Today I Give Up Trying 594-596

 Chapter 594

At the same time!

        Inside the gymnasium, after Lin Fan walked in, he went straight to find a quiet spot and sat down.

        He paid no attention to the farce outside the gymnasium, much less bothered to care.

        In his eyes.

        The Bai family was just a bunch of ants, nothing more, and didn't even interest him in giving them more than a glance.

        "Blood Servants?"

        Lin Fan's gaze, looking straight towards the high platform of the stadium, a strong excitement and exuberance surfaced in his eyes.

        The Blood Servant had never seen his true face, especially, now Lin Fan's even voice was worlds apart from back then in the Blood Prison.

        As the king of the Blood Prison, his voice was cold and morose, as if he was the devil of hell.

        And now!

        With the three years of living in the White Family, his voice was bland and gentle.

        Let alone a Blood Servant, even any Blood Hell powerhouse would not be able to tell him apart at all.

        "Today, it should be the first time you see my original face!"

        Lin Fan smiled, and instantly began to close his eyes and recuperate.

        And at the same time.

        One by one, the bigwigs in the seats in front of them were exchanging words and talking.

        "Hey, now Grand Master Leng and Grand Master He are here! Why is that mysterious Grand Master Lin still missing?"

        "Cut! According to me, that Lin probably won't come at all! Otherwise, the Blood Faust has provoked twice on TV, why didn't Lin respond once!"

        "Yes, after all, Blood Faust is a long-established super villain! That Grand Master Lin is probably just a newcomer, so it's normal that he doesn't dare to come!"


        Almost all of the surrounding are the bigwigs of the 13 Jiangnan cities.

        And at this moment, the topic they are discussing is almost all about Grand Master Lin.

        In particular, the conclusion is also extremely unified.

        That is, Grand Patriarch Lin, simply did not dare to come, much less to fight against Blood Floating Tu.


        And just when the crowd was noisy.

        A heavy sound of footsteps came from the high platform in the center of the stadium.

        The crowd saw, from the left and right of the high platform, two figures slowly stepped up.

        It was Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan.

        "Look, the two Grand Masters are on the stage! It's almost time until the time Blood Faust said!"

        "I'm really looking forward to it! I wonder if the two Grand Masters will be able to put that fierce man, Blood Faust, to death here!"


        Many great masters were filled with excitement.


        That's right!

        In China, there is an unwritten rule.

        Anyone who is in the martial arts, seeking revenge or challenging someone, as long as both parties do not agree to 'end it to the point', then even if there is a fatal case, the official will not pursue it.

        That is to say.

        Today, whether the blood float slaughtered Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, or the two of them to kill the blood float, will not be arrested.

        This belonged to the private grudges of martial artists, and that was all.

        At this moment!

        Right under the reverent attention of the crowd, the two Grand Masters had walked onto the high platform.


        Leng Ao Tian's voice contained true qi, as if it was rolling waves that spread to every corner of the stadium.

        His pair of sharp eyes swept over a figure in the stands.

        And as he passed by, a piece of the bigwigs in the stands, instantly quieted down.

        The crowd only felt that Leng Ao Tian's gaze, as if a cold knife, scraping through their bodies, so that the crowd only felt a burst of cold all over their bodies.

        "Is this ...... the gaze of a Grand Master? God, just a look, I have a feeling of trembling from the soul?"

Chapter 595

Many bigwigs were silent at this moment.

        Almost instantly, all the noises in the entire gymnasium, all abruptly stopped, the needle can be heard.

        Until this time.

        Leng Ao Tian nodded in satisfaction, and then continued to say.

        "Today, I and Brother He have come here to remove the evil from China!"

        "I think you all know, that blood pontoon, the fierce reputation, died in his hands of martial power, corpses, such people, my generation must get rid of!

        Leng Ao Tian's words, a great righteousness.

        At once said the many big brothers, blood boiling, cheering.

        This is not all.

        Leng Ao Tian continued.

        "Also, a new Grand Master has emerged from Jiang City, but the two of us have never seen this person, and we don't know if this person is really as his name!"

        "But the only thing for sure is that that Grand Master Lin, we can't count on it!"


        Hearing these words, the many bigwigs around them instantly let out a shocking boo at 'Grand Master Lin'.

        A thick contempt surfaced on the face of each and every big brother.


        Especially at this time, I don't know who, shouted out a 'coward', and instantly, as if a stone was thrown down on a calm lake, a shocking ripple was immediately raised.

        "Lin, coward!"

        "Surnamed Lin, coward!"


        One after another, the bigwigs who worshipped Leng Ao Tian also responded at this moment, and the roaring shouts echoed in the stadium.

        Almost everyone's heart had already labeled that mysterious to the core 'Grand Master Lin' as a coward.

        And seeing this scene.

        Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan could not help but glance at each other, the corners of their mouths emerged satisfied smile.

        This, this was the result they wanted.

        In Jiangnan, there could only be two exalted Grand Masters, and that was him, Leng Ao Tian, and He Lan Shan.

        As for Grand Master Lin?

        It would only become a joke, nothing more.

        At this moment, the voice of 'coward' that shook the sky, in the stadium, became louder and louder.

        And with a wave of He Lan Shan's hand.

        That one loud shout, which slowly sank down.

        He Lanshan stepped out.

        His body, the Grand Master aura, rolled and surged, as if a sky-shattering demon god, penetrating a kind of terrifying pressure that made people's hearts and guts tremble.

        He looked at the crowd, raised both fists, raised his arms and shouted.

        "Today, eliminate the devil and defend the way! Kill the blood pontoon!!!"


        With this deafening shout from He Lan Shan.

        The shouts of the many bigwigs in the entire stadium once again rose majestically.

        All the Jiangnan bigwigs, under the emotional mobilization of the two Grand Masters, were all excited and exuberant with red faces, and similarly raised their arms and cheered.

        "Kill the Blood Fudo!"

        "Kill the Blood Faust!"

        "Kill the blood pontoon!"

        At this moment, in the eyes of those Jiangnan bigwigs, it was as if Blood Faust had completely become the prey.

        As long as he came, then he would surely die.

        The cries of the sky were deafening.

        However, just at this moment.

        Hoo ......

        The whole stadium, unexpectedly instantly blowing a gale.

        The wind was cold and gruesome, blowing over almost every inch of the place, causing the shouts of the Jiangnan bigwigs to come to an abrupt halt.

        The crowd could not help but shiver.

        "Execute my master?"

        "Just by you guys!"


        With that gust of wind sweeping by, only then did the crowd realize that there were two more figures on top of the central high platform of the stadium.

        An old man and a young man!

        It was none other than the killer Blood Wolf, and the ...... fierce man Blood Faust!

Chapter 596

Blood Wolf!

        Blood Faust!

        After seeing this figure of an old man and a young man, the crowd in the entire gymnasium only felt their eyelids, jumping fiercely.

        The hearts of the crowd, too, began to thump wildly.

        These two people, when did they appear?

        Every person's heart, all of them floated such a question.

        No one saw clearly!

        No one noticed either.

        In the eyes of the crowd, as if the old man and young man, with the gust of wind, swept flying general, let people incredulous to the extreme.

        Quiet ......

        After the appearance of the blood pontoon master and disciple duo, the atmosphere in the entire gymnasium, instantly suppressed and condensed.

        Even the Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan on the high platform could not help but have their pupils shrink.

        "What a bizarre stance?"

        The two grand masters looked at each other at this moment, and all saw each other's deep shock in each other's eyes.

        It was too fast.

        This master and disciple's stance was even so fast that they didn't even notice it, which was clearly a bit unbelievable.

        However, under the gaze of many Jiangnan bigwigs, Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan naturally would not lose the aura of a great master.

        The two are at this moment as far forward as their feet can go, their faces full of fierce and vicious.

        "Blood Fudo, you finally appeared! Since that's the case, leave your life ...... behind!"

        Leng Ao Tian's pair of eyes, staring straight at the blood pontoon, face flooded with a thick crazy battle intent.

        And the He Lan Shan on the side.

        The same looked at the blood floating Tu, playful smile:.

        "Today, the two of us will kill you, so from now on in China, there is one less pest!"

        One less pest?

        Hearing the righteous words of Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan, the corner of Blood Floating Tu's mouth could not help but emerge with a morbid arc: "You did not kill me for the sake of killing me.

        "You killed me, not to get rid of the devil!"

        "Rather, it is just for the sake of ...... false name!"


        Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan obviously did not expect that Blood Floating Tu would be so direct, directly revealing the ultimate purpose of the two of them in one word.

        "Hehehe ......"

        Blood Floating Tu's grim smile grew thicker and thicker:.

        "I have killed countless people, but the people I have killed are the ones who deserve to die!"

        "They bully men and women, they kill innocents indiscriminately, death is not enough!"

        Saying that!

        Those eyes of Blood Floating Tu, as if they could see through hearts, stared straight at Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan with a despicable expression to the extreme: "I have killed many people!

        "And you guys! On the pretext of eliminating demons and defending the Way, you want to kill me, isn't it so that you can step on my bones to forge your wisdom!"

        "Unfortunately! You guys are just ...... looking for death!"




        After hearing Blood Faustus' words, the crowd of bigwigs in the stadium once again boiled up.

        They couldn't imagine that in the face of Jiangnan's two Grand Master experts, Blood Faust was so calm, as if he didn't have the slightest worry at all.


        "No matter what kind of people you killed! Your hands have long been stained with blood, and today, we will take revenge for the dead and avenge them!"

        After Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan finished speaking, they took a left and a right stance.

        "Come on! Let the two of us learn the methods of your Blood Faust!"

        After saying that!

        The two of them had formed a hand-to-hand position.

        They were ready to join forces and attack Blood Floating Tu.

        It must be said!

        Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan were quite cautious, they didn't think about fighting alone, but instead, they wanted to join forces to kill Blood Floating Tu.


        After seeing the two's stance.

        Blood Floating Tu, on the other hand, shook his head indifferently and took a step backwards with his feet.

        "Sorry, your opponent, is not me!"

        "Rather, it's ...... him!"

        Said, blood floating Tu pointed to the ...... blood wolf beside himself!