Today I Give Up Trying 591-593

 Chapter 591

The corner of Xu Tianlong's mouth, flooded with a thick sneer.

        And Blood Rose also cackled.

        "More than a Grand Master? If they knew that Mr. Lin is our ultimate BOSS, I'm afraid that this family's face would look very wonderful!"

        After saying that!

        Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose looked at each other, and the two of them smiled more and more brilliantly.

        At this moment, as one of the bigwigs walked into the gymnasium, Old Master Bai could not help but turn his head to the Bai Shan father and son and say.

        "Alright! You guys wait here, I'm going!"

        This time the tickets to watch the battle, a ticket can only one person only, although the White family came to a lot, but without exception, can only be outside the stadium, waiting in silence.

        "Grandpa, this time say anything to get on good terms with Grand Master Lin! I even suspect that last time those people in Yunhai City, Fei Lao, the reason why they traveled hundreds of miles to escort, escorting is the Grand Master Lin?"

        Bai Yifan at this moment barked at the old man.

        Hearing these words, all the people of the Bai family froze.

        That's right.

        If there could be anyone in Jiang City that was worthy of being escorted by Elder Fei, Elder Qi, and all the giants of Yunhai City, then there was only one possibility, and that was Grand Master Lin.

        "That's right!"

        Old Master Bai nodded approvingly.

        "It seems that the last time we met Lin Fan, it was just a coincidence! I'm afraid that this little beast doesn't even know that he was just a shield, and the person who was really being escorted must be Grand Patriarch Lin!"

        Finished speaking!

        A strong sense of anticipation and exuberance surfaced on Old Master Bai's face:.

        "Don't worry, you guys! This time, no matter what, I will try my best to hook up with Grand Master Lin!"

        As soon as the words fell, Old Master Bai instantly headed towards the gymnasium, slowly, with a group of giants from Jiang City.

        At the entrance of that gymnasium.

        There is a masculine and strong bodyguard, there to check the invitations.

        Only after confirming that the invitations were in person would they be released.

        At this moment, Bai Yifan and Bai Shan, father and son, after seeing the old man pass the security check and disappear at the entrance.

        Only then did the father-son duo breathe a long sigh of relief, and the exuberance on their faces grew stronger and stronger.

        "Dad! I'm now even more excited about the future of our Bai family!"

        The smile on the corner of Bai Yifan's mouth almost reached the roots of his ears, and his eyes were bursting with an excited and expectant luster: "Once Lin Fan is taken over by the two greats, he'll be able to get a job.

        "Once Lin Fan is scrapped by the two Grand Masters, and the New Bai Clan is swallowed by us, plus riding on Grand Master Lin's relationship, then our Bai Clan, will become the number one powerful family in Jiang City!"

        Hearing these words.

        Bai Shan, who was next to him, was also red with excitement.

        However, just when he was about to say something.

        But was to see a figure.


        "Yifan, look at that person on the electric bike, does it look like ...... Lin Fan?"


        This remark startled Bai Yifan.

        Lin Fan?

        What was he doing here, a tiny waste of a son-in-law?

        Especially, the two Grand Masters were his enemies, this guy came here, wasn't he looking for death?

        At that moment, Bai Yifan hurriedly turned his eyes towards the direction of the parking lot entrance.

        But was shocked to see that an electric car slowly drove into the parking lot of the stadium.

        This is not all.

        A scene that made Bai Shan father and son's eyes drop in shock appeared.

        Only to see, Lin Fan not only rode in with his electric car, but also in a spacious VIP parking space, actually stopped.

        And then a serious, placed his electric car on the VIP parking space, and took out a lock chain, seriously, carefully locked the electric car.

Chapter 592

"This ...... guy is crazy, right? He actually parked his electric car, in a VIP parking space! And it's even locked?"

        Bai Yifan's jaw almost fell off in shock at this moment.

        One should know that that VIP parking space was prepared for Grand Masters.

        For example, the previous Leng Ao Tian and He Lan Shan duo's Rolls Royce was parked in the VIP spot.

        And now.

        Lin Fan put an electric car, parked next to the Rolls Royce, this fucking day to day gap, let Bai Shan and Bai Yifan face speechless.

        This is not all.

        Let Bai Shan father and son, even more full of black lines is.

        Lin Fan, after locking his electric car, locked in the VIP parking space, but also tugged hard on the chain, as if afraid that his electric car was stolen by someone general.

        "Ni ...... nima! This oddball ......"

        White Mountain father and son that sweat ah.

        A whole parking lot, hundreds of luxury cars, who the hell head squeezed by the door to steal your electric car, right?

        However, the two are speechless, but the heart is puzzled to the extreme.

        "The strangest thing is, how can this kid come to this kind of place?"

        Bai Shan is frowning, but in his heart he vaguely feels that something is not right.

        Bai Yifan, on the other hand, had a cold smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

        "Dad! Let's go ask and find out!"

        Saying that, Bai Yifan stepped towards Lin Fan.

        Just as he reached Lin Fan's body, a thick smile of contempt and ridicule appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "Yell! Isn't this the Jiang City hero who scrapped Young Master Leng Bufan and Miss He Jiaojiao?"

        "What? Lin Fan, have you come to seek death?"

        Bai Yifan's words were not the least bit polite, coming up with mockery and taunting.


        Lin Fan didn't even bother to give him a second glance, and indifferently said.

        "None of your business!"

        After saying this, Lin Fan swept a glance at Bai Yifan as if he was looking at an idiot, and at that moment, he wanted to pass by him, walking straight past.

        "You ......"

        Bai Yifan was infuriated by Lin Fan's ignorance, his face turned red, he glared at Lin Fan viciously and said threateningly.

        "Kid, do you know, what position did you park your electric car in?"

        "That's a VIP spot, not to mention you a damn thing, even our most bullying Xu Tianlong in Jiang City wouldn't dare to park there!"

        "VIP parking spot, that's for Grand Masters, what the hell are you?"

        Bai Yifan's voice was cold.

        Only, Lin Fan didn't even bother to pay attention to it, he was currently marching straight towards the entrance of the stadium.


        "Lin Fan, it seems that you've really grown in ability! How dare you still want to enter the gymnasium? Hahahaha ......"

        After Bai Yifan saw this scene, he instantly bent over in laughter.

        Not only him, but Bai Shan, who was next to him, also shook his head disdainfully.

        "This idiot, is being a jerk again! This stadium, only the top tycoons in each city are qualified to enter! Isn't he asking to be embarrassed?"

        At that moment, Bai Yifan and Bai Shan's father and son, with their arms wrapped around each other, slowly watched the good show.

        At the entrance of the gymnasium, there were tough bodyguards who would only let them in after verifying their identities.

        And if Lin Fan couldn't get the invitation, then he would only be expelled, and then he would definitely lose face.


        Under the watchful eyes of the father and son, Lin Fan got closer and closer to the entrance.

        Until he came close.

        Yet there was no intention of taking out the invitation at all.

        "Hahahaha ...... This guy really doesn't have an invitation! Watch, he will be expelled in a moment?"

        "Idiot, this guy is really an idiot!"

        Bai Shan father and son almost bent their backs laughing.

        Only, their smiles just surfaced, the next scene, instantly fixed.

Chapter 593


        After Lin Fan walked in, he saw that each and every one of the tough black-clothed bodyguards actually brushed their bodies straight, and then bowed to Lin Fan.

        A full dozen security bodyguards bowed together, this scene is shocking to the extreme.

        This scene fell in the eyes of Bai Shan's father and son, causing the sneer on their faces, to freeze instantly, and their eyes, both of them, almost fell out.

        "Dad! I ...... I fucking misread it? Lin Fan seems to be ...... going in?"

        Bai Yifan viciously swallowed a mouthful of spittle, his face flickering with intense disbelief.

        It wasn't just him.

        Bai Shan, who was next to him, was also completely dumbfounded.

        "No ...... it's impossible! Anyone who is invited to watch the battle can only enter with an invitation card! This kid clearly didn't produce an invitation, are those security guards idiots? How can they let him in?"

        Saying that, Bai Shan rubbed his eyes vigorously.

        After he was convinced that Lin Fan had actually entered the stadium without an invitation card and disappeared between the passageways, Bai Shan completely exploded.

        "No way! I'm going to ask them!"

        After saying that.

        At that moment, Bai Shan took Bai Yifan and headed towards the entrance.

        The father and son duo had just approached the entrance.

        Only to see the ten or so black-clad bodyguards, instantly hooting and hollering, blocking them in front of them, each one standing in a strict position, with a face full of fierce fury.

        "Sir, please show your invitation!"

        The black-clothed bodyguard in the lead said with a cold and stern face.

        And hearing these words.

        Bai Shan immediately shouted angrily and said.

        "What invitation card! Are your eyes not good? Didn't you see that guy just now, he didn't have an invitation at all, how could you let him in?"

        "Also, are you idiots? Why are you bowing to him? What kind of thing is he?"

        Bai Shan's heart was burning with anger, after all, the scene just now was a real slap in the face, so how could he accept it.

        And Bai Yifan, who was on the side, also shouted.

        "Did you guys not see? That kid came on an electric bike? And the dog had the guts to park his electric car in the VIP parking space!"

        "That's the Grand Master's parking space, he's a loser, what gives him the right?"

        The father and son duo were angrily rebuking one after another at this moment, without the slightest bit of politeness.

        And hearing these words, the eyes of those black-clothed bodyguards became more and more icy cold.

        "Does it have anything to do with you guys?"


        When they heard the words of the black-clothed bodyguard at the head, the two of them, father and son Bai Shan, were all dumbfounded.

        "What did you ...... you just say?" Bai Shan could hardly believe his ears.

        Just the next scene, even more dumbfounded him.

        The black-clad bodyguard at the head of the group looked at Bai Shan's father and son as if he was looking at a pair of idiots, and said with a cold smile.

        "I said, that gentleman's car just now, parked wherever he wanted!"

        "He wanted to enter the stadium, he entered the stadium!"

        "None of your ...... business!"

        I ...... me nigga!

        After hearing the words of the black-clad bodyguard, the hearts of Bai Shan's father and son, a million grass mud horses ran wild.

        What the hell is wrong with this?

        This world is crazy?

        A small waste superfluous son-in-law, but let these bodyguards so defended?

        This is not all.

        The black-clad bodyguard in the lead, with a cold gaze, waved his palm.

        "Someone! These two guys, how dare they insult Mr. Lin, throw them out!"


        With a burst of answering shouts.

        Hulla, hulla!

        A group of black-clothed bodyguards surrounded them, grabbed Bai Shan and his son with seven hands and feet, and threw them out as if they were dead dogs.