, again, not too sure?"



        Grand Master Lin?

        Some people who had seen the previous Grand Patriarch Lin video were stunned to discover at this moment that the figure walking towards the high platform did somewhat look like Grand Patriarch Lin.

        However, except for people like Zhang Yichen and Kong Sheng, no one had ever seen the true face of Grand Master Lin, and at this moment, none of them were sure at all.


        Immediately after, the crowd quickly found out that something was wrong.

        After this youth appeared, many Jiangnan greats did see that the blood wolf on top of the battle stage, who was incredibly arrogant, had suddenly quieted down.

        Not only that.

        The blood wolf's eyes were staring deadly at the youth who was moving forward, and his face was filled with ferocity and malevolence.

        As if, seeing his deadly enemy.


        "Surnamed Lin, you have finally appeared!"


        Hearing Blood Wolf's words, both the Leng Ao Tian duo on the high platform and the many Jiangnan bigwigs below were all in an uproar.

        Grand Master Lin!

        He ...... he was actually Grand Master Lin.

        My God, didn't he know that Blood Wolf had already defeated Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, and he still had the guts to show up?

        Is this out to seek death?

        Everyone's faces were filled with shock and incomprehension, and they looked at Lin Fan's back as if they were looking at a madman.

        The Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan on top of the high platform also had a change of expression.

        "Surnamed Lin, you ...... what are you doing here? Go! Hurry up and get out!"

        "Surnamed Lin, our two old guys are already ruined, you, as the only intact Grand Master left in Jiangnan, shouldn't appear here! You, are no match for him!"

        The faces of Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan both turned pale.

        They didn't know Lin Fan.

        Even less did they know that this guy in front of them was the murderer who had scrapped their grandson and granddaughter.

        At this moment, the two only knew that Lin Fan couldn't possibly be a match for Blood Wolf, much less for Blood Faust.

        He appeared, just looking for death, that's all.


        Lin Fan acted as if he hadn't heard the duo's words.

        His eyes were staring straight at Blood Faust, and his eyes were filled with a strong sense of complexity, surprise, longing, and reminiscence.

        It was not just him!

        The moment Lin Fan appeared.

        Blood pontoon had already noticed this youth.

        It was familiar!

        For some reason, Blood Faust's body, were trembling slightly, he only felt as if he was familiar with this youth to the extreme.

        However, he simply could not recall where exactly he had seen this clear face.

        "Good ...... seems!"

        A figure, in the mind of Blood Faust, suddenly flashed from memory.

Chapter 603

And it is this memory of the figure, so that his body trembling amplitude, surprisingly more and more powerful up:.

        "His figure, like that man! But that person is the King of Blood Prison, the supreme emperor of our Blood Prison warriors, how could he appear here, much less in a small place like Jiang City!"

        A bitter smile surfaced at the corner of Blood Fudo's mouth.

        He just thought at the moment that Lin Fan's slim figure was somewhat similar to that man, and that was all.


        Until then, Lin Fan's paws stepped forward and had already walked onto the high platform.

        After seeing Lin Fan on the high platform, the ferocious and exuberant look on the Blood Wolf's face grew thicker and thicker:.

        "Hahahaha...... surnamed Lin, you didn't expect that, did you?"

        "Only such a short time has passed since then, not only have I repaired my dantian, I've even broken through to become a Grand Master!"

        The corners of Blood Wolf's mouth were filled with a thick and morose look.

        He would never be able to forget that one night for the rest of his life.

        Three moves!

        Lin Fan had used just three moves to nail him, a top ten assassin in East Asia, to the ground as if he was an ant.

        That was his day of shame.

        And today, it would be his day of shame!

        Thinking of this.

        Blood Wolf took a step forward, and the aura of a Grand Master surged out from his body.

        "Come on! Grand Master Lin, see how I will defeat you within one move!"

        One move!

        Wow ......

        Hearing these words, the many Jiangnan greats on the stage were in an uproar.

        They did not expect that Blood Wolf would be so confident.

        However, after seeing Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan on the ground of the high platform, all the big brothers were silent.

        He Lanshan, was defeated in one move.

        As for Leng Ao Tian, he had only supported a few punches.

        As for Lin Fan.

        A newly promoted Grand Master, I'm afraid he couldn't even take a single move.

        Thinking of this, the gazes of the many Jiangnan greats below once again looked at Lin Fan with a strong sense of pity.


        A surprising scene appeared.

        It was as if Lin Fan hadn't heard Blood Wolf's scornful words at all, and at this moment, his eyes were focused on Blood Fudo's body.

        To the blood wolf, but directly ignored.


        This scene, which fell in the eyes of the Blood Wolf, caused his breath to stagnate slightly.

        "Kid, you ...... how dare you ignore me?"

        Blood Wolf was somewhat incredulous.

        After all, he had already advanced to Grand Master and his battle power was unparalleled, this bastard had not even given himself a second glance since the beginning, as if even if he had become a Grand Master, he was still as weak as a mole in this guy's eyes.

        "You ...... deserve to die!"


        Blood Wolf was completely furious.

        His eyes were flooded with an endless murderous energy, and then his body flashed as he stormed towards Lin Fan.

        "Blood Killing Fist!!!"

        Hoo ......

        The furious fist wind, with a swift and lightning speed, blasted down at Lin Fan in a frenzy.

        Five meters!

        Three meters!

        One meter!

        Blood Wolf's terrifying Blood Killing Fist was getting closer and closer to Lin Fan's head.

        It was just unbelievable to everyone.

        It was as if Lin Fan was dumb, he still didn't give Blood Wolf one more look, instead he kept staring at Blood Faust.

        This ......

        Everyone was dumbfounded.

        Many of the great men of Jiangnan, one by one, their faces changed drastically, as if they saw Lin Fan being killed by the Blood Wolf in one move, and they all let out a scream.

        "Grand Master Lin, what are you frothing at! Danger!"

        "Dodge! Quickly dodge!"

        "It's over! This is going to be KO'd?"

        The faces of the many Jiangnan bigwigs were all white with fear.

        Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, on the other hand, were pounding their chests in indignation.

        It was as if they had already seen the miserable scene of Lin Fan, being blown to the ground with a single punch.